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    Chronicles Of Naruto Base:Part 3

    It has Been several weeks since the city of Naruto base have found themselves with new leaders by the names caliburn and Bianca they both of were high quality and good wisdom or so the town members assumed, they had showed their powers in their wise decision making and kindness to the path of others, Truly things for once were peaceful in the city and the had been no incident of fight s quarrels or troll out breaks in the city indeed the commanders and the vice and even mere town members were all pleased at their new found leaders, we now join versuvio who just arrived at mybokuzan and is to begin his healing from his fight with Dl.

    Versuvio: Yawns…It seems like I slept long .

    Hell: Ah I see you are more relaxed and focused.

    Versuvio: Oh Hell .Its you. Well I guess that what a good night Sleep can Does.

    Hell: Indeed.

    Versuvio: Oh I forgot to ask where is gama.

    Hell: Preparing the healing ointments and fetching some toads.

    Versuvio: What in here??

    Hell: Put on your feet wear and take a look outside.

    Versuvio: (Puts on feet wear)I’m ready whenever you are.

    Hell: Great this way.

    Versuvio: All right..Yosh.

    Hell: Here is the toad restaurant where us tad poles eat.

    Versuvio: Not bad at all.

    Hell: What did you expect.

    Versuvio: Something affiliated with toads and their foods.

    Hell: Right Moving on.

    Versuvio: Wait where is that huge waterfall up ahead from here coming from?

    Hellh that’s your healing section where you will be.

    Versuvio: Well then lets be on our way.

    Hell: What No More Tour?

    : I have a city to run and to get back to this is more important lets go.

    Hell: Fine have it your way .I think see gama up ahead too so let go now.

    Versuvio: I am right behind you.

    Gamahiro: Ribbit. Ribbit Here I am.

    Hell: Sup Gama?

    Versuvio: Hey man.

    Gamahiro: Ribbit Ribbit hey there guys hey hell can I talk to you for a sec?

    Hell:Sure what is it?

    Gamahiro: I have matters to attend to mind helping versuvio with his healing.

    Hell: What.

    Gamahiro: The toad slime, toad leaves and all nature energy are her just guide him through it.

    Hell: Ok ,besides what do you have to do that is so important.

    Gamahiro :Some toads asked for back up and we are going there to help them now.

    Hell: Back up ,from what?

    Gamahiro: Probably trolls or noobs making fuss out of nothing.

    Hell: Ok, see you men.

    Gamahiro: Ok I will be back in a day or two it depends.

    Hell: Alright.

    Gamahiro: Later hell, Later versuvio.

    Hell: Now lets begin.

    Versuvio: So what how do I start.

    Hell: Apply the toad slimes on your wounds and concentrate on the Natural energy.

    Versuvio :For how long ?

    Hell: Pretty much the whole day.

    Versuvio: Whole day, that’s cool ,cool it’s fine man(realizes) the Whole Day WTH.

    Hell: Those are the costs you pay for good natural healing.

    While versuvio begins his natural healing and treatment of his battle wounds in mybokuzan ,we go back to Naruto base where we find Bianca and caliburn interacting with each other in what’s seems to be a friendly conversation.

    Caliburn Chat With Bianca.

    Caliburn: Hey Bianca .

    Bianca: Hey caliburn.

    Caliburn: Got time for a little chat?

    Bianca: Sure. What do you need.

    Caliburn: Nothing just stop to chat and say hi to you.

    Bianca: Oh I see.

    Caliburn: So how you finding the job.

    Bianca: I should be asking you that ,Yeah but sure the job is all right.

    Caliburn: Yeah I suppose.

    Bianca: So how you finding it too.

    Caliburn: It all right though much of work ,really didn’t expect to be here.

    Bianca: Neither did me. I only participated in the competition for cash.

    caliburn: Didn’t we all??

    Bianca: I think am gonna drink to that.

    Caliburn: Pops (Open bottle of wine) Cheers.

    Biana: Cheers.

    Caliburn: Any word from nexus or rei?

    Bianca: No any word from zise.

    Caliburn: No but is seems they summoned us to meet them by the mountains.

    Bianca: When and why exactly.

    Caliburn: Today and by 8 . I think they want to talk about our responsibilities more.

    Bianca: Oh great just what I need.(Claps hands two times to signal An all clear for the trolls.)

    Caliburn: What’s the hand clap for.

    Bianca :Something I do before I take wine

    Caliburn: Right moving on . Have you selected a place you intend to stay in I am living near the mountains……

    Bianca: Why the sudden change in voice

    Caliburn: (Get up)Be Alert.

    Bianca: Why what is going on(Smiling )

    Caliburn: Wipe that smile off your face.

    Bianca: You don’t order me around.

    Caliburn: shoosh..shoosh.shoosh..I hear something.

    Bianca: Well I don’t.

    Suddenly they heard an old woman voice from afar.

    Caliburn: See I told you.

    Bianca: I wonder who is that.

    Caliburn: Lets go check it out.

    Bianca: Agreed lets go.

