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    [SPOILERS] FMA Movie 2: Sacred Star of Milos.

    I know there's another thread like this, well, it's similar, but that thread is more of a 'hey, the movie is out, here's the link! Watch it now dammit!'.
    This thread will be dedicated to discussion about the movie, which means SPOILERS, so unless you want it spoiled, go to the other thread: by Totsuka no Tsurugi and follow the link to the movie(I'm watching it on another site though).

    Here's what I think, well, I've only watched 2 min and 10 seconds by now, still, the opening scenes are so awesome, this movie deserves this thread, so that more people will become aware and start watching it and if they don't even know about the series, then watch it!

    Now then, about the first 2 min and 10 seconds, EPIC!!! Please continue since I can't find better words for it, what did you think? Use spoiler tags if there are any spoilers, just in case, please.

    Edit: Full name seems to be: Fullmetal Alchemist: The Sacred Star of Milos, Plateau of Sorrow.

    Edit#2: This world of anime/manga... IT'S BEAUTIFUL!

    I finished watching it and it was GUREATO!!
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