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  • Dawan

    2 7.14%
  • Sharingdork

    3 10.71%
  • Train

    2 7.14%
  • Thunderbolt

    0 0%
  • shelma

    2 7.14%
  • Rikerslade

    1 3.57%
  • Reborn

    16 57.14%
  • Flame Alchemist

    1 3.57%
  • Mizukata

    1 3.57%
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    Re: Voting: Best FanFiction [January 2012]

    Quote Originally Posted by Train View Post
    This is sad, compared to other contests; September's Contest had a total of 85 voters. >_>'
    ...People aren't interested?

    Anyway, I'm glad there are at least two people out there that may enjoy my writing.
    Quote Originally Posted by Reborn View Post
    Well I think it has a lot to do with the ammount of people dealing with school and work and what not.

    I imagine a good majority of NB has to deal with school, elm, middle, highschool or college. However for those not dealing with school there is always work...unless you're the guy to sit in your parent's basement and is on NB all the time waiting for your mom to call you down for chicken tenders I don't think there are many of those here.

    The summer months seem to be the more active months for people to vote and I count September because it's only fall in the last half of the month or so.
    I would have agreed with you, but then again, when you take a look at those who were in the September contest, I think you could say there was that many voters because of who were in the contest. There have never been that many voters before in a FFotm contest, yet along so many fighting for the top three spots.

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    Re: Voting: Best FanFiction [January 2012]

    Quote Originally Posted by Lawliet View Post
    Reborn 13
    Dawan 2
    Sharingdork 2
    Train 2

    4 days left for voting ~
    :overjoy: yay Reborn looks like you will finally get a ff medal :p

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