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    Re: Naruto Manga Chapter 570 Discussion and 571 Predictions

    estatic...fascinating...i cant wait f0r 571

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    Re: Naruto Manga Chapter 570 Discussion and 571 Predictions

    Quote Originally Posted by 4th Hokage of the leaf View Post
    Kabuto did resurrect them with edo tensei.

    Kabuto definitely reformed their BODIES, yes, but we have never seen ANY of them speak or question where they were like all the other Edo Tensei's have. And since they all have binding chakra rods in their bodies AND bijuu inside them AND Tobi said he can't use rinnegan techs cuz its too hard to WHILE CONTROLLING THEM, I think its pretty safe to say that Tobi wanted their souls left out so he could have complete and direct control over them. After all he wouldn't want their bijuu to have inner conflict over following his orders over what the minds of their jinchuuriki want. Too many variable in the heat of battle when victory could be lost because a a seconds hesitation.

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    Re: Naruto Manga Chapter 570 Discussion and 571 Predictions

    Quote Originally Posted by Naruto Power View Post

    Naruto 571: The Strongest Tailed Beast

    Tobi: This changes nothing kid. You can't win.

    Naruto: We'll see about that!

    Naruto's appearance remains the same although he doesn't look exhausted anymore.

    Tobi: You have 15 seconds. Biju! Charge!

    The biju open their mouths and all 5 begin charging Biju balls.

    Naruto: Let's see... one..two...three...

    Kakashi: Shit! I can probably suck one in, though I may die. Gai! You take one. Bee and Naurto can you stop three?

    Bee: Hey didn't know you could rhyme, but I don't think you guys will be needed this time!

    Naruto: 5 Bijus! Well, Kurama how about we even the odds. (Kurama grins). Kurama Kage Bunshin No Jutsu! (Kurama looks angry/embarassed)

    Suddenly five Kyuubi's appear, each in front of a tailed beast.

    Tobi: Tsk! What an idiot! He split up the foxes power there's no way any of those clones can stand up to my biju! Now I just have to find the real one! Biju! Fire!

    The biju swallow their balls and begin to fire. Suddenly the Kyuubis open their mouth and roar. The biju balls are all stopped.

    Tobi: Impossible! They're all strong! So this is the power of the Kyuubi. Nice try! But I don't care who you are! Biju!

    The biju put in more power and the Kyuubi's are pushed back.

    Tobi: You're mine now Kyuubi!

    Voice: The name... is Kuruma!

    Suddenly Naruto headbutts Tobi. His appearance is normal but he has Kurama's eyes. Tobi's mask shatters.

    At the same time the Kyuubis roar louder and the biju's attack is forced back on themselves along with the roars. There are five huge explosions.

    Scene change to Madara and the Kages.

    Madara and the Kages are fighting when suddenly they all pause. They see an explosion far away.

    Tsunade: Isn't that..?

    Raikage: Yeah, that's where Bee and Naruto are.

    Garra: This chakra.

    Madara: (laughing) Yes, I have felt this before. I know your roar, Kyuubi!

    Scene changes to Headquarters.

    Shikaku: How are the kages?

    Inoichi: They're hanging in but...

    Suddenly all the sensor nin, seize up.

    Inoichi: This chakra!

    Shikaku: What happened? Is it Madara?

    Inoichi: No its Naruto's area, there was a huge release of chakra, it felt like the Kyuubi's!

    Shikaku: Dammit, Naruto if you've lost control.

    A hand appears on his shoulder.

    Shikamaru: Its alright Dad, I think this time is different. That guy isn't so troublesome anymore.

    Everyone: !

    Scene change to the various squads. We see the reaction of the various squads to the explosion and the chakra. There is also a shot of Karin in the jail reacting to the chakra. The guards are oblivious. There is a shot of Suigetsu and Jugo. Last is Sakura's group.

    Sakura is running in the woods with Sai and some other nin:

    Sai: Sakura, didn't Kakashi-Sensai say to stay put?

    Sakura: I don't care what he says, Naruto needs our help!

    Random-nin: But what the hell can we do?

    Sai: Its a legitimate question.

    Sakura (tear in eye): I don't...

    Suddenly they see the explosions. They are close enough to be forced back due to the pressure.

    Sakura: Naruto!!!

    Scene change to a cliff.

