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    Noctis Lucis Caelum V3

    Noctis Lucis Caelum
    ノ ク テ ィ ス ・ ル シ ス ・ チ ェ ラ ム

    "Fools set the rules in this world.
    Just take a look around. It’s undeniable."


    Basic Information
    Name : Noctis Lucis Caelum Inuzuka
    Nickname : Noct
    Gender : Male
    Age : 23
    Clan : Inuzuka

    Looks :
    Noctis has short black spiky hair and blue eyes, however when fighting his hair becomes bluish grey and his eyes become crimson. He wears black clothes, black combat boots and has an awesome sword with him (see pictures)

    Personality :
    Noctis' personality is probably very different than many people would think. He’s kind of shy about getting to know people, and remains rather silent and aloof to people he doesn't know, which makes him seem kind of self-centred. To his friends he is a nice and friendly person. He likes helping out in any possible. As a contrast to him being quiet to strangers, if he finds somebody he deems interesting or fun to talk to, he tries to impress them by acting casual and cool.

    Black Shuck

    Basic Information
    Name : Shuck
    Nickname : Hell Hound, Black Shuck.
    Gender : Male
    Age : Unknown

    Looks :
    Shuck looks like a wolf, though people say he is a hound. He has black fur, like that of a wolf, and demonic red eyes that seem to glow due to his dark fur. He has bright white teeth which he shows if he is angry.

    Personality :
    In contradiction to the Shuck of the legend, which suggests Shuck is a hellish hound that spreads terror, death and misery, Shuck is very loyal and kind towards his master. He only attacks people on command or if a particular person has done something he doesn’t like, otherwise it is just a furry, big black hound that likes to play. However, he dislikes most humans and will growl at most of them.
    Picture :

    Village Info.
    Village of Birth : Konohagure
    Village of Alliance :Amegakure(former), Iwagakure

    Rank//Chakra Info.
    Ninja Rank : Sage (Unofficial)
    Speciality : Earth, Lightning, Inuzuka techniques & Medical Training in progress.
    Elements :
    • Lightning: Mastered
    • Fire: Mastered
    • Water: Mastered
    • Earth: Mastered
    • Wind: Mastered
    • Rain: Mastered

    Summonings :
    • Skunks (owner of the contract)
    • Snakes

    Your ninjutsu :
    • Ninjutsu: Mastered
    • Taijutsu: Mastered
    • Genjutsu: Mastered
    • Kenjutsu: Mastered
    • Inuzuka Techniques: Mastered

    Customs :
    Leaf's Customs.

    Background Info.
    History :

    I: Childhood.
    Noctis was born in the Inuzuka clan. Noctis’ family was rich and owned a big piece of land with a big castle-like house on it. His parents explained to him that they had all this because their family has always been quite important, and that once he grew up, he would be equally important. Even though Noctis didn’t really knew why his family was so important, he was determined to become the best ninja he could be and started ‘training’ himself from a very young age. His training included sneaking through the house and trying to not get caught, exploring their large garden and throwing kunai knifes, which he stole from his dad, at trees to improve his accuracy. When he wasn’t busy with those activities he was wandering through Konohagure. He didn’t have friends because he was quite shy and didn’t talk much. On top of that, other kids always despised him for being rich and could get everything he wanted. They thought his live was perfect, but in fact Noctis was lonely and his live actually was imperfect. His parents were too busy and often he was home alone, without friends or anyone to care about him. Anytime he had something to tell there was no one there, not one single soul. And even when there was someone to hear his stories, they didn’t care, or rather, what he did was never good enough for his father, which makes the heart of a kid cold and makes him feel like he is worth nothing.

    II: Black Shuck.
    It was starting to get dark when Noctis entered to local food store. His mother had given him some money to buy food for himself because she had to work late again and his dad was on a mission. While he looked around in the shop he overheard a conversation between the shop keeper and a customer. They were talking about something that caused chaos in town and that the customer was afraid it would come back. After the customer left and Noctis paid for the food, he asked the shop keeper what they were talking about. The shopkeeper explained the horror story to Noctis. “There is a Legend about a big ghostly black hound that roams around Konohagure. The hound has many names like Hound of Doom, Grim and Hell Hound, but most of the people just call him Black Shuck. For centuries, inhabitants of Konohagure have told tales of a large black hound with red flaming eyes. According to legend, Black Shuck terrifies his victims where after either they or their close relatives almost immediately die. Of course this is a Halloween story, but it still frightens the children. Haha.” Noctis thanked the shop keeper and was kind of frightened since he was just a kid, and after all it was almost Halloween.
    When he woke up the next day, he walked towards the kitchen to get breakfast when he felt like there was someone looking at him. He ignored it at first, but then had to turn around. When he turned around he saw a black wolf-like dog with hellish red eyes. He screamed because he remembered the story of the shop keeper, though this dog was only a puppy, but still quite big for a puppy. His mother entered to room and laughed. She explained this would be his canine companion, like all Inuzuka members have. The dog was specially bred to fight at their owners side, beside that his bloodline was a pretty interesting one. Noctis, though still in shock, was very happy with his new companion, and named him Shuck, like the legendary hound of the stories.

