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    ✖ General Discussion Guidelines & Topics ✖

    ~ General Discussion ~

    When posting a thread or participating in it please, pay attention to the following instructions:

    Remember we have other forums dedicated to Naruto, other anime./mangas, music, sports, TV/Movies, and so on. Check out the forum index for descriptions of different sections to find the right one for you. If it's a general topic not covered by any of them, then only it is to be posted in this section.

    If you want to make a thread please take your time and do it properly. Don't just link a random news site but add some details to the topic so people know exactly what do you want to share or discuss. Poorly made threads will be removed without further notice when spotted.

    Pay attention to a proper thread prefixes: Random chat and opinions, which are not really a matter of debate, go to chatterbox only. No, you getting a new haircut is not a [News] nor a topic for this forum.

    Following NarutoBase Global Rules is a must, so no spamming/flaming etc.

    Do not try to justify poor behaviour by citing free speech or personal rights. Your rights stop where others' rights begin. In other words, your right to swing your arms freely ends at the tip of your neighbour's nose. If we start seeing too many bloody noses in your vicinity, your swing zone will get restricted and you will be banned from the thread or the site as seen fit.

    When stating your opinion, you need to be respectful toward the other participants and their opinions.

    Your purpose, when disagreeing with someone, is to criticize the issues, not that person. Just as you would like others to listen to what you say and respond to your ideas politely, you must also listen to others and be polite in return, even when you disagree- even if you think their ideas are stupid.

    Use search button to rule out the possibility of the topic already being under discussion.

    If a thread is dead for over a month do not revive it. In this case you can make a new thread on the same topic.

    You cannot control others, only yourself. Don't let yourself be affected by others' poor behaviour to come down to their level and behave badly yourself. Use report button and let us handle the matter. That goes double in case of trolls. Do not feed them.
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    ✖ General Discussion Section Topics


    Because apparently a lot of people don't know - or just lack the common sense - what they can exactly post in the General Discussion section, this thread was made to make it more clear which kind of debates and discussions can be held in this section and more importantly which can't. In most cases this just means that these topics have their own sections and thus have to be discussed there, it's not like they are forbidden completely from NB. First and for all below you can see two lists that give examples of correct/incorrect topics. Under that it's explained where then is the right section to post these incorrect topics. Finally there's a list of topics that are forbidden on NB. It's also advised you read the disclaimer at the bottom of this post.

    General Discussion Topics

    This section is meant to hold serious debates and discussions about topics not covered by other sections. This refers to threads about the latest headlines and events, debates about serious topics, polls to find out about certain preferences or information of the NB community or even what if-threads. Though there are cases when it's not always clear in which section a specific thread should be posted, for example a famous movie star who committed a crime and has to go to court for that. In this case it would be more suited to post it in the General Discussion section instead of the TV/Movies section, however overall it's pretty obvious where a thread should belong. Below you can see two lists with examples of topics that can and can't be discussed here:

    Examples of correct topics:

    • American/French/Russian... presidential elections
    • SOPA
    • Arabian Spring
    • Fukushima incident and the tsunami that hit Japan
    • Anders Breivik and the massacre on the island Utøya
    • Poll: Which continent are you from?
    • Poll: Monarchy or republic?
    • What if you could have one superpower, what would you do?
    • Do you believe in reincarnation?
    • Global warming
    • Greek economic crisis
    • Death penalty
    • Abortion
    • Death of Osama Bin Laden/Kim Jong-il/Al-Qadhafi...
    • Etc.

    Examples of incorrect topics:

    • Naruto related topics (seriously we have at least 5 main Naruto sections and then people start posting discussions in a non-Naruto section ~_~)
    • Other anime/manga/comics/cartoons (like OP, FT, DBZ...)
    • Questions and suggestions related to the forum itself (like RP Q/S, how you post a picture, how you get a colored name...)
    • Introductions threads of new members/members that have been gone for a while
    • Fanart/fanfics/AMV's
    • GFX related stuff (like the latest avatar/signature you made, searching for PS guides, how you make GIF's...)
    • IT related stuff (like problems with your keyboard/program/mouse/cellphone...)
    • Sports
    • Music
    • TV shows and movies
    • Books
    • Games (PC, PS3, Xbox, Wii...)
    • Just posting a single video (or videos) with no or barely a comment
    • Non serious and/or crappy topics

    Other Sections Topics

    Below you can find a list of where then you do can post the topics not allowed to be discussed in the General Discussion section, this includes the links to these sections to make it even more easier for you. Though I need to remind you that not all the sections are listed below, but only the ones of which threads that are supposed to be posted in that section get posted often in the General Discussion section:

    Welcome threads: For this we have the Konnichi Wa section where new members to introduce themselves and members that haven't been active for a long while to say they're back and nothing else, no discussion threads of any kind.

