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    Re: Custom Element's Jutsu

    (Arumiton: Arumi Soujuu) - Aluminum Release: Aluminum Manipulation
    Type: Supplementary
    Rank: A
    Range: All Ranges
    Chakra Cost: 30
    Damage Points: N/A [+60 If caused the Aluminum particles to explode]
    Description: This technique is used mainly for manipulating the atmos structure in pre-existing aluminum techniques to unlock certain effects, The user releases a large amount of aluminum chakra throughout the whole battlefield causing any already existing aluminum based technique on the battlefield to fall under his will by re-arranging the atoms of the aluminum structure, the user freely manipulates the aluminum metal/liquid into any form depending on the situation at hand, the user can also use his aluminum chakra to re-shape the aluminum particles in a way like pushing the aluminum atoms closer to each other in order to create pressure that causes the aluminum to cause a huge explosion, this technique only manipulates particles of already existing aluminum structures.
    -Declined- The explosion needs a separate jutsu

    (Arumiton: Tsuin Rasen Doragon) - Aluminum Release: Twin Spiraling Dragons
    Type: Attack
    Rank: Forbidden
    Range: Short - Long
    Chakra Cost: 60
    Damage Points: 110 [-40 to the user]
    Description: After performing the necessary handseals (Ram → Horse → Tiger → Bird → Monkey) The user gathers a huge amount of aluminum chakra into both of his hands and points his hands forward while releasing all of the aluminum chakra he had gathered at once creating two humongous metal dragons made out of aluminum, each dragon twices the size of the "earth stone dragon technique" as the dragons head for the opponent's direction they spiral inward each other spinning around one another at fast speeds creating a motion similar to drilling, they drill through almost all the toughest obstacles and they are equipped with the user's chakra all the way, as the user continuously releases aluminum chakra into the two spiraling dragons keeping on increasing their massive size and spinning speed as the farther they travel the bigger in size they get and the faster they spin around themselves but the user is severely damaged from the enormous chakra exhaustion in his hands.
    ~Can only be used once per battle.
    ~No Aluminum techniques for 3 turns after use.
    ~No Genjutsu in the same turn as the user wouldn't be able to stabilize his chakra for the accurate usage of genjutsu excluding eye techniques.

    (Arumiton: Arumi Mōdo) - Aluminum Release: Aluminum Mode
    Type: Supplementary
    Rank: Forbidden
    Range: Self
    Chakra Cost: 50
    Damage Points: N/A [+15 to Aluminum techniques, +10 to Fire and Earth techniques]
    Description: The user gathers a huge amount of chakra into the center of his body and flowing his aluminum chakra into every cell of his body to activate this technique upon releasing all of his aluminum chakra at once, for this technique a set of changes into the users body occures, the user's skin turns into aluminum metal of dull gray color allowing the user to gain extra damage while using the aluminum techniques or elemental techniques that create the aluminum i.e. Earth and Fire elements, but unlike the iron skin technique the user isn't immune to attacks as it's sacrificed for faster usage of aluminum techniques as well as fire and earth elements, the user continuously releases his aluminum chakra through his body to maintain his form at hand, but at the same time the user has an advantage of being immune to genjutsu techniques techniques that of B-rank and lower due to the continous release of the aluminum chakra through his whole body and allows the user to know whenever he's under a genjutsu as if the user is attacked with a genjutsu the aluminum skin-like quality that the user gains with the usage of this technique slowly deteriorates with due to the suppression of the opponent's chakra into the user's body thus slowly stopping the continuous chakra flow that's used to maintain this technique, but the continuous release of the aluminum chakra has a major disadvantage that is the user can only use aluminum techniques because if the user changes his aluminum affinity he loses the control over this technique, as well as earth and fire techniques that are used to form the aluminum metal.
    ~Can only be used once per battle.
    ~This mode lasts for 4 turns.
    ~The user is damaged with -30 points due to the enormous chakra strain on his body.
    ~Only Aluminum, Earth and Fire elements are to be used within this form.
    ~No genjutsu can be utilized while in this form.
    ~No other modes while in this mode.
    ~No Aluminum techniques at all for 3 turns after this mode is deactivated.
    -Declined- Custom modes are to be submitted elsewhere
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