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    ~Warlock~ Chapter 3

    ~Warlock~ Chapter 3 here is the 2 previous chapters and

    A Chocking turns of event! what secret is Red going to tell White now?

    Chapter 3: The Forbidden Secret.

    Red- White... there is something you should know about... Its about us... and why our parents died....

    White- What do you mean?...

    *Door bell is ringing*

    Red- Im coming!

    *Red opens the front door*

    ???- Im sorry to disturb you, but im looking for White Gildray.

    Red- Who are you?

    ???- You dont need to know...

    *The unknown man draws out a sword*

    ???- DIE!

    *Red dodges and runs toward the kitchen*

    Red- WHITE! Run!

    White- What the... brother?

    ???- Sword Magic Realease: Flame Shockwave!

    *White hides under the table*

    *Red got hit by the flame*

    White- Brother!

    *Red stands up... hes clothes are all torn apart*

    Red- Call me upon the holy name, the eagle that never lies in darkness, I Summon you FuHawkyer the Purple Flame Hawk!

    *A Middle sized Hawk covered in Purple flames appears*

    ???- What is this??? Summoning Magic?

    Red- Hmm.. You will see soon.. Lets go outside shall we?

    *Unknown Man and Red walks out*

    White- ''When did brother learn this kind of magic?''

    Red- FuHawkyer! Flame Sword Formation!

    *The Hawk turns into a sword covered with purple flames*

    ???- Kid! where did you learn this magic? it most be one of the 5 ancient element summoning magic!

    *Unknown man pulls out both of hes hand*

    ???- ShapeShifting Magic: Bear of Darkness!

    *The unknown man turns into a huge bear with black fur and red eyes*

    ???- How do you like that? Die!

    *Red charges towards the unknown man*

    Red- Sword Magic: 13 Slashes of Shadow!

    *Red managed to slash through he unknown mans body*

    ???- How is this possible!? me defeated by a kid... Ugh...

    *The unknown man turns into ashes*...

    White- Brother! are you alright!

    Red- Re summoning! pull back FuHawkyer.

    *The Sword turns back into a Hawk and disappears*

    Red- It was a demon... And he was after you

    White- What do you mean after me?

    Red- White... You have a quarterDemon blood inside of you...

    White- Red .. what are you saying? are you lying ? Red!.. Red!

    Red- About our Parents before... Our mother was half a human and half a demon.. and she killed dad...

    White- They got killed on a mission Red! what are you saying Red please?

    *White cries and moves towards Red and punches him*

    White- Lies! why are you saying this?!

    Red- Its the Truth.. Thats why the demons are after you.. Because you have the same demon blood as your Mother...

    This Chocking turns of event? What will happen next? See next Chapter soon!

    I re edit it later.

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    Re: ~Warlock~ Chapter 3

    i will read it tomorrow, i am to tired today

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    Re: ~Warlock~ Chapter 3

    nice 10/10 keep up the good work send me a link when you release the next chapter

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