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    ✖ General Discussion Guidelines & Topics ✖

    ~ General Discussion ~

    When posting a thread or participating in it please, pay attention to the following instructions:

    Remember we have other forums dedicated to Naruto, other anime./mangas, music, sports, TV/Movies, and so on. Check out the forum index for descriptions of different sections to find the right one for you. If it's a general topic not covered by any of them, then only it is to be posted in this section.

    If you want to make a thread please take your time and do it properly. Don't just link a random news site but add some details to the topic so people know exactly what do you want to share or discuss. Poorly made threads will be removed without further notice when spotted.

    Pay attention to a proper thread prefixes: Random chat and opinions, which are not really a matter of debate, go to chatterbox only. No, you getting a new haircut is not a [News] nor a topic for this forum.

    Following NarutoBase Global Rules is a must, so no spamming/flaming etc.

    Do not try to justify poor behaviour by citing free speech or personal rights. Your rights stop where others' rights begin. In other words, your right to swing your arms freely ends at the tip of your neighbour's nose. If we start seeing too many bloody noses in your vicinity, your swing zone will get restricted and you will be banned from the thread or the site as seen fit.

    When stating your opinion, you need to be respectful toward the other participants and their opinions.

    Your purpose, when disagreeing with someone, is to criticize the issues, not that person. Just as you would like others to listen to what you say and respond to your ideas politely, you must also listen to others and be polite in return, even when you disagree- even if you think their ideas are stupid.

    Use search button to rule out the possibility of the topic already being under discussion.

    If a thread is dead for over a month do not revive it. In this case you can make a new thread on the same topic.

    You cannot control others, only yourself. Don't let yourself be affected by others' poor behaviour to come down to their level and behave badly yourself. Use report button and let us handle the matter. That goes double in case of trolls. Do not feed them.
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