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    Re: Custom Element's Jutsu

    (karumera seichuu ) Caramel control
    Rank: A
    Type: attack/defence
    Range: short - mid
    Chakra Cost: 30
    Damage Points: 60
    Description: This jutsu allows the user to bend and control caramel that they have already created or taken control off, to bend it into different shapes or forms by controlling the temperature and desity of the caramel. This can be used to solidify the caramel, turn it to liquid, of just to control its shape and temperature.

    (karumera kishimu Kuchiyos) - Caramel Gourd Summoning
    Rank: S
    Type: Supplementary/Attack/Defence
    Range: (on users back, can be controlled at all ranges)
    Chakra Cost: 20 per turn
    Damage Points: N/a
    Description: The user will perform 2 handseals slamming their hands oin the ground performing a summoning jutsu to summon a gourd of caramel. This is a gourd of caramel link Gaara's sand gourd on his back. This caramel gourd is full of a liquid form of caramel which the user carries around with them all the time and is constantly infused with the users chakra. This liquid caramel can be reformed to make hard caramel attacks or it can be heated up and reformed and stretched. Much like gaara's sand, this Caramel can be used for attacks or defence that require a caramel source by the user at any time. Due to this caramel already being infused with the users chakra then can control and manipulate it almost instantly to suit their needs. The caramel is linked to the user and will come to there defence, as it is infused with the users chakra. It can keep up with up to 3rd gate speed or sage mode users, and can block S ranks and below.

    Note: The defencive ability can only be used once ever 2 turns and only used 5 times per battle
    Note: The defencive ability counts as a jutsu.
    Note: -20 chakra for each turn the user has this.
    -Declined- defeats the purpose of even creating other caramel jutsu if you can do with it whatever you want with this one
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