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    Re: Blake Griffin = Access Denied!

    Quote Originally Posted by NikesOnMyFeet View Post
    I don't even like the guy.

    Oh so that's what you mean?

    So he gets blocked by a guy who doesn't get as much stats as him.. That's the game of basketball. It happens. And me being excited about his playing style isn't bandwagon it's liking the sport.

    I thought you weren't ignorant, just a hater, but now ignorant.

    Being overrated is like saying Boozer plays one game of solid defense and people start saying he's the best defender.

    Blake is consistent with his play style meaning he isn't overrated unless people say he's the best forward in the game, and NO ONE has ever said that.

    No one has ever said that?
    You need to go beyond the NB circles of Sport.
    Try Sbnation, ESPN or Bleacher Report.

    Hater? Maybe but from what I've seen he's overrated.
    Quote Originally Posted by Better View Post
    kris humphries is actually very underrated

    averages a double double only like 15 players do that
    Not bad.
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