Two thousand years ago there lived a fairly monstrous city situated on the high mountain called Naruto base, it was ruled by versuvio who was grand commander of the city and its fellow town, it was said the young man versuvio had about 100 thousand people at his full command when the kingdom was in its prime but as days and weeks passed by the kingdom only got more bigger and thus more trouble for versuvio to handle himself, he then instructed some responsibilities upon his Brothers given them powers of 4 sections of the base each to see how they will accommodate and cope with the new found power luckily they did well and versuvio was so impressed he promoted to general commander a step lesser than him who was supreme commander, Days and months pass as peace filled the city suddenly there was a gusting wind which stormed versuvio house and blew the door away and on him a tattoo tagged DL,
He raped the women and made slaves of the men of the base and finally came to challenge versuvio in a fight to the death, The both parties agreed and were wanting to end each other supposed atrocities, Dl Which was a short lettered name for dragon lord brought out his sword to stab versuvio both was saved by zise Angry at this versuvio pushed away zise away as he never really trusted anyone nor his brothers he then brings out a long harmer of an unseen humongous size which he used to hit dragon lord temporary beating him to a pulp ,but before versuvio could do this dragon lord forced a deep arrow into versuvio heart from his brutally self and vanished.

Days past and Naruto base was in a mood of suspense as the hero versuvio who was the strongest and father of the city was in a coma ,Nexus one of the brothers who was skilled in Medicals ninjutsu tried to heal versuvio but to no avail, Until one day versuvio woke up weakened and still unable to speak his eyes shine open while filled with blood as he wept out a river of tear why, why, why, he said before he passed out again, Until the following morning which fully was awake and had now regained full control over his senses he said he will appoint 2 supreme commander which were his brothers zise and Nexus who will govern over the city in place of as he will be going to Mount Myobokuzan the claimed to be healing and resting place for great kings he promised to visit on few and important occasions he made other private states before he left(Sub sections) And Made competition(Nb contests)In which origins of the city could participate in and have a chance to win the tournaments in which they will be rewarded with pens(Kumis)And other gift bags(Usernames changes and cyan user name appearance) Then finally he made the application in which he made the two brothers participate in to see which will be the head of the city and the other the vice this application was based on different things such as How to manage the cities, Manage the city money, Punish Offenders, And how to handle dragon lord if he ever shows himself once more for versuvio head this was conducted for 28 days and 28 nights until the result was announced in the Kush(Announcement section)About who was to be the supreme commander it was zise to every –one surprise and he had been given absolute power over the city, but on the condition that he finds a suitor of any kind and between the time range of 10 days v scoured Naruto base until he Stumbled upon a woman of a foreign tongue(Greek)Named rei .

Woman he called who are you??She said I am rei chan, and so the great force and relationship which was to be known as the zise-rei era began finally the time arrived for rei to be presented to versuvio by zise she was dressed in a candy cloth made out of silk clothing and shoes made out of Naruto base designers(Nocturnal, Mina, Casual Misfit) As she stepped upon the golden platter to see versuvio he crowed gazed upon her elegance as veruvio saw he was indeed pleased with zise as he felt for once in his life he had made a right choice as a gift before he left them and went he made the shcka(Rules)Which he gave permission unto rei to write down on Naruto base wall of texts(Village Guides)he then made her a supreme commander too who was strictly under the super vision of zise ,then he kissed hand with his brothers and gazed upon rei again then rode with his car to mount myobokuzan,So so it was made a new era was formed and it was called the Era of the red 3 they were named this because of their authority and cooler which was red and was marked on every tiles or object the stepped on ,this read was left by versuvio telling them villagers that these are now his right and left hands and are the new rules of the base.

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