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    The Do's and Dont's on How to ask for Training

    The Do's and Dont's on How to ask for Training


    So first off let me Introduce myself my Name is -Itachi- and I'm Zanji's Senpai.. now over the last month or so I have seen several thread in the NarutoBase training Grounds that have Memebers asking for training or to Join other students Training Threads now what I'm going to do is breakdown the Process of how to get trained by a sensei or Senpai and go over all the little Details involed in The training system

    • Reach 50 Posts
    • Make a Biography (read the Biography Rules to make sure you are able to make the Bio you want)
    • Once you Biography is Made wait for approval
    • Once you Biography is Approved you may start looking for a Sensei or Senpai to Train you

    Important Notes

    Many Sensei and Senpai's have Application threads like Myself where they will tell you what they can teach you... if you find a sensei or Senpai who does not have a Application thread then Check there Profile and Vm them

    Now before Vm'ing them most Senseis and senpais have a message on there Profile and Update it when they do or Do not have spots open these messages can be found right under where it tells you their current or last activity now if the message said Not taking student or Full then most of the Time they are Full or not taking Students so out of respect do not asl them for training as most of us get annoyed by the many Vm's we receive

    Next if you do decide to Vm them and they tell you No then do not Keep asking as this will not make them want to training you it will cause you to be blocked from their Profile so

    Now also I want to make a quick note Threads Requesting Training are considered Spam so please refrain from making them cause they will be closed and you might be Infracted

    Additional Notes

    1. Asking a student to join their training- this is also annoying and many Senseis and senpais do not like training two people at once as if you go inactive
    The other Student has to wait for you to come back before they get training

    2. Special Biographies- There are biographies that require test and if you so happen to pass the test that have something like the Toad Summoning a Sensei will most of the Time come to you and teach youthat Special Technique

    3. Doujutsu Training- if you are looking for A sensei to teach you Sharingan or one of the other Diujutsu's there are certain Sensei's that can teach them not every Sensei can also about 99% of the Senpai's can not teach Doujutsu's or K.G's

    That's all the Information you will need and I hope this helps all you new RP'ers to understand things Better
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