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    Re: ±±Custom Fighting Styles Submission±±

    Icy Fist[Tsumetai Genkotsu]
    Type: Taijutsu/Ice Release
    Background: Long ago a lone member of the Yuki clan was very obsessed with taijutsu, but his parents wanted him to study ice release and forbade him from learning taijutsu. Several years later in an inner village tourney the member dominated the finals of the tourney through the usage of taijutsu and ice technqiues combined together into one, he was then acknowledged by his parents.
    Description on the Abilities and Inner Workings of the Style: The idea of the fighting style is quite basic yet very effective. It is simply based on incorprating ice release into taijutsu. For example a simple jab with the hand will have a spiked ice spike on it to increase lethality the usages of this art are only limited to the imagination of the user and their knowledge of taijutsu.

    Icy Fist StyleSpiked Limbs[kasui shishi]
    Type: Offensive
    Rank: A rank
    Range: Short
    Chakra: 30
    Damage: 60
    Description: The user will encase both of his arms with ice chakra, he will then manipulate the chakra into the form of spikes that look like shark fins the "fins" are slightly inclined so if a object is caught in one it will be as if it is caught in a hook. The "fins" also have smaller spikes in them the spikes are slightly visible but they are very sharp.
    -Usable Three times per battle
    -Lasts until they are destroyed.
    -Must be member of the Yuki clan.
    -Must have learned Icy Fist style.

    Icy Fist Style: Blunt Force[rokotsu chikara]
    Type: Attack
    Rank: B rank
    Range: Short
    Chakra: 20
    Damage: 40
    Description: The user while delivering a attack(punch/Kick/Knee/other) will encase the limb in which he is attacking with ice chakra the ice forms a dome on the limb the dome will be of size as the user wants but not bigger than the limb the dome will cause more damage to the opponent and protect the limb from pain for example punching a wall the dome will take most of the damage of the attack although if the user does not pull back he will cause damage to himslef.
    -Must be member of Yuki Clan.
    -Usable three times per battle.
    -Technique lasts until destroyed.
    -Must have learned Icy Fist Style.

    Additional effects and Restrictions:
    -Must be member of Yuki Clan
    -Must be Kage rank and above.
    -Must have training in taijutsu.

    You're going to have to describe this a bit more. As it is now, it's just coating different parts of your body with ice and then attacking with them, which doesn't qualify as a CFS.
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