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    Re: Custom Element's Jutsu

    Quote Originally Posted by Yūsuke View Post
    (Tsukene : Mizuhoryuu) - Root Release : Water Reserve
    Type : Supplementary
    Rank : B
    Range : Short - Long
    Chakra cost : 25
    Damage points : N/A
    Description : With this technique, the user is able to collect water found underground. The purpose of this technique is to act as a water source for water techniques for the user, without having the enemy realize it. All water will be stored within an single, enormous root which can be found underground at the desired location the user wants it to be. When the user activates the water technique that requires a water source, the root will open itself, releasing all the water which burst into the surface and hence the water technique that the user wants to use will happen starting from there. After the water technique is done, the user is able to call roots connected to the large root that stores the water, to emerge out of the ground and suck whatever water that it is able to get a reach of, back into the reserve. of Enemies are unable of controlling the water stored within the reserve as the root that holds it is layered with the user's chakra that is capable to deflecting away incoming chakra that is targeted towards the water.

    Note : Must know Root Release
    Note : Can only be used or taught by -Yusuke-
    Note : Water within that root can only be utilized by the user
    Note : Once created, the root will last there as long as it is not used or is not released
    Note : Requires at least a turn after activation for a water source, two turns for a large water source
    Remaking the above technique; I don't want two customs to have the same primary ability. (Retrieving water)

    (Tsukene : Zennou Kyanon) - Root Release : Almighty Cannons
    Type : Offensive / Defensive / Supplementary
    Rank : S
    Range : Short - Long
    Chakra cost : 40
    Damage points : 80
    Description : There are multiple stages to the completion of this technique. First, the creation of a large, hollow root that remains dormant underground, gradually filling itself with water at an incredible pace. All around the large root are several other roots that branch out at various directions. No matter the level of aridness of the terrain, this root will manage to retrieve the water it desires underground, as its sense of water has been further enhanced by chakra. After the time taken to collect the water, the user performs a single handseal, which sends a chakra signal to all the roots. Upon receiving the signal, several or a single root will erupt out of the ground, surrounding the target. The distance between the root and the target will be at least short-range or more. If the user decides to utilize multiple roots for the technique, they will be positioned to form a somewhat, 'circle' around the target, with the circle having the radius of short-range (or more). These roots are connected to the large, main root that holds the water underground. Even while the roots are emerging, they are already undergoing the process of being pumped with water, creating enough pressure for it to be launched as a jet of water, which will momentarily subdue the target, though, not killing them, as there is a true, hidden meaning behind the technique. During the process of all the above shards of roots have been created out of the roots themselves and hidden within the core of the water jets. With the pressure applied by the water jets, it will be enough to pierce these shards into the opponent. Due to the pain felt by the enemy because of the jets of water, it conceals the pain produced by the root shards. The user can choose to silently leave the root shard there for however long they wish, or perform another handseal to activate the root shards. The root shards grow multiple roots that seem to come out of the target's body (since that's where the shard is), and they bind the target, strangling their body, leading to consequences the situation makes for (usually unconsciousness or breaking of bones).

    Note : Can only be used twice per battle
    Note : Requires at least one or more turns to retrieve the water
    Note : The strength of the root shard levels the power of A-rank
    Note : Water Release techniques of any rank may not be used in the same turn
    Note : Root Release techniques higher than A-rank may not be used in the same turn
    Note : Cooldown interval between usages of at least one turn after technique completion

    __________________________________________________ ________________________________________________
     approved 
    Other technique is therefore declined and non existent
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