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    Re: ±±Custom Fighting Styles Submission±±

    Already been approved... >> HERE <<

    (Just posting the symbol with the Style, cause this is how I see the symbolism)
    (Hyouga) Glacier Style


    Glacier Style was created by the Yuki Clan members, that were investigating the Samurai sword fighting styles,then combining the sword styles to create their own type of free style kenjutsu to release large amounts of Wind and Water chakra from the blade(s), allowing them to create Ice and use this as faster and stronger attacks and defenses.

    Description on the Abilities and Inner Workings of the Style:
    The main idea of the style is too release Water and Wind chakra into the users blade(s), and then swing the sword(s) creating Ice which then burst forward from the users blade(s). While swinging the sword the user release layers of Ice that create the attacks or defensive jutsus.

    Additional effects and Restrictions:
    - Must be of the Yuki Clan.
    - Must have master Water and Wind along with Ice.
    - Must be trained by -Tauburn- to use the Style.
    - Techs are quicker than normal ninjutsu techs, because the swinging of the sword is what gives the ice shape.

    P a t e n t C e r t i f i c a t e

    -Tauburn-, our loyal member, gave on the 25th of February 2012 a request for a Patent on custom fighting style (Glacier Style). I, Scorps of the Custom Fighting Style Bureau, by the power invested in me by Nexus, after reading the submission, have decided that the submitted style satisfies all requirements, and am therefore giving him rightfully earned patent on this style by the following;

    Powered by Scorps
    Copyright 2012, -Tauburn- ,

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