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    Re: ±±Custom Fighting Styles Submission±±

    Musha Shukke Fuu (The Warrior Monk's Way)

    Type: Taijutsu
    Fighting technique and styles don't just pop out of thin air. Most of the times, there are events that take place, or a following or something that triggered the creation of some type of styles, or religions even that do this as well. The Musha Sukke Fuu's story is no different then these. The creators of such a fighting style are no more then monks. Literally, "Musha Sukke Fuu" Stands for "The Warrior Monks Way." Now, being monks, they are not violent people in the least bit at all. This particular fighting style in derived primarily as a defensive style, however, that's not to take away form the fact that it indeed has offensive capability.

    The creation of Musha Sukke Fuu, as a formalized martial art, is attributed to Dong Haichuan in the early 19th century, who apparently learned from Taoist, masters in the mountains of Iwakagure. There is evidence to suggest a synthesis of several pre-existing martial arts taught and practised in the region in which he lived, combined with Taoist circle walking. Because of his work as a servant in the Imperial Palace, he impressed the Tsuchikage with his graceful movements and his skill at martial arts and became an instructor and a body guard to the court. Dong Haichuan taught for many years in Iwa, eventually earning patronage by the Imperial court.

    Famous disciples of Dong to become teachers were Ichiro Tamazaki, Kisihmo Kayuga, Raiden Matzui, Ike Lennon, Ma Weiqi , Liu Baozhen, Liang Zhenpu and Liu Dekuan. Although they were all students of the same teacher, their methods of training and expressions of palm techniques differed. The Cheng and Liu styles are said to specialize in "Pushing" the palms, Yin style is known for "Threading" the palms, Song's followers practice "Plum Flower" ( Mei Hua) palm technique and Ma style palms are known as "Hammers." Some of Dong Haichuan's students, including Ike Lennon, participated in the Boxer Rebellion. In general, most Bagua practitioners practice either the Yin , Cheng, or Liang styles of Baguazhang, although Fan, Shi, Liu, Fu, and other styles also used to exist. However with time those other styles and formations of the said style became lost as its creators and followers either died and vanished.

    It is said that only four of those who did such still exist, the Four masters of Musha Sukke Fuu. These teachers are Ichiro Tamazaki(尹福), Kisihmo Kayuga(程廷華), Raiden Matzui(宋長榮), Ike Lennon(劉鳳春).Each one resides in a different country, or so they say. There are very few people who even know of the fighting style and the rumors, and even fewer who practice it.The base style known today is really more of a combination of things from the past of the branch teachers, those of the past present. The thing about Musha Shukke Fuu, is even though they are Monks, they traditionally don't mind mixing styles, especially of the same base such as Musha Sukke Fuu. In fact, that's hows it came to be what it is today, or so it is said.

    Really, know one ever seems to know, and nothing more of which is ever really mentioned in the history books to prove otherwise. It is a really secretive style to begin with, and finding it would require ones full study and seeking of, and the actual finding of one of the few masters, should they still even exist.

    Description on the Abilities and Inner Workings of the Style:

    Stage One: The Art of the Spirit (Chakra) Sphere.

    The main art of the Musha Shukke Fuu, is the knowledge of summoning the Chakra Sphere. This is the most basics of basic fundamentals with the style. Without the Chakra Sphere, the art could not exist. The Chakra Sphere is a small, hollow sphere of chakra that hovers over one's head. It is however, clearly visible to to others and can be touched, and popped rendering it useless furthermore. The Chakra Sphere consists of one's own chakra, and thus can be reentered into one's body in such a way, with of course proper training, in a way that may be used as an attack within said style. User usually concentrates in meditation in order to learn how to do this incredible feat. The stance is nothing short of a learning method for the Chakra Sphere Summoning. User sits Indian style with crossed legs and rests his hands together forming a special handseal. This handseal is created by pushing the users palms together, and crossing the middle and ring fingers, as the pinky fingers and index fingers clasp together. The thumbs cross as well. Eyes close, and user sits straight upward and meditates. This allows easier flow of chakra within ones chakra system.

    Stage Two: Reduce, Reuse, Recycle.

    Once Chakra Spheres have been properly summoned, the next challenge the user faces is having the Chakra Sphere re-enter the body for technique use. This is quite simple to do, and Requires a great deal less of training then first summoning the chakra spheres did. The user simply had to do said technique, and handseals and think about the sphere striking their body, and it should happen with rather repetitive training. This stage of training is perhaps the quickest and easiest stage of training. This reduces chakra output, reuses the chakra that is output, and recycles and leftover from the technique, because the chakra is still trapped within the body.

    Stage Three: Striking by Striking.

    Once the user has mastered the summoning of chakra spheres, and then mastered how to channel them throughout the body, The user now must undergo training to learn how to strike a foe while doing so, while channeling the chakra sphere. This isn't easy. User must stand in front of a stray dummy, tightly packed of course, and continue striking it until it explodes in a small 'boom' where the user strikes. It sounds easy and repetitive as well, but it is truly a lot harder then it sounds. Once the explosion had been seen, the user will repeat this until mastered, where every strike will be a minor explosion. At this level, the user will have mastered the art of the Chakra Sphere.

    Stage Four: Techniques

    This is the stage in which the user begins and starts training techniques within the fighting style that involve training and special usage of the Chakra Spheres. Specialized techniques that deal in both offense and defense, put primarily defense, are the techniques listed below within the style. Mastering all these techniques takes time, but when accomplished, the user will achieve the Master rank within the monk society.

    Additional effects and Restrictions:
    - User must be from Kirigakure or Iwagakure
    - User must be trained by ~Sanji~
    - User must have Mastery of Taijutsu.
    - User cannot have a bio that contains Dojutsu.

    ±± Declined ±± i like the idea. but some things need editing. For example, this isn't a Taijutsu but rather a NinTaijutsu. Also, you need to tie this a bit more with Taijutsu as its appearing to be simply you creating (not that also needs tweaking) an orb of chakra as a projectile and striking people with it. You must have Taijutsu moves as a basic and develop this to be something added to the taijutsu, otherwise its all ninjutsu.
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