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    Awards Showcase

    Kimimaro Kaguya

    "If I can't be of any use, then there's no reason for me to live."
    - Kimimaro Kaguya

    Basic Information
    Name: Kimimaro
    Nickname: The Sole Survivor
    Gender: Male
    Age: 16
    Clan: Kaguya

    Looks: Kimimaro was characterised by his pale skin, vivid green eyes, masculine facial features, and shoulder-length white hair, which he wore divided down the middle on his head distinguished by an zig-zag hair parting with two separate partings on either side of his face. As a child, Kimimaro wore his hair longer, tied in a loose pony-tail near the middle of his back, though the initial style was very similar to his current one. Under the wing of Orochimaru, Kimimaro wore a specialised version of the traditional Sound-nin ensemble, consisting of a light lavender, loose-fitting, long-sleeved, zip-up shirt, black pants cut off around mid-calf, bandages wrapped around his ankles, traditional shinobi sandals, and a purple, rope-like belt tied in an inverted bow around his waist. He also wore two red, tube-like hair ornaments; one on either side of his head, securing two locks of his silvery-white hair. He did not wear a Sound headband, despite his extreme loyalty to Orochimaru.

    Personality: Kimimaro had a strong devotion towards Orochimaru, bordering on religious zealotry, or considering him a father figure, as Orochimaru was the only person to seemingly care for and inspire him. On his way to Kirigakure, he encountered Zabuza Momochi and Haku, apparently shortly after they met each other. Kimimaro's relationship with Orochimaru was similar to Haku's relationship with Zabuza, both having similar backgrounds, and both found a purpose in living for their respective master. His dedication to Orochimaru was so great, that, despite his body's failing strength, he was able to will himself into battle, and still proved himself as an extremely dangerous opponent for the likes of Naruto Uzumaki, Rock Lee and Gaara. Kimimaro demonstrated extreme distaste for "trash" ninja, as he put it. He generally attempted to "clean it up", by killing the people who were "trash", even if they were his allies. Despite his verbal disrespect of his opponents, Kimimaro had been shown to have a sense of honour in battle, as demonstrated when he stopped the battle to allow Rock Lee to take his "medicine". The most notable trait that separated him from his four colleagues was that he rarely showed emotions, other than surprise, until Gaara insulted his faith in Orochimaru, causing him to become enraged before his death. It was also shown that Kimimaro was crying when he discovered he was no longer useful to Orochimaru.

    Village Info.
    Village of Birth: Unknown
    Village of Alliance: Konohagakure

    Rank//Chakra Info.
    Ninja Rank: Kage
    • Shikotsumyaku: Kimimaro's Kekkei Genkai called Shikotsumyaku allowed him to manipulate his skeletal structure to fight, it allowed him to combine his chakra with calcium, making his bones flexible, and as strong as diamonds. Kimimaro used this ability to wield his bones as weapons in battle, and could use them in the forms of taijutsu attacks which he named after flowers that gave him a variety of abilities.
    • Taijutsu: Kimimaro's abilities made him well suited for close-range combat fighting, demonstrating tremendous taijutsu skills combined with equally impressive speed, agility, and dexterity. He was able to defeat several hundred of Naruto's Nine-Tails-enhanced shadow clones effortlessly without breaking a sweat, at the same time not allowing himself to be struck. Kimimaro combines his Shikotsumyaku and taijutsu capabilities to form many deadly "dances".
    • Cursed Seal: Like many others of Orochimaru's closest followers, Kimimaro was given a Cursed Seal, which granted him tremendous power. He bore the Cursed Seal of Earth, which is said to be equal in power to the Cursed Seal of Heaven. When in his Level 2 form, his appearance was similar to that of a dinosaur, with dark grey skin, six large bone spines protruding out of his back, and a long bone-spiked tail.
    • Medical training in progress

