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(Doton: Ganchūrō no Jutsu) - Earth Release: Rock Pillar Prison Technique

I begin to focus my earth chakra trying to gather a big amount, while I perform the 'Rat → Horse → Dog → Snake' handseals, followed by me putting my hand to the ground, releasing a massive amount of chakra into the ground, trying to create several rock pillars to surround the opponent.

How it works: This jutsu is merely used to catch the opponent off guard and you can combine or quickly use an offensive to finish off the opponent before they can counter the rock pillars.

Advantage/Dissadvantage: The dissadvantage to this jutsu, is you can use another earth jutsu such as the "Hiding like a mole" to go underground or you could use a lightning jutsu to crush the pillars. The advantage to this jutsu would be, that you force the opponent into a temporary corner where you get time to use another move to finish them or to defend yourself by using this jutsu to get out of the corner they drove you into.

How i would counter: I would probably use Hiding like a Mole technique to go underground as i don't have any lightning jutsu as of now, or else it is a mid-range jutsu so you could probably figure a way to counter by entering Long range.


(Doton: Doroku Gaeshi) - Earth Release: Earth Shore Return

I start focusing a huge amount of chakra into my hands and around me, while I strike the ground with my hand releasing the chakra to control the earth in front of me, which I then focus to create a wall of earth in front of me, which will now block offensive attacks.

How it works: This jutsu is a frontal defensive move which can defend against a good amount of offensive moves, though it has very dangerous flaws.

Dissadvantage/Advantage: The dissadvantage to this jutsu would be, it can easily be avoided by moving above or around it to make an offensive or if your strong enough go straight through the wall. The advantage, this jutsu can easily defend against a frontal attack as it would raise right in front of the opponent and surprise them.

Counter: I would probably just go above or around it as it seems easier, though i could go straight through it using brute strength or when they least expect it you could go underground and make a surprise attack, since it blocks the persons vision.
Good, though keep in mind with the first jutsu that you are at a disadvantage when the opponent can see you go underground.

(Doton: Doro Hōshi) - Earth Release: Mud Spore
Rank: C
Type: Supplementary
Range: Long
Chakra Cost: 15
Damage Points: N/A
Description: This technique lets the user summon a river of mud infront of them. This technique can have water added to it to speed up the flow and increase its power.

Focus your earth chakra and summon a river of mud in front of you. You can add water to speed up the flow and give it more power, but this isn't necessary.

(Doton: Retsudo Tenshō) - Earth Release: Tearing Earth Turning Palm

Rank: C
Type: Offense
Range: Short/Long
Chakra Cost: 15
Damage Points: 30
Description: After performing the required hand seals Boar → Ox → placing hand on the ground, the user causes the ground surrounding the enemy to spiral inwards on itself, burying them alive or crushing them. This technique is capable of causing quite a bit of damage to the area. This technique is much more damaging if used in rocky mountainous areas, or inside a cave.

Focus your earth chakra and perform the 'Boar → Ox' handseals after which you place your hands onto the ground which causes the ground that surrounds the enemy to spiral inwards on itself. This will end up in the opponent buries alive or crushed.