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    Re: ±±Custom Fighting Styles Submission±±

    Chēnātsu: Chain Arts
    Type: Other
    Background:Kushina Uzumaki was shown to be a skilled user in chakra chains and wanted to teach others who werent as strong with ninjutsu a way to defend themselves. With this in mind she wrote down fighting techniques and the way to fully bring out the abilities of the chakra chains with the intent to teach them to her son, Minato, and other members of the village. However, the nine tails attack brought on a premature death to her and an end to her dream of teaching until one day while searching through Kushina's belongings after their death the scroll was found by Goku. He trained for many years in the techniques ,following the instructions on the scroll and finally after 3 years of training he mastered the art of chakra chains.
    Description on the Abilities and Inner Workings of the Style:
    The user can summon chakra chains by molding their chakra into chains as Kushina did or use the chains that they have on hand to use this style. With this style the user can do anything from adding their elemental chakra to increase the abilities (eg lightning creates an almost buzzsaw affect as well as increasing speed) or using raw chakra like Kushina to bind an opponent and manipulate the chains movement. Due to the skill with the chains and the use of chakra to control them the user can control the chains every movement even in mid flight. The chains are very versatile and are great for offensive and defensive purposes
    Additional effects and Restrictions:
    -The user must have reached atleeast up to b rank in each of the elementals to harness the elemental powers of the chain and master those elements to reach the full power
    -The user must be taught by Goku2000
    -To use the raw chakra variations the user must Have reached B rank in ninjutsu
    -Even though the user can summon chains the user must have chains in their bio as a sign that they have been in training in the style

    ps If this infringes on double d's style he has gave me permission to make this

    Note: when the word summon is used note that this is possible because kushina was able to create chains by moulding her chakra.*

    Name:Chēn'āto: Chēn no shōheki (Chain Arts: Chain Barrier
    Rank: B-A
    Type: Attack, Defense
    Range: Short-Mid
    Chakra Cost: 20-30
    Damage Points: 40-60
    Description: The user by either summoning chakra chains at the target or using chakra chains in their possession can form a dome shape around them and restrain them if needed or form a defense around themselves. If the chains are infused with an elemental chakra they raise one rank and gain the effects of it (lightning all around the chains if lightning, flaming chains if fire, etc)

    Name: Chēn no geijutsu: Rinku panchi( Chain Arts: Link punch
    Rank: C-B
    Type: Attack
    Range: Short-Mid
    Chakra Cost: 15-20
    Damage Points: 30-40
    Description: The user delivers a punch whilst using their chakra to form chains coming out their body or using chains in their hands to fly forward and *pierce a target. If left alone it is a c rank punch but if used with elemental chakras it gains a set affect and gains a rank.*

    ±± Declined ±± Until Kushina bios and their techniques are developed, you can't submit this. Don't resubmit.
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