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    Re: Naruto Manga Chapter 579 Discussion and 580 Predictions

    i can´t wait till tomorrow!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    Re: Naruto Manga Chapter 579 Discussion and 580 Predictions

    like it

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    Re: Naruto Manga Chapter 579 Discussion and 580 Predictions

    That's scary to think he went through all of that training.

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    Re: Naruto Manga Chapter 579 Discussion and 580 Predictions

    Kabuto has the handsign ‘’horse’’ ready, and mouths a jutsu.

    Kabuto: Sage Art: Mortar Jutsu

    Itachi: Sasuke get ready, this won’t be an ordinary jutsu.

    The Uchiha brothers both use Susanoo. Kabuto fires a series of fire projectiles, that rain over the Susanoo’s, lodging on their bone structure.

    Itachi: ( It pierced Susanoo…?)

    Every single projectile explodes with a colossal blowback, blowing apart Susanoo in various locations.

    Kabuto: I was there all along when you sealed Orochimaru-sama, Itachi… Susanoo is a mighty jutsu to behold, but it’s no match for me. My fire release was greatly amplified by the natural energy. I used small projectiles that would pierce Susanoo. You see, Susanoo is a great defense for all sorts of damage, however , enourmous pressure into a single point, can easily go through. Then my sage chakra encased in the projectiles expanded, and cracked all around…

    Sasuke: Amaterasu!

    Kabuto dodges the black flames of Amaterasu. Sasuke focuses his eyes

    Sasuke: Blaze Release: Kagutsochi

    The flames shape in mid-air, and separate in individual shreads that rain over Kabuto. Kabuto dodges some of the flames, and intentionally catches some. A new body is spit out of Kabuto’s burning body.

    Kabuto: kukuku. In Sage Mode my speed and reaction are amazing, keep those pesky flames for yourself.

    Itachi closes his eyes and looks down.

    Itachi: This is so much worse than I thought. We can’t keep charging at him like this, we won’t get anywhere.

    Kabuto uses two massive chakra scapels , one in each hand and charges at the brothers. Both use Susanoo, again. Several huge white snakes pull the brothers from Susanoo, from below. Itachi rapidly uses some seals; Sasuke’s EMS flashes.

    Itachi: Fire Release: Grand Fireball technique

    A massive fireball misses Kabuto by little, while Sasuke ignites Susanoo’s ribcage , forcing Kabuto to pull back.

    Sasuke: You crawling BASTARD!

    Itachi: SASUKE!

    Sasuke uses his full Susanoo. He sprays Amaterasu over Kabuto, which disapears over a sea of flames. A huge pile of snakes is burning where Kabuto stood.

    Itachi: What have you done?

    Sasuke: He’s not dead

    Kabuto: You are absolutely right Sasuke

    Kabuto’s hand appears under Sasuke and slashes his leg muscles with a massive chakra scalpel. Sasuke imediatly collapses. Kabuto is some distance away from the brothers, with his hand buried in the ground.

    Kabuto: As I said, there is still place for the talentless underdogs in this world. I am a researcher, none of your techniques will catch me off guard.

    Itachi uses Susanoo, and uses the Yasaka Magatama. Kabuto simply liquifies, and reform; the same happens to snakes constantly around Kabuto.

    Itachi: ( Those snakes… Are using his chakra. If I use genjutsu on them, I might catch him…)

    Itachi: Sasuke look into my eyes.

    Sasuke is caught in Itachi’s genjutsu.

    Itachi: Relax Sasuke, I just want to give you a message , without him knowing. Try to use genjutsu on the snakes. I will release you now…

    Kabuto: Oh… Itachi , you are really something else. Using genjutsu to talk to your brother. It is time I show you two something. Summoning Jutsu: Impure world ressurection

    Two coffins are summoned and open. A woman, and a man walk out of them. The man possesses the Sharingan, however, his right eye is missing.

    Itachi: You…

    Sasuke: Father?Mother
    Mikoto: Sasuke and Itachi? What is this…?

    Kabuto: It’s the impure world ressurection

    Fugaku: Sasuke is that… Mangekyou Sharingan? Did you kill Itachi?

    Sasuke: I did father..

    Fugaku: It would appear that the masked man managed to turn you…

    Itachi: What do you know about the masked man?

    Sasuke: Tobi?

    Fugaku: He took my Sharingan, in the day you killed me, and…

    Itachi: So you didn’t lose it during that mission? You should’ve told me that… So it starts to make sense.

    Itachi, closes his eyes, once again. A tear drops. He re-opens them , in a raging face. Itachi goes full Susanoo, with the Totsuka sword held in a fighting stance, the Yata Mirror glowing. More tears roll down Itachi’s face. Sasuke looks maniacal with rage.

    Kabuto: Hold your horses, I’m not done. Reptilian clone

    The snakes spit out several copies of Kabuto, while the original uses some seals.

    Kabuto: ( I need extra hands to control them, while I fight myself…) Summoning Jutsu: Impure world ressurection.

    A total of 14 caskets are summoned. Each casket contains a member of the Uchiha clan.

    Kabuto: My intention was to revive the entire Uchiha clan, however Tobi is very possessive about his Sharingans… I managed to summon the entire Konoha Police Force, your former coleagues, except Shisui… FACE YOUR DEMONS ITACHI!

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    Re: Naruto Manga Chapter 579 Discussion and 580 Predictions

    Quote Originally Posted by madvillain View Post
    that kid could indeed
    And he'd have an uncle who's the Kyuubii Jinchuriki and master of Toad Sage Mode... I like this Family

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