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    New Bio Tests Thread

    This thread is here for bio test management, thus I will require people to post their bios that require bio tests to be done here only. Once you post, we will select a test instructor so you can begin your test as soon as possible. However, this may take a while. When the appropriate tests regarding the posts are completed, they will be removed as well. Please follow the following template:

    -Bio Link:
    Anyone who posts in this thread without the appropriate template shall be punished accordingly. Do not expect the test to happen straight away. You'll be informed when the test is ready.

    Important Note:
    Do not forget to check the Bio Tests Rules and Guidelines and remember that you can only apply for one bio test per month and you must be able to drop the bios you currently possess if necessary. Failing to do so might render you unable to do battle tests for quite some time.
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