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    I was here.........

    Bleach may continue from next week(Here is a proof):)

    So guys i know that today is said to be the last day for we bleach fans to watch bleach...But i think there is a slite chance that bleach will continue

    I watch bleach on crunchyroll.They say that this site is official.....And they are on direct contact with those publishers so they always give us the release date for another anime episode...I mean whether it will be anime next week or not.......So when i searched for bleach 367 episode it says that it will be available in next seven days that is next week.....I am not totally convinced yet but bleach may continue next week......As i have heard that this all ending thing was just for publicity.....And yeah it did get success by attracting so much attentions....But those fu@#ing publishers have no right to play with our emotions.....:mad:

    well See this q=bleach+367&o=m&r=f as a proof.
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