    Sasuke stands on it, he is viewing the explosions and can clearly see the Kyuubis.

    Sasuke: Naruto, I see you have finally gained strength. But I'm glad for I have also gained strength and I need an opponent to test myself, and it appears you may be worthy. Don't get cocky Naruto, I will defeat you!

    Voice: You may eat your words.

    Sasuke: (thinking) That voice, impossible! (talking) What are you doing here? Aren't you dead!?

    Sasuke slices some bushes in the direction of the voices, but no one is there.

    Itachi: Naruto may surprise you, he can defeat you in more ways than one.

    Sasuke: And how would you know unless....

    Sasuke faces Itachi in the sky but it is only an image which quickly dissolves.

    Sasuke: You saw Naruto!

    Sasuke: Where are you, I still have questions for you... Why did you do it?

    Sasuke looks around in vain.

    Itachi: Goodbye, little brother. Just don't forget who you are...

    Sasuke: What did you tell Naruto? Itachi!

    The biju lay unconscious.

    The Kyuubis have vanished.

    The hachibi reveals Gai and Kakashi behind a tentacle. They look shocked.

    Tobi lies on the ground, a small piece of his mask left.

    Tobi: So do you think you've won, the battle has only just begun Naruto!

    Naruto: It seems pretty over to me.

    The last bit of Tobi's mask falls off.

    Naruto: ! What the hell kind of face is that?

    Kurama: Calm down Naruto! I recognize that face!

    Tobi: Just a little bit longer.

    We see the bijus being sucked into the Outer Path Statue. It begins to change and grow tails.

    Naruto: Tobi! I know who you are!

    Tobi has been identified, what is he planning?

    Next 572: The Power of a Name


    Naruto 571-573: "Common Misunderstanding"

    Inside Naruto's Mind.

    Kurama: "Now quickly before we do this, there are two things that need to be addressed."

    Naruto: "yeah, what is it?"

    Kurama: "first off, I am niot evil, none of us are."

    Naruto, smiling: "I know that, I have known that for a long time now."

    Kurama, looking shocked: "huh, you have? How?"

    Naruto: "well I kinda always had my suspicions, but when Mom told me te story of the attack on Konoha, and you talked about bein gcontrolled and sealed over the years,I really knew then."

    Kurama: "Really...?"

    Naruto, serious expression: "I mean if I was trapped and controlled throughou tmy life I wouldn't trust anyone or be happy either. I mean you can be a but....difficult but not evil, I trust you Kurama. After all we are family, you known and seen me from birth til now. other God Father, like Pervy Sgae was!"

    Kurama, shocked: {this kid his intentions are so onest, he is more observant that I gave credit for.} "anyway, the second thin gis you have no idea how to use my techniques and abilities, yeah now we could probably do the Bijuu Ball but that is the othe rtailed beasts most powerful ability, not mine. just very intimidating. now that we are working together there are things you can do that you are not aware of."

    Naruto, looking eagerly: "like what? I know I will be able to make stronger rasengans and shadow clones will be stronger..."

    Kurama: "no, no thjat is my chakra, not my techniques and abilities, like healing youhave only used a small fraction of my healing it has a far greater effect on your body than previously. that rasengan is just a human bijuu ball, your jutsu creation potential has increased beyond measure now."

    Narut:"uhm, that sounds great but, I don't think we have time to train."

    Kurama,smiling: " really have no idea do you?"


    Kakashi and Guy are still facing off against the tailed Beasts. Bee is with them in Beast form with Naruto near him passed out.

    Guy:"Well this is a bit of a pickle, you know we aren't gonna survive this right?"

    Kakashi: "we are up against creatures that can destroy villages and mountains alike. but they are up against..."

    Guy, in a pose: "the power of youth!"

    Kakshi, shaking his head: "whatever."

    hachibi: {Naruto is talking to Kurama, by the looks of it he is using that technique, must be trying to teach Naruto something.}

    He wraps naruto in one of his tentacles.

    Hachibi: {well, we will stand until they can join us, must protect his body until then!}

    Suddenly the cat beast roars and charges at Kakashi.

    Kakashi, "here we go!"

    The Cat demon is covered in lightning Kkashi dodges just in time.

    Kakashi, making hand signs trhen touching the ground: "Water and Earth style: summoning Jutsu, River Hounds!"

