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    Re: Custom Elements Bureau

    Custom element japanese name:Jishou
    Custom element english name:Matter
    The element is based on:High Level Chakra control and the 5 elements
    Facts that prove the element to be possible (in the manga context):Matter is a general term for the substance of which all physical objects are made.[1][2] Typically, matter includes atoms and other particles which have mass. A common way of defining matter is as anything that has mass and occupies volume.[3] In practice however there is no single correct scientific meaning of "matter," as different fields use the term in different and sometimes incompatible ways.
    Idea behind its creation:I got this idea when my physics teacher explained about it
    Conditions to be able to use it:Must have high chakra control and mastry of all elements
    Is weak to:Fire,Lightning and air (since they have poor mass and doesnt really occupies space >.>)Atmospheric Pressure (Compressed Air)
    White Fire; Psychokinesis ;Raging Thunder;Radio Frequency; Sun Fire;Vacuum Pressure;
    Is strong against:Anything that occupies space and has mass
    Co-creators (if any): Nnoitra-sama and Daemon
    Students i passed on this custom element:none

    ~Declined~ Where's the proof that matter could be manipulated in the narutoverse.
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