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    so6p returns

    In the latest chapter we have seen tobi thinks he is sweating and tries to convince himself that its just rain....(but we know he was scared atleast for once)

    So tobi can see his death is coming near soon.
    He will show all his abilities and try his best to win the war.
    So, i think he will summon sage of 6 paths.This is how he can do it...

    Now, You people remember the chapter where tobi asked Kabuto about Reanimation jutsu.

    Kabuto showed him his jutsu, and since tobi is a sharingan user, he can most probably copy that technique.
    Tobi have never showed his interest in any techniques known by his fellow akatsuki members,but was most interested in reanimation jutsu.

    He wanted to know the whole process(not just weakness and effects), why do you think he was so much interested in that particular jutsu?

    Kabuto got DNA of madara,
    There is no surprise if tobi got DNA of so6p. tobi knows alot about the past(also about so6p),and Those bijus must be having DNA of so6p,somewhere around there body.
    We know that so6p created those bijus, so what if so6p and DNA of those bijus is same ??
    Well,this should be enough to prove that getting DNA of so6p is no big deal for tobi.

    We also have seen that this whole arc is about so6p... so many countless threads are made about who is gonna be next so6p...

    And in recent chapters, kishi have showed us little glimpse of so6p

    This can't be just a troll,kishi must be upto something,

    Tobi can get DNA of so6p,
    He learned how Reanimation jutsu works from kabuto,

    What do you guys think of my theory?i think it will be happening in upcoming chapters...........
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