    Tobi: {water and earth style, a summoning? But there is no water here just earth, he isn't like the 2nd. Is he?}

    suddenly a rumble occursand a huge geyser erupts between kakashi and th Cat demon that was ready to pounce. It forms two giant hounds made of earthg and water, they resemble Grey Hounds.

    Guy: "Kakashi, your chakra."

    Kakashi, "I have been building it up since I started using Zabuza's sword, don't worry."

    Hachibi, extending a tentacle to Kakashi, "I hear your brave words but I know better. That move although good and powerful, brings you closer to death. Bee wants you to use this, he has made it safe."

    Samehada emerges from the tentacle, Kkashi grabs it and it reaches back and licks him.

    Hachibi: "Bee told Samehada you were gonna feed him some tastey chakra if he is good and shares his."

    Kakashi is starting to recover rapidly: "I feel the chakra flowing, it is like it has no end, it is quit powerful!"

    The Hounds are on either side of the Cat Demon, they car using water bullets against it.

    Guy is running side by side with Kkashi as they leap dodge and attack the Dolphin horse demon. As Kakashi swings at the Bijuu Samehada likes it's lips and smiles.

    Hachibi is being attacked by the other Bijuu and also the Statue appears to be coming closer to the fray.

    Tobi: "It will be soonthat I shall have All the Bijuu, then my plan will be realized. The new Sage of Six Paths will not be defewated by the likes of you, pitiful Leaf Ninja and your foolish Alliance!"

    Sudenly Tobi notices thatall the Hachibi'd tenetacles are free, no Naruto to be seen.

    Tobi: "where.."

    Suddenly The nine tails emerges He is the biggest creture onmthe field. He swipes sveral tials at the bijuu, he captures the Bug Demon, Cat Demon and moves Kkashi and Guy out of the way by tossing them behind him.

    Tobi jumping down and beginning to teleport: "Now I have you!"

    Soon as he forms near the Kyuubi's foot, "just on etouch.."

    Voice, "hands off!"

    suddenly Tobi is lifted off his feet like a powerful uppercut then it seems he is hit again and sent flying yards away.

    Tobi, on the ground sitting as if getting up bu tholding his head: "what was..?"

    Voice, "me!"

    He is hit again but is embeded into a huge tree trunk that was behind him.

    Tobi, groggy a bit: "Na-ru-to?"

    Naruto appeears in front of him. With his fist balled up.

    Tobi: "why couldn't I see youSome invisibilty jutsu or genjutsu?!"

    naruto,disppearing again this time the mask is smashed into several pieces. His head is moving as if struck from different angles.

    Now we see Kurama roaring with the Tailed beast all igone and the statue is the only opponent. Kurama seems to be on the defensive.

    Kurama: {It is trying to seal me within itself, this will be challenging.}

    Naruto appears in between them: "I got it comrade, I can take care of him, you trained me well Uncle Rama!"

    He vanishes, it was a shadow clone. Kurama changes back to Naruto. He stands there facing off against the Statue.

    Kakashi, "be careful Naruto!" {"trained me well"? He speaks as if he hasn't been here for a while.}

    Guy: "he seems different."

    Hachibi: "His chakra has aged, an effect of the T/S technique Kurama must have used to train him, If I was to guess I would say it would be around 3 maybe 4 years older."

    Kakashi: "4 years of training in moments? We are about to see Naruto as a fully matured Ninja in action. But has he mastered everything he was taught?"

    Guy: "we are about to see old rival."

    They look at the scene.

    Tobi arrives on top of Gedo Mezo, "you failed to kill me boy."

    Naruto, "Who said my clone was supposedto kill you?"

    Naruto's ear twitches as he looks to both sides of him. He disappears as two boulders crash into each other, the statues his tossed away with Tobi jumpiming off.

    Kakashi is shoocked, "I couldn't see him, not a flash not a blur, nothing!"

    "Sealing technique, Cage of the six paths!" from nowhere.

    The Gedo Mezo is sealed in a cage similar to the one used for the fox.

    Tobi, "I can't reverse summon, remove it now!"

    Naruto, pulling out two kunai: "you don't deserve to have those eyes. Great ninja have been born with those, you do not deserve to steal them and use them as you please. They were not a gift to you."

    As he disappears tobi screams but his body was beginning to become intangible.AS he sinks into the gound Naruto appearts yards away with his back to the fight area. He throws his kunai chraged with wind chakra into the distance. Tobi's head is tehg only thing not underground as he dies.

