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    [ARCHIVE] Custom Elements Bureau - I

    Custom Elements Bureau

    Okay people, as u can see, it has been approved, and i'm here to push it through. As I imagine this, anyone, with the sufficient number of posts, and a good reputation (by our staff, not the public reputation), will be able to fill out a forum, and, here, in this thread, request a "patent" on his custom element.


    To submit a custom element, u have to follow the following rules;
    • U are allowed to have up to 2 custom elements of your own, and be a co-creator of a maximum of 3 other Custom Elements, but altogether you can use only up to 4 different CE's
    • To submit your first Custom Element u have to be of Kage rank, and be on the forum longer then 5 months, even if you are the co-creator, you must be of Kage rank in order to use the Custom Element
    • To submit your second Custom Element u have to be of Kage rank, and be on the forum longer then 10 months
    • Your submission has to be weak against atleast 2 cannon elements
    • Your Custom Element u can pass on only 2 students (2 students per element), be aware that once u teach them, you can't change your mind, take the element away from someone, and pass it onto someone else; in order to add a student, he or she must first be approved by me, then trained and after that, you can message me to add her to your Custom Element
    • U can not pass it on students unless u have a valid Sensei Status
    • NO overpowered elements, NO unrealistic elements
    • Have a strong "scientifical" background on the new element
    • Fill out the template FULLY, the last part (Students i passed on this custom element: ? & ?) leave empty, i will add the names there as u choose them
    • Anyone else, that gets caught using your element, without being mentioned here, under the 2 student u passed it on, will receive infractions


    [B]Custom element japanese name:[/B]
    [B]Custom element english name:[/B]
    [B]The element is based on:[/B]
    [B]Facts that prove the element to be possible (in the manga context):[/B]
    [B]Idea behind its creation:[/B]
    [B]Conditions to be able to use it:[/B]
    [B]Is weak to:[/B]
    [B]Is strong against:[/B]
    [B]Co-creators (if any):[/B]
    [B]Students i passed on this custom element: ? & ?[/B]

    By submitting in this thread, u are bound to obey to all rules; also, Nexus (me) keeps all rights to decline the submitted custom element, pointing out no reason, and no improvement suggestions. However, the submitter can always fill out a complaint and PM it to me, then we will handle it in private.
    Note: All custom jutsus for this element (aren't customs actually cause there are no real ones) must be submitted in the proper thread in the Custom jutsu users forum.
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