±± CJ thread rules Updated ±±

From this point forth, a new rule is added to the CJ thread to make it easier on us to check submissions. From this point forth it shall be referred to as the Blue Rule.

±±The Blue Rule±±

-You aren't allowed to direct us into how to check your customs or tell us to make edits on the submissions to make them approvable. Also, providing expressions like "I talked to X senior sensei and he said its possible" or any variation of such expressions is forbidden. Adding explanations outside the technique's description (or, by that matter, any expression or sentence directed at us) is also forbidden. Anything you wish to explain you need to do so in the technique itself, using the correct template, as it needs to be perfectly understandable by anyone if its to be approved. The necessity to explain or justify things outside of it renders such premise invalid and thus makes the technique unapprovable.