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    Naruto's battle strategy

    did anyone else notice the smart strategy naruto employed to take hell pain down?

    1. here he thought abt his plan.

    2. he took fat pain down(smart move that was) to attack deva. becos he knows devas repulsion power from here,

    he knows deva wud only concentrate on the FRS and probably repel it.

    3. now look at the last panel. as soon as FRS was near deva, naruto took off.

    btw, that 'gotcha' was towards hell pain, i am sure. bcos the original plan was to kill hell, not deva,

    4. now look at the panel where naruto blocked the vision of fat pain all along, so that he doesnt have any chance to see naruto in air. blocking his shared vision.

    so fat pain and deva all occupied, hell pain probably cudnt see bcos of that repulsion just in front of him, all things synchronised, naruto came down from above all of a sudden. all these activities from start to finish just to take down hell pain.

    bonus: fat pain.
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