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    Kurama and the SO6P

    Im just going to quote my last thread, i cbf typing it again, ill edit as i get plausible ideas

    "Im kinda new to the narutobase, but i thought about it and i came up with this theory.

    I dont literally mean Kurama is the SO6P, but the SO6P's soul is inside Kurama or something like that. when Naruto took control of the foxes chakra, he realised a very unique chakra shroud. the tomoes around narutos neck resembled the SO6P's necklace. The theory began to spread that Naruto was the SO6P reincarnated. The best theory is that he placed his soul inside Kurama before he died.

    Naruto also used a jutsu when he took control of the nine tails chakra which apparently, was similar or was one of the SO6P's jutsu. The better Naruto becomes at controlling the power of the Kyuubi, the more it looks like Kurama itself is the SO6P.

    The unique Kyuubi and Bijuu mode is not just a coinsedence. And saying each tailed beast have different chakra shrouds is incorrect, the jinchuurki that tobi controlled all have the same type of chakra shroud when they asume level 1 and 2 chakra shrouds. And when they form into their bijuu none of them have strange markings.

    Another theory is that maybe instead of Kurama actually having the SO6P's soul, before the sage died he placed his chakra inside the fox. It might turn out like Minato and Kushina. When Kurama is on the brink of death the Sage will appear inside Naruto's consience. Tobi could try to absorb Kurama with his Gedo Mazo and it could clash with the SO6P's Chakra and awaken it, similar to how when the old frogs tried to merge with Naruto for SM, Kurama's chakra prevented them from doing so."

    I feel this is a very good theory and i didnt get enough feedback in my last thread. Also please leave insults and flame out of it. This is an opinion, nothing more. Dont get your panties in a twist.

    Feel free to discuss
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