    Random Man
    : See You(Races full speed ahead)

    Caliburn: Who was he talking to?

    Bianca: Probably no one in particular or general.

    Old woman: Please help some one help me.

    Caliburn: There someone Screaming for help where is she.

    Bianca: There by the next half of the market place.

    Caliburn: Oh (Shouts out)Old woman what is it.

    Old woman: A young man stole my purse which has all my kumi in it.

    Bianca: Seriously??

    Caliburn: Are you thinking what I am thinking.

    Bianca: That money is way better than wine.

    Caliburn: No that ,it was most definitely that strange man who said see you and ran.

    Bianca: Its decided am going after him.

    Caliburn: Wait get on my horse I will accompany you too.

    Bianca:We both know you are better on foot than with a horse let me go.

    Caliburn: Fine. I will send some men to accompany you .

    Bianca: (Gets on caliburn horse)Send them if you want but I don’t need them.

    Caliburn: Strange ego you got there.

    : Not Ego am just sure.

    Caliburn: Ok. Take care of my horse ,if you are not back my 7. I will send a search party. OK??

    Bianca: You really think that lowly of me.

    Caliburn: Even the best of men might get lost in those woods and besides ,don’t forget we are being summoned by 8 by the commanders.

    Bianca: Ok then I will better get on my way.

    Caliburn: Yeah I suggest you do that.

    Bianca: Later(Rides away with horse)

    Caliburn: (Shouts out)Its alright old lady some one is handling it.

    Old Lady: Thank you young man.

    Caliburn :No problem I am heading up there now.

    Old Lady: Ok.

    Caliburn: Till your money is found you and your family can use my cash.

    Old lady: I really Am grateful.

    Caliburn: No Biggie. Lets hope Bianca stops the robber in time.

    As Bianca sets off to find the criminal responsible for stealing the old woman
    kumi we return back to mybokuzan where we catch up with Versuvio and look at his progress so far.

    Hell: Its ok you can stop now.

    Versuvio: (Gets up)I see

    Hell: So how did you find it any change??

    Versuvio: Not really its only been a day since I started the healing.

    Hell: I see well pack up ,and lets go to the restaurant.

    Versuvio: Good I will be ready in a sec.

    Hell: Wait there Versuvio don’t stretch that far your wounds are still fresh.

    Versuvio: No worries for some strange reason it doesn’t hurt as much.

    Hell: (Rips versuvio bandages) Nope its still not healed don’t over work yourself.

    Versuvio: Ok I can tie it back right??

    Hell: Yes you can, do that and lets get on our way.

    : (Ties Bandages back on)Yosh dinner here we come.

    Hell: (Saying his private thoughts)Amazing its only been a day of healing and Nature training and his already doing this good ,he does really live up to his name I guess)

    Mean while we return back to Naruto base and follow and 20 minutes after the theft incident we catch up with scenarios which have taken place immediately after the incident.

    Caliburn: May I know your name old lady.

    Old lady: Its hira.

    Caliburn: Do you know this man or are you in any way affiliated with him.

    Old Lady : I don’t know him at all he was a complete stranger to me till I saw him snatch my bag today.

    Caliburn: I see well normally people who get robbed or killed are usually done so by individuals who they have quarrels with. So are you sure.

    Old lady: Very sure ,and I don’t have any issues with him or any one.

    Caliburn: (Talks in a low pitch voice)So they claim.

    Old lady: What was that?

    Caliburn: Oh nothing ma let hope Bianca finds the thief meanwhile I need you to sign some paper works for me.

    Old lady; Ok.

    : Please come in.

    Narrator: Now we finally catch up with Bianca who has left her horse to pursue the victim on leg due to the rough ,narrow way.

    Stranger: szh szh(The stranger whistles)

    Bianca: Knees on the floor and hands on your head.

    Stranger: Wait a minute lets talk about it.

    Bianca: I said hands on your knees(Draws out sword)

    Stranger: I am on my knees ,I am on my knees don’t shoot .

    Bianca: Just keep those knees on the floor buddy who are you who sent you here??

    Stranger: Master dragon lord(He screamed don’t Kill me) He sent me please don’t kill me.

    Bianca: What is in the bag(Code)

    Stranger h the code you mean the shit is in the back what was it I forgot(Standing up)

    Bianca: Hey get down I asked you what’s in the bag(Raises up katana)

    Stranger: The key is in the bag.

    Bianca: Good feel free to stand up. Why are you here?

    Stranger: I have a message from our master.

    Bianca: What is it ??

    Stranger: He asked if the village is clear and if we are ok for a go?

    Bianca :Soon.

    Stranger: How soon?

    Bianca: I am taking care of it Dam it soon ,in 3 weeks or so.

    Stranger: All right I just tell him that but I can tell you he wont be pleased.

    Bianca; Any thing else?

    Stranger: No.

    Bianca: Good(Races over to him and slits his neck)

    Stranger: (Says in very low voice)Why??You promised not to kill me.

    Bianca: I didn’t promise anything you are too weak to serve you retarded pathetic weakling.