    Naruto appears on top of the cage: "Be right back, Head towards the Med camp they need help, Senseis'. I will be there soon as I can If you need me. Bee I'll meet you on the othe rside of the trees."

    He is gone.

    Guy and Kakashi(still with Samehada) look at each other nod their heads and move out. Bee leaves as well.

    Kage scene.

    Madara seems to have them all at bay with his So6P mode.

    seems everyone is tired or on defensive. Tsunade is heealing of defending the wounded, Mizukage and Raikage.

    Edo-Madara: {he has failed.} "youas kage are a disappointment. Especially the Hokage, you are nothing more than a med ninja. This is what my village has become, a med corps?"

    Tsunade: "you will go down Madara, just like you did years ago!"

    Suddenly, oonki starts to fly strait up: "look out it is him, the Ghost Ninja!"

    Tsunade: {no, it can't be him too.}

    they all scatter but raikage is too late, he was the target.

    He looks at Tsunade, "Darui is the one."

    He falls dead.

    Dan behind him is Dan, holding what looks tpo be a chakra form of Raikgae by the throat and then it disperses.

    Dan, "Tsunade, I..I slipped away from the sealing squad during a battle. You must stop me. You know how, just do it. I am already gone."

    Tsunade: everyone, attack Dan, I wilol deal with Madra as it should be."

    Dan; "Don't worry Kages I can only use that technique if I have the needed time to prepare even then I cannot use it consecutively."

    Edo-Madara: "the med ninja?"

    Tsunadetossed off her robe and is actually dressed in a version of the armor her Great Grand fthaer wore.

    "No, Tsunade Senju-Uzumaki, Hokage of the Leaf and commander in the Allaince. Senju secret art: Raising of the Clan!"

    Suddenly dozens of Senju Clan ninja appear all healthy and young.

    Edo-Madara: "another Edo Tensei?"

    Tsunade: "no my great Uncle, developed this after the Edo Tensei, it is a jutsu that creates clones formed from the chakra signatures left behiund on the ninja's weapons armor cloths whatever you may have. There true spirit is not ripped from the after life."

    Edo-Madra, shockingly: "You??!"

    1st and 2nd Hokages are standing amongst them.

    1st, "yes."

    Next: "the end of an Era"
    this is d bomb man....fantastic thinking

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    Re: Naruto Manga Chapter 570 Discussion and 571 Predictions

    Quote Originally Posted by Itachilover94 View Post
    so did naruto set the fox free?
    Ok so heres how it works:

    Kurama isn't actually FREE.... He is still sealed inside Naruto's body but now that Naruto has released the seal on Kuramas cage, the tetragram seal is no longer using Naruto's own chakra to suppress the chakra of the fox. Since Kurama is no longer trying to consume Naruto's body or chakra, they both have full access to their true chakra reserves!!!

    During the rasen shuriken training, Kakashi said that Naruto had about 10x the chakra he had but if his chakra wasn't having to suppress the kyuubi's chakra, he would have about 100x as much chakra as him. So that could be the reason for him feeling refreshed when he and Kurama synched their chakra, he is no longer suppressing the fox so he has the other 90% of his chakra freed up now!!!

    But in any case...... Kurama is STILL SEALED INSIDE HIM! He is just NO LONGER SUPPRESSED IN A CAGE! Naruto is still a jinchuuriki just like Bee. Bee did the same training and now Naruto and Kurama have reached the same level of partnership as Bee and the Hachibi.

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    Re: Naruto Manga Chapter 570 Discussion and 571 Predictions

    It's all good. Loved ur predictions, but when is it actually coming out?

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    Re: Naruto Manga Chapter 570 Discussion and 571 Predictions

    a great chapter.but if kurma betray then will be disappointed.whatever i am starting to like kurma

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    Re: Naruto Manga Chapter 570 Discussion and 571 Predictions

    sick man i would love either one to b tru ....welll maybe the second a lil more.... he he

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    Re: Naruto Manga Chapter 570 Discussion and 571 Predictions

    I just hope we see something more BA than just transforming into the Kyuubi...... We've already seen Bee use "big 8" Naruto needs to do something way cooler since he has the sages body and Kurama is supposed to be the strongest Bijuu.....

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