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    Chronicles Of Naruto Base:Part 2

    The Guy With The Strange Name

    It has been days since the red 3 were formed and versuvio had left the city and appointed his commanders to govern the country and state affair, the new three had established their power and dominance and were a force to be reckoned with ,even with other kingdom’s. They had made new buildings and competitions where the country and state men and nobles could take part in such included bounty hunts, and treasure hunts, indeed things were going superb, and around that time founding father versuvio recently arrived myobokuzan standing barely on his feet facing the gate.

    Versuvio: Knock..Knock……”Cough”

    Member: Who is there?

    Versuvio: V of Naruto base.

    Member: Password.

    Versuvio: I like pie.

    Member: ( Gates open)Welcome V of NB.

    Versuvio: Thank you(Cough..cough)

    Member :Have a sit I will inform gamahiro Asap

    Versuvio: Yeah Thanks(Falls to the ground and passes out)

    Gamahiro: Looks like versuvio awake.

    Versuvio: Where am I?

    Gamahiro: Toad village.

    VersuvioGets up)Who are you?

    Gamahiro: Careful so you don’t open your wounds.

    Versuvio: Why am I here on this bed? What am i doing here? What is your name?

    Gamahiro:I am gamahiro gate protector and head council member.

    Versuvio: Are you not suppose to be a slimy frog or toad?

    Gamahiro: Ribbit,Ribbit

    Versuvio: Nope definitely not one.

    Gamahiro: Yes I am human, you are a man, that’s a chair this is a woman get it?

    Versuvio: Sarcasm I see. Now On to serious matters, Where did you find me.

    Gamahiro: It wasn’t me. A toad member brought you here after you passed out.

    Versuvio: The guy at the gate.

    Gamahiro: Yes.

    Versuvio: Where is he now I must thank him.

    Hell:I am here glad to see your alright.

    Versuvio: What is your name?

    Hell :They call me bad ass real name hell.

    Versuvio:I see I must thank you saved me.

    Hell: No need just doing my job.

    Versuvio: No please I insist.


    Versuvio: Take any female you want and all the kumi you possibly desire.

    Hell: We are rich here .And I already have some one special and dear to me.

    Gamahiro: Enough chit chat and talk lets Leave versuvio to rest .

    Versuivo: No its cool.

    Gamhiro: Dying and bleeding from your wounds wouldn’t be .I will see you soon.

    Versuvio: Fine.

    Hell: Good night.

    As hell leaves versuvio lays his head on his bed to sleep as he dreams and wander about Naruto base his beloved city and how it and the commanders are faring ..Back in naruto base the annual treasure hunt just began ,as well as the bounty contest .Large numbers of individuals from all sections and sub sections Of the city registered themselves , and took place in the competitions. Days and night bounty hunter searched for trolls ,and the treasure hunters looked all over the city in search for kumi , Finally the end of the competition came ,And with a new dawn and sunlight arising from the dark ,the winners were declared one being a woman of incredible strength named Bianca who had won the competition by capturing the largest and highest amount of trolls in total of 216 trolls(Out laws)Then the winner of the treasure hunt was called and his name was un heard of before by the name of caliburn the two were cheered by the crowd as the commanders announced their names, Suddenly a strange voice from an old man from the crowd called shouting caliburn, caliburn caliburn, in this same sequence in a low pitch voice, he was hard to notice but eventually cut the eye of commander rei who invited him to the high stand to state his matter or problems.

    Rei: Old man what is it you seek?

    Old man: Nothing except from what is rightfully mine.

    Crowd: Booh.. booh ..booh.

    Rei: Silence. Old man what is it you speak of.

    Old man: Caliburn stole my treasure.


    Caliburn: Me?

    Rei: Silence. Caliburn. Explain it to me old man.

    Old man: I gathered the bounty after searching the city for 10 days .On my way here I decided to take a Shit, and before I turned back the treasure was gone.

    Rei: What makes you so sure this is your treasure?

    Old man: I marked it with a cross mark, similar to the tattoo on my left hand.

    Rei: Did you see it on the bag?

    Old man: Yes.


    Rei: Guards bring the treasure bag here.

    Guards: Yes Maim.

    Old man: That’s the mark(Pointing at the bag)

    Caliburn: What the.

    Rei; Seize him.(Instructing to the guards as she point at caliburn)

    Crowd: You suck caliburn

    Rei: What do you have to answer or reply for this gruesome crime.

    Caliburn: Yes I stole the treasure just give the old man the money please.

    Rei; Why so eager to be tortured and hanged to your death?