    Questions about and suggestions for the forum: For this we have the Questions and Suggestions section. Here you can ask anything that's related to our RP system or NB and post suggestions to improve the forums or our RP system, nothing else. So no questions about the Naruto anime/manga, games, movies etc.

    Naruto discussions: For this we have 5 large sections on top of several sub-sections. There are some subtle differences to which kind of question/discussion has to be posted in which section, however overall there isn't much difference between the Naruto Discussion, Naruto Character Questions and Naruto General Questions section, however the Naruto Manga section is for discussions related to the recent manga arcs and all the VS threads (between Naruto characters) have to be posted in VS Threads sub-section.

    Fan arts & fanfiction: Here you can show off your creativity, your drawing, writing and even your AMV skills. This doesn't necessarily mean it has to be about Naruto, any kind of drawing, FF or vid is allowed. You can also post stuff you didn't make, however then you have to give credits to the original maker. If not it will be considered ripping and we punish people for that.

    Other manga's/anime's/comics/cartoons: Bleach, Fairy Tail and One Piece have all one section for themselves, then we also have an entire section where any other kind of manga/anime/comic/cartoon can be discussed and that has a subsection for TLA & Lok and Hunter x Hunter.

    TV/Movies: Any kind of TV show or movie can be discussed here, however no Naruto episodes or any other kind of anime/cartoon.

    Books: Here you can discuss books.

    Sports: Here you can discuss everything related to sports.

    Music: Here you can discuss everything related to music, whether it be your favourite song, genre or band.

    Games: Here you can discuss any kind of games, whether it be from the PS3, Xbox, PC, Wii etc.

    IT stuff: If you have questions or problems related to IT, like a certain program isn't working or you have problems with your keyboard and that kind of stuff.

    GFX stuff: In these sections you can post anything related to GFX like posting an avatar/signature you made or requesting one. You can even find GFX tutorials here.

    Everything else: This is the section where you post all the other crap that can't be posted in the other sections (unless the topic is against the rules).

    Banned Topics

    Here you can find a list of topics that are completely forbidden to discuss, not only here, but everywhere on NB. Some of them because they're simply breaking the global forum rules, but others because they only cause problems:

    Banned topics:

    • Religion based threads and that means truly everything related directly to religion as it has been proven over and over again that people can't discuss this in a rational way without starting to flame or causing people to flame (and that means both people who do believe in the existence of a god/gods and those who do not)
    • Threads to talk about one specific member or members (which is most of the time done with an insulting intention).
    • Threads to single out a specific group of members on NB and this mainly refers to everything 'fanboy' related. This also means things like 'who has got the most fanboys', 'who is the biggest fanboy' and also threads that go against this entire fanboy issue, the intention is appreciated, but having 10 of such threads around is annoying too and they have rarely any effect.
    • Mod-bashing threads for obvious reasons (not that these were ever allowed), but also threads to ask who is your favourite mod or the best mod and such stuff. Once again the intention is appreciated, but this also attracts people who want to bash the staff. This also includes complaining threads about what a certain mod might have done. If you have an issue with a mod, solve it with the mod himself or go to a smod/admin, but don't start whining about it publicly as that's only going to work against you.


    By becoming a member of NB you automatically agreed to follow the NB rules and to accept punishment in case you would break these rules. Likewise by posting a thread in this section you automatically agreed to follow the guidelines stated above. If you did not follow them, then it gives us the right to trash those threads without giving any warning or notification and you have no right to complain about it whatsoever. If people don't bother to post their threads in the correct section, why should we bother moving them there? If you didn't read this post, well then the joke's on you.
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    Re: ➠ General Discussions Section Guidelines & Topics

    On request of many users and their promise to behave this time around, religious threads are allowed again till further notice. Please keep this in mind:

    ☞ Be objective and respectful and don't make us regret the decision to allow them again.

    ☞ You can post threads for religious topics or inter religious discussions or to exchange opinions about spirituality.

    ☞ Do not make threads to promote or advertise you personal beliefs. Seeking converts or shoving your beliefs down other people's throat at an anime/manga forum is just desperate and only leads general negative feelings for each other. We really do not need that here and such threads will be deleted.

    ☞ Your freedom of speech is limited by global forum rules all the time. Don't break them. If people kept breaking too many of them these threads will be banned again.
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    Re: ➠ General Discussions Section Guidelines & Topics

    I would like to point out to Caliburn and Ira their posts in here yet again.

    Refrain from making threads like "How tall are you?" or "what do you like for breakfast?" All of these are threads that belong in the chatterbox. This section is for SERIOUS DEBATES and LATEST NEWS HEADLINES. So please, stop posting threads that don't belong here.

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