    Narrator: Suddenly she hears a strange voice from the near by.

    Bianca: Who is that ??Who is here?? Show your self??

    Dragon lord: I see you still have a thirst for blood eh Bianca.

    Bianca: Master can it be you??

    Dragon lord: It is me .so how are the plans going? Is everything set into motion?

    Bianca(Kneels on the floor) Master- Not yet but soon.

    Dragon lord(Laughs)You disappoint me Bianca what seems to be the problem.

    Bianca: Some of the teachers who I planed the attacks with are having doubts.

    Dragon lord: When you leave her you will find some kumi near your horse maybe that might persuade them.

    : Surely they are already rich and have no need for money.

    Dragon lord: Bull shit .Every man on this planet desire money.

    Bianca: I will do my best.

    Dragon lord: Apart from that any other problems?

    Bianca: No, these idiots have let me in even giving me leadership positions.

    Dragon lord: (Laughs) Either way when is this going to happen.

    Bianca: Next week after dawn.

    Dragon lord: Good I will prepare for battle the plan is to take them unaware right?

    Bianca: Yes the element of surprise is what we are going for.

    Dragon lord: Go now speak to know one about this I can hear some people voices from afar.

    Bianca: Cautious as ever master ,but I cant go the body.

    Dragon lord: Do you not trust me I will get rid of it.

    Bianca: I do master but what shall I tell them when the ask me?

    Dragon lord: Simply say he got away.

    Bianca: Ok.

    Dragon lord: Fine now get going.

    Bianca: Ok.

    Dragon lord: Shoot three gun shots in the air to signify us.

    Bianca: I see we shall I will do that.

    Bianca: What if.(Turns back)Master where are you??

    Dragon lord: (From an unknown position hidden in the woods)Go now Bianca.

    Bianca: Yes.

    As Bianca goes she find the kumi near her horse as promised by dragon lord she then jumps on her hours’ and travel all the way back to Naruto base.

    Bianca Arrives.

    Caliburn: Wow you were late. Where is the man.

    : He got away.

    Caliburn: No shit.

    :He had already gone far but I did manage to collect some of the money(Brings out some gold coins from the money given to her by dragon lord)

    Caliburn: At least that is better than nothing . The old lady will feel a lot better. Come on lets go.

    Bianca: To where?

    Caliburn: Did you forget that we where being Summoned by the commanders?

    Bianca: Oh that.

    Caliburn: They are few miles ahead of us if we leave now will be there in 1 or 2 hours.

    Bianca kay lets go.

    Narrators: They both accompany each other to the mountain side where they find only zise and rei there awaiting for them to brief them on some Important matters and new information regarding the country.

    : I see zise and rei up ahead lets go.

    Bianca: That’s strange what about nexus.

    Caliburn: I thought that too but lets get there first.

    Zise: Hey this way.

    Caliburn: Good day commanders(As they arrives the location)

    Bianca: Good day.

    Caliburn: We were summoned saying the three commanders called us.

    : Yes where is nexus?

    Zise: He is away.

    Bianca: To where If I may ask.

    Rei: Toad city to get the 4l from versuvio.

    Bianca: By 4l you mean.

    Caliburn: The legendary sword said to have been forged by the devil himself.

    Zise: So you ,have heard of it.

    Caliburn: Only through mere chit chat.

    : Why would he want to bring such weapon in the city

    Rei: That is why we called you.

    Zise: Sit down and listen.

    Caliburn: (Sits down)So what is the problem?

    Bianca: (Sits down)What is it??

    Zise: We have received word that some blood was found in the woods and we suspect it was a murder.

    Bianca: Why think that??

    Zise: Its only a theory but nexus think we may have a possible war on our hands here.

    Bianca: Impressive(In thoughts)They are some what aware of tomorrow events.

    Caliburn:Shocking to be honest .

    Rei: Why is that .

    Caliburn: Bianca chased a thief down there tonight.

    Rei: Is this true Bianca.

    Bianca: Yes but he got away.

    Caliburn: It might have been him who was killed.

    Rei: By whom??

    Bianca: Perhaps strangers or even wild creatures.

    Rei: Yes that’s possible.

    Bianca: Yes so no need to worry.

    Zise: We must still be aware.

    Caliburn: Agreed I will position some men to guard the city.

    Bianca: I will help you in that.

    Zise And Rei: All right.

    Caliburn: Ok.

    Bianca: Well lets get going then.

    Zise: Ok I suggest you better be off now its getting really dark in nb.

    Narrator: As they both wander off after having had a talk with the general commanders they both assign men to different places of the base which will be used to watch and monitor any enemy movements or strange happenings. Little did they know, that off tomorrow Bianca has arranged with dragon lord to prepare if a full scale offensive move on the base. What shall dragon lord do??

    Will nexus be back with the weapon in time??Will Bianca betray the Naruto base city??

    Watch out For Chapter 4
    Painful Betrayal

    Link To Chapter 1.

    Link To Chapter 2..

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