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    Re: Custom Elements Bureau

    Custom element japanese name: Sekiyuton
    Custom element english name: Petroleum Release
    The element is based on: [Earth+Water] + [Lightning+Fire+Water+Wind+Earth]
    Facts that prove the element to be possible (in the manga context): We see plastic containers and materials, clothes, asphalt, explosives; all products of the same petroleum. Also, we see toads spit oil, further proof of the existence of this element.

    The uses can vary in enormous amounts, being the user skillled in this art. First of all, by combining earth and water the user form the organic compounds of various kinds (earth+water to form those can be easily seen in wood release, plant release, mushroom release, etc.). Then by having the raw petroleum, the user can then apply elemental chakra in different quantities, mixtures and via handseals to perform distillation of the crude petroleum (Lightning to upset the bonds of the electrons if needed ; Fire/Water/Wind to cool or heat the petrol to obtain the compound and Earth to add any extra minerals the user might want to the product) and thus creating the product wanted.
    With this patent I'm aiming to able to create the following from petroleum:

    ~Ethyne (by using a single extra handseal to a petroleum jutsu, involving raiton and doton. If burnt with oxygen, it produces a flame of 2900°C, making it equivalent to Dark Fire/Hell Fire/Sun Fire)

    ~Petroleum Jelly ( By making a row of 3 handseals involving fire, water and wind. Strong to water elements and if disposed correctly and enough volume, momentum of Taijutsu and earthen and wind techniques, weak to fire and lightning)

    ~Asphalt (By making a short row of handseals, involving fire, water and wind and then earth. Making the user able to create a variant of earth release. Also, if specified, the user will insert to the finished product extra fire chakra, making molten asphalt that takes one turn to harden)

    ~Nitroglycerin (Another extra row of handseals, involving all 5 elements the user is able to create it. A very explosive compund, weak to fire and lightning.)

    The user can also create (from below the opponent or from his mouth) petroleum or reservoirs of any size. Running this petroleum chakra into a ninja tool will result in it taking the same weaknesses and strengths of the element, it can be made with its by-products.
    Idea behind its creation: Chemistry in school
    Conditions to be able to use it: Overall skill in all elements, mastery over earth and water.
    Is weak to: Specific weaknesses of the by-products will be specified in the jutsu once submitted. Petroleum is weak to Fire and lightning (both make it explode. Fire most likely will consume it while releasing toxic smog)
    Is strong against: Water (it's denser and can't be dissolved in it), Wind (to heavy to be easily pushed away), Earth (if the earth has any degree of porosity in it, the petroleum will seep into it. If pressurized enough, it can pierce it. However, metal elements will block it)
    Co-creators (if any): Konoha's Yellow Flash
    Students i passed on this custom element: ? & ?

    With this I'm taking a patent on petroleum, not it's by products although I can make them. Just like water makes oil, earth makes mud and wood makes timber.
    P a t e n t C e r t i f i c a t e

    I, Nexus of the Custom Elements Bureau, by the power invested in me by Versuvio, Rei and Zise, give you the following:

    The Seven-Scaled boy, our loyal member, gave on the date October 13th 2011 a request for a Patent on his custom element (Petroleum Release); after reading the submission, I decided that the submitted element satisfies all requirements, and am therefore giving him his rightfully earned patent on this element by the following;

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    Copyright © 2011, The Seven-Scaled boy,
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