    (Fuuinjutsu: Juin Jutsu) - Sealing Technique: Cursed Seal
    Rank: A
    Type: Supplementary
    Range: Short
    Chakra Cost: 30
    Damage Points: N/A(-5 per turn to target if they us it and target can be self)
    Description: This jutsu creates a seal that gives its target more chakra and more strength. +60 chakra to target, +10 damage for ninjutsu and +5 damage for taijutsu and a speed boost (see New special bio rules for further detail).
    Note: Level 2 is double the gain and the damage to the one with the seal


    - Earth Release (Doton) - Up to Forbidden Rank
    - Fire Release (Katon) - Up to Forbidden rank
    - Lightning Release (Raiton) - Up to Forbidden rank
    - Water Release (Suiton) - Up to Forbidden rank
    - Wind Release (Fuuton) - Up to Forbidden rank

    Custom element:

    Atmospheric Pressure

    Your ninjutsu: Ninjutsu | Taijutsu | Genjutsu | Fuinjutsu | NB Taijutsu | NB Kenjutsu up to C rank. | Wolverine Summoning | Wolverine Arts | Dead Bone Pulse - needs to be taught |

    Background Info.

    History: imimaro was the sole survivor of the Kaguya clan, who were battle-loving barbarians. Being a rare owner of the kekkei genkai, Shikotsumyaku, Kimimaro's father, fearing his son's abilities, locked him up in a cage for most of his life, releasing him only when he was needed to fight for the clan. The Kaguya clan was wiped out when they attacked Kirigakure, seemingly for no reason other than desire to kill. Having underestimated their opponent's defences, they were slaughtered, with only Kimimaro surviving.

    With nowhere to go, Kimimaro began to wander, he was eventually found by Orochimaru, and recruited as one of his most loyal ninja. While belonging to a clan that loved killing, murder, and slaughter, and being the most powerful of this clan, Kimimaro was not truly violent, because he never really knew the outside world. Thus, the only reason he fought was because his clan needed him to do so, and being needed by someone was the one thing he truly desired. However, when he met Orochimaru, his desires changed to serve him, and to ensure the continuation of his master's dreams and ambitions. Kimimaro was selected to be one of Orochimaru's next bodies, primarily because of the rare kekkei genkai he possessed. However, Kimimaro was unfortunately afflicted by an unknown disease, and hence, was no longer useful to Orochimaru.

    Later on Orochimaru decided to take Sasuke as a vessel so he sent the Sound Four to take Sasuke. Though, when the Sound Four took too long, Kabuto decided to wake Kimimaro to send him to aid them. Kimimaro, after being manipulated, forced his body up and decided to bring his replacement, Sasuke Uchiha back, deciding that was his new purpose, so as to prove his loyalty to Orochimaru. Prior to leaving, Kimimaro went to see Jūgo one more time. Despite Jūgo's protest of Kimimaro's ill body, Kimimaro assured him that Sasuke was his successor, and he thanked Jūgo for their friendship before continuing his mission.

    He found and took the barrel Sasuke was in, and threatened to kill Tayuya if she didn't kill some of the Konoha ninja, saying he only let her live because she had a duty to complete. He then left with the barrel, but Naruto Uzumaki caught up with him to take Sasuke back. Kimimaro easily held off Naruto until Sasuke could get away on his own by using his deadly dances. Kimimaro then tried to kill Naruto while he was distracted by an ignoring Sasuke, but Rock Lee saved Naruto seconds before Kimimaro could land a hit on him by kicking him away. Kimimaro saw Lee as a stronger opponent than Naruto, though he was not at Kimimaro's level. After wining the fight against Lee, even stronger opponent came to face Kimimaro - the future Kazekage Gaara of the Sand. However, Kimimaro finally succumbed to his illness just before he could kill Gaara, who was already out of chakra, and was unable to complete the fight, nor kill Gaara. Gaara later came to the conclusion that no-one can defeat loneliness, even if it means to care for a person like Orochimaru....



    Theme Song and Background Music:


    Won: Many


    -Battle test passed: LINK
    -Has Nexus' permission for a 2nd stage CM ^^

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