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  • WOW thats awesome using Shape Manipulation to create create Wind Chakra Blades!!

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  • Platinum69 your way to cool!!!!

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    What if Naruto used Wind Cakra and Nature Chakra at the sametime?

    worshippyworshippySup all you beautiful people!!!worshippyworshippy

    I was just day dreaming in my meeting today all I could hear was blah, blah, blah, blah... then Naruto came to my rescue… I was just thinking of the awesome punch Naruto did to Hungry Ghost Realm which sent him flying…

    Naruto 431 page 13 | One Manga

    He was using Frog/ Toad Katas; using the Natural Energy/ Chakra surrounding him which becomes apart of Naruto’s body and he is able to use that to attack with much more power and have a greater reach advantage then usual…

    This is all fantastic and I was on the edge on my seat like WTF!! That has to be the best punch I have ever seen…

    But being human I wasn’t satisfied… I wanted more… Awesome power, massive reach… but some thing was lacking… damage… what happened to the damage it caused??

    This leads me to my main point… What if Naruto could use or mold wind chakra around his punches to form countless invisible wind blades through Shape Manipulation and cause even more damage when his punches hit… like using the same principal as Rasen Shuriken but in a super mini form…

    I tried to recreate the image if he did use wind chakra… sorry for the poor quality…

    The red marks are cuts (deep flesh wounds) created by wind Chakra blades using Shape Manipulation...

    Please tell me what you think...

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