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    Re: [Minato Bio Test] -Itachi-

    I would like to make a personal note about this move I Know I have used The Chidorii current a lot but I forgot to add it to my bio or the person who. Designed it didn't add this but I was having Minato as a Lightning Specialist so I really hope using it won't make me fail but also as I have told SY I believe or can only think of one lighting move that does not require handseals

    as Minato begins to be binded by the wood he realizes he doesn't have much time to react so knowing how the Current of lightning easily destroyed the Wood last time he decides to use it one more time so he release the current making the wood crumble

    Raiton: Chidori Nagashi) -Lightning Release: One Thousand Birds Current
    Rank: A
    Type: Offense/Defence
    Range: Short -Mid
    Chakra Cost: 30
    Damage Points: 60
    Description: This jutsu allows the user to generate non-focused electrically charged chakra from their body. Because the electricity isn't focused, it doesn't kill on contact, instead it only paralyzes. The lightning can be channelled throughmetal objects, as well as spread out into the air or ground

    As the wood crumbles Minato feels the ground underneath him starting to become wet and swampy so using his amazing reaction time Minato punches downwards release a whirlwind from his fist sending him upwards allowing him to advoide the swamp as this happens Minato looks forward as he's finishes the whirlwind and see a dragon of fire headed at him. (Assuming that you would redirect it towards me he pulls out a space time Kunia and does one handseal and opens up a Space time barrier which absorbs the fire as the fire is absorbed he directs the fire to behind you

    (Fūton: Senpūken) -Wind Style: Hurricane Fist
    Rank: B
    Chakra Cost:20
    Damage Points:40
    Description: The user delievers a punch that releases a giant, adaptable whirlwind.

    (Jikūkan Kekkai) –Space-Time Barrier
    Rank: S
    Type: Supplementary
    Range: Long
    Chakra cost:40
    Damage points: N/A
    Description: Minato will perform the following hand seal Ram, with the use of his space-time kunai, to form a barrier that will teleport away incoming attacks that sent at it. He is capable of diverting away an attack as large and powerful as a chakra blast from the nine-tailed demon fox. Once the technique is warped away Minato has to direct it to another location.
    Note: Can only be used 4 times and can only be used by a Minato character.

    Again SY I'm sorry for over using the chidorii current

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    Re: [Minato Bio Test] -Itachi-

    Test Failed.

    You could have been more tactical and you also insisted too much on Minato's techniques. You must show skill with them, though you just repeated that too many times. Also, try not use Replacement Techniques during tests and you overused Nagashi a little.
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