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    Re: Custom Element's Jutsu

    Radiation Release: Andromeda (Hakkton: Hitoheki)
    Rank: S
    Type: Offensive/Alpha
    Range: Mid-Long
    Chakra Cost: 40
    Damage Points: 20/turn (Death after battle if not treated)
    Description: User channels chakra into his tenketsu and releases a burst in a shockwave like manner that spreads chakra into the atmosphere, chakra then slowly gets denser and radioactive nature of the chakra transform it into Radon, a colorless, tasteless and odorless gas. The gas is also non-reactive to other elements and 8 times denser then airs density, which makes it difficult to remove from the environment by making it react with other substances or blowing it away. Doses of radon causes acute radiation syndrome, which immediately takes effect over the targets body. Fever takes over and dampens the ability to think, react, and exert strength or energy. Targets arteries become visible immediately after exposure. 3rd degree burns appear after the first turn due to the ionization and partial body necrosis immediately afterwards, disabling the affected limbs. Even if the target survives the battle, due the effects of this technique a mutation occurs that kills the victims by affecting lungs with accelerated cancerous activity unless otherwise treated within 3 turns. Radon becomes visible when exposed to cold atmosphere(-71 degree Celsius) and freezes down if an A rank or above ice techniques are used over the gas.
    Note: Usable twice per battle.
    -The Effect range starts from mid-range to the user and extends as long the chakra wave could travel (Meaning, whichever the standard definition of long range is). User is affected if he moves inside the vicinity of the gas.

    Radiation release: Orion’s Chain (Hakkton: Orion no kusari)
    Rank: S
    Type: Supplementary/Offensive
    Range: Short-Mid
    Chakra cost: 40
    Damage Points: 80
    Description: The technique is a long lasting self-sustaining chain process aimed to destroy a multitude of enemies in sequences. The user first picks a ‘host’ target and transfers radioactive chakra within the person either by direct physical contact or using another radiation release technique as an extension. This causes a radioactive contamination but does not carry the effect of acute radiation syndrome or reveal any symptoms that cause early detection. Instead the contamination leeches and builds up chakra from within the host’s body until sufficient energy is collected (3 turns), this causes the hosts body to explode spontaneously causing splash damage to an area of 50m. People within range suffer minor internal damage, but the blood and fumes released from the exploded body spreads the contamination across the air, soil and water. The mutated cells from the radiation acts as pathogen (being able to penetrate even the most dense articles of clothing) to spread the contamination across more targets who explode in the next 3 turns, resulting in a chain of events that sequentially spreads out and kills victims indifferently.
    Restriction: Usable thrice per battle.

    Radiation Secret Technique: Draco (Hakkton Hijutsu: Ryu)
    Rank: S
    Type: Supplementary/Defensive
    Range: Short
    Chakra cost: 40 (15/turn)
    Damage Points: N/a
    Description: Draco is a radiation technique classified as hijutsu because the technique itself is not radiation element (disregarding the phase two) as it does not involve nature transformation. But rather it’s a body adaption developed by the users of the element. Due to the frequent use of Radiation chakra and constant exposure of it radiation as a defensive measure the body develops better melanocytes.
    Phase One: The user begins by performing tiger seal which fluctuates and circulates chakra around his body; the chakra activates the melanocytes into producing more melanin which secretes into the skin cells until the skin eventually turns pitch black. Increased melanin concentration within the skin gives the user immunity to radiation as a result of internal conversion and photoprotection.
    Phase Two: After gaining immunity, the user begins to circulate radioactive chakra through his body freely. As a result the skin hardens around the users limbs and cracks up slightly forming scale like structure, the fingers hardens and get more pointy forming claws. This change in looks along with black skin gives the user a Black Dragon like appearance which reflects the name of this technique. Due to the circulation of radiation chakra throughout the body all of users existing fire and lightning techniques gets stronger (Additional 20 Damage) and spreads ionizing radiation at an accelerated rate. All Earth, Water and Wind type techniques are released contaminated with radioactivity as a result breathing, drinking or touching the elements could result in acute radiation syndrome. The technique isn’t simultaneous activation of many different chakra natures but rather it initially circulates radioactive chakra within the body and then activates other natures which is why it is possible to use other elements while the mode lasts.
    Restrictions: Lasts 5 turns, usable twice.
    -Phase one remains in effect even after the technique ends, the users appearance slowly restores itself. Alternately a medical treatment or secreting the melanin (like ink) could restore the user.
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