    Old man: What(Body shaking)

    Rei: Answer now.

    Caliburn: This man is poor and has ten younger women and children to feed he deserves the kumi unlike a spoiled brat like me who we squander up the money.

    Rei: You disappoint me caliburn. Take him away.

    Old man: Wait.

    Rei: What now old man you can take the treasure along with all caliburn,s Kumi.

    Old man(Falls on the floor)

    Rei: Old man.

    Old man: I’m sorry I cant do this I wont do it.

    Rei: What are you talking or speaking off.

    Old man: Caliburn didn’t Steal anything from me.


    Rei: What????(She says in shock)

    Old man: I never had any money to begin with the mark was always on the bag I simply made a charcoal drawing of it on my arm(Rubs charcoal off Arm)You see?

    Crowd:”Sigh” He framed caliburn.


    Zise: What a traitorous lie.

    Rei: Indeed, Forgive us caliburn I and the city and the commanders
    misjudged you.

    Nexus: I didn’t

    Rei: Old man you are sentenced to death seize him .

    Caiburn: No wait .On my behalf let him be.

    Rei: After all his crimes against you.

    Caliburn: Crimes No. Merely Misjudgments.

    Rei; Guards let him be .

    Old man: Thank you.

    Rei: Don’t thank me thank caliburn.

    Old man: Caliburn than-k-s .

    Caliburn: Don’t mention it .but I have a question.

    Old man: What is it?

    Caliburn: Why me ? Have I caused you any harm. Tell me old man so I may know.

    Nexus: Impossible even after all this he still so calm and un annoyed.

    Zise: Yes, Such a promising young man.

    Nexus: I agree.

    Old man: Nothing caliburn. I was hired by dragon lord to frame you.

    Caliburn: I see.

    Rei: You conspired against dragon lord and enemy of Nb no seize him.

    Caliburn :No please.

    Rei:I will let you go but you are Banished from Nb. You May Never Return.

    Old man: What(Tears rolling down from eyes)

    Caliburn: Rei please.

    Rei: I’m sorry this is easiest punishment considering he allied with dragon lord.

    Zise: Rules are Rules, any one who allies with dragon lord is an enemy of Nb.

    Nexus: Yes ,and this ban is only because of You, the punishment for treason Is.

    Rei: Death.

    Caliburn: I see. Old man take my treasure and leave.

    Old man: Thanks caliburn I wont forget you.(Waves his hand as he leaves NB.)

    Nexus: Caliburn.

    Caliburn: Yes nexus.

    Nexus: How would you and Bianca like to be vice commanders of this country.

    Bianca: Sure(Laughs Uncontrollably)

    caliburn: Cool.

    Rei: What.

    Zise: Nexus we cant do that we must inform versuvio.

    Nexus; He is not here as you can see and I talked with him its all Good.

    Nexus Conversation with versuvio weeks Ago.

    Versuvio :Nexus are you really ok with all these work?

    Nexus: What do you mean by that exactly?

    Versuvio: No doubt you and zise will make good commanders but..

    Nexus: What?

    Versuvio: You will need support in the future some extra set of hands I mean.

    Nexus: Extra set of hands??

    Versuvio: People who will assist you and zise in governing the country.

    Nexus: Oh, Like vice commanders ,vice leaders.

    Versuvio: Call them anything you want .

    Nexus: How will I know those with good qualities and great intentions?

    Versuvio: No one knows this, but his or her actions will speak mainly off them.

    Nexus: I see.

    Present Day.

    Rei: So that is what versuvio said?

    Zise: Are your certain about this nexus?

    Nexus: Yes, and they both have great intentions and good qualities.

    Zise: Agreed.


    Zise: Lets do it.

    The three commanders said this words at the same time which were
    3 Red Commanders: By the power given to us by versuvio will appoint you Bianca and caliburn, vice commander’s of Naruto base you will help us govern the country and report any crimes above your power or reach to us, Now step forward and claim the green name. So it was that the three commanders appointed Bianca and caliburn giving them the position of vice commanders and powers to govern and assist them in ruling the country, these two names were now commonly know and called the Green Two.

    Next Chapter:Bianca Motives

    Link Chapter One.
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    Re: Chronicles Of Naruto Base:Part 2

    hmmm should i read hai
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    Re: Chronicles Of Naruto Base:Part 2

    Great work, again :D

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    Re: Chronicles Of Naruto Base:Part 2

    Quote Originally Posted by -Sasuke- View Post
    Great work, again :D
    Thanks ,man i appreciate it .
    Quote Originally Posted by juzumaki View Post
    hmmm should i read hai
    Read it

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