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    Re: ±±Custom Fighting Styles Submission±±

    Cane Arts *
    Type: Ken/Taijutsu
    Background: Long time ago in the era of swordsmen stood a man dominant to all his name was MB, the secret of his dominance is not his swordsmen ship, it was his ability to use a cane very profeccienlty, he was able to take down high level swordsmen by only his cane and his taijutsu. The secrets of the art have been passes down through generations.
    Description on the Abilities and Inner Workings of the Style: Cane arts is based on three categorial principles," strength, resilience, and anticipation." The user of the art must have a good body structure, and a fair amount of strength since the warrior should cause maximum damage to the opponent using their strength so that the fight ends quickly and the number of casualties and insures are minimized. The users of the art must be physically fit, so they can dodge their opponents attacks and so that they maximize the amount of damage caused by moving their body to the perfect position to hit the opponent whether it requires being at a 180 degree angle while on their feet or being capable of twisting body at will. The third principle is anticipation the user mist have a keen eye to percept or rather anticipate the the opponents next move and block it before the opponent tries it thus minimizing the chance of getting hit and maximizing the chance of hitting.

    Taijutsu was also incorporated to this art where the user uses his cane in various ways and attacks the opponent by using taijutsu thus users of the art must have started their training in taijutsu to use the art and the higher their taijutsu level the better their use of the art their understanding of it.

    Some techniques:

    Cane art: Rowdy Spin

    Rank: B rank
    Type: Offensive/Defensive*
    Range: Short
    Chakra Cost: 15
    Damage Points: 30
    Description: The user will dash toward the opponent and before reaching them will thrust their cane in the earth so that it stands vertically erect, the user will use their running momentum and hold the upper part of the cane and spin around as if the cane is a pole. The user will deliver kicks to the opponent while in the air, it can be used to attack multiple opponents.

    Cane art: Ultimate Spin

    Rank: A rank
    Type: Offensive
    Range: Short
    Chakra Cost: 30
    Damage Points: 60
    Description: The user will thrust his/her cane into a body limb of the opponent and begin to quickly spin the cane while inserting chakra to the cane causing a drill like sensation to the opponent, causingnd *them great pain .

    Cane art: Cane Opening

    Rank: C rank
    Type: Supplementery*
    Range: Short
    Chakra Cost: 15
    Damage Points: 30
    Description: The user will hit their opponent several times with the cane (4) then they will end it by hitting their opponent with a vertical "slash" with their cane and send them into the air. This is ment to create an opening for following techniques like rasengan or chidori for example.

    Additional effects and Restrictions:*
    -To use this art the user must be Sannin rank and above.
    -Must have started training in taijutsu.
    -The users of this art can't have a custom weapon since the cane will be there weapon although they can create custom canes.

    ±± Declined ±±
    nothing special about this to be a CFS
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