    III: Real ninjas.
    Noctis’ self-training finally paid off when he was old enough to go to the Ninja Academy. Still shy, lonely and with his new companion, Noctis was considered an outcast. His fellow ninjas didn’t want to be his friend because his life still seemed so perfect to them. After all, he was rich and was one of the best in class. Besides that, everyone was still quite afraid of Shuck because of the legend which they all knew, but Noctis didn’t care much anymore because he wasn’t lonely with Shuck around. After graduation from the Ninja Academy, like everyone else, Noctis became part of a squad of 3 Genin and a Jounin.
    Not long after that Noctis became Chuunin and wanted to learn elemental jutsus. After searching for a while Noctis found his first sensei, Scarface. Scarface taught him about all the basic elements until Noctis became Sannin. After he learnt the elements and became stronger, he began to travel around with Shuck still following him where ever he went. Before he left his home for a long time, his father gave him a special sword which had been in the family for a long time. This sword named Mephistopheles, like the demon, is very unique and only he can use it. On his way he decided to look for another sensei who could teach him Taijutsu. His search took some time but resulted in meeting The Pervy Sage who agreed, after bothering him repeatedly, to teach him Taijutsu. Beside Taijutsu he also wanted to learn Genjutsu and Ninjutsu and began to search for more senseis. While wandering around again he saw two people on the training field of which one was walking in circles. He asked one of them why the other was walking in circles. The guy answered that this was Genjutsu training and that his sensei, Gobi was trapped in a genjutsu as part of the training. After Gobi escaped the Genjutsu Noctis asked him if he could teach him Genjutsu as well, to which he agreed. After long searching Noctis also found a sensei who could teach him Kenjutsu, Darui.., and sensei who could teach him Ninjutsu, Jinbei. Unfortunately, Noctis needed to travel back to his home when he finished both Taijutsu and Genjutsu training, and could not continue to train with Jinbei. After finally returning home, he came across Scarface again, who taught him the remaining Ninjutsus and taught him how to summon snakes.

    IV: Amegakure.
    After his training was finally finished, Noctis decided he wanted to see more of the world, he travelled to far from Konohagure and met a lot of people. Most of the people were kind and knowledgeable. They told Noctis all kinds of things about the places they lived in. Noctis wrote all of the stories down into his notebook so he could remember them all, and more importantly, the information which he could use later on. He learned all kinds of details about all the places he went, and could use a lot of them on his way to other countries. After months of travelling Noctis reached the water country. He liked the country and decided to stay here longer. He travelled to Amegakure. He liked the village with its industrial look and its large skyscrapers. He stayed in Amegakure for a long, long time and noticed people use different techniques than he had ever seen. It took him a while to gather all his courage and ask someone what it was they used, the guy told him it were rain techniques. Noctis wrote the information down in his notebook again. ’Rain techniques, speciality of shinobi of Amekagure.’ The guy told him he could learn it too, since he has lived in Amekagure for so long and because the Caelum family had its roots in the country, though he had to get permission of Akiza to get tested for this, and passed the test whereafter he eventually learnt the rain techniques.
    A year after receiving this information and learning these techniques he decided to end his long stay here, and visit his parents once again before maybe travelling even further to gather more information and see more of the world.

    V: Iwagakure.
    Noctis’ parents seemed quite proud of him when he returned home, unlike before. He showed them techniques which he had learned, but also ones which he invented himself. Shuck also learned quite some new tricks and was now even more obedient to Noctis. With his current skills and satisfaction of traveling around he thought it might a good idea to stay in Konohagure for a while. Unfortunately, his father died one month later due to a surprise attack of the enemy on a mission, or at least, this was all the information Noctis could get from the authorities. His mother decided thereafter to move to her family somewhere outside Konoha, and if Noctis wanted he could come with her, but he decided to go his own way, knowing now that there was nothing left for him in Konoha. The actual reason he came back was to be with his parents once again, but above that he wanted to earn the respect of his father which he never got as a kid. He didn’t stay in Konohagakure for very long, not knowing where to go next and rather surprised by this extraordinary turn, somewhere far away from his boring old home full of memories he wanted to leave behind him seemed like a nice idea. A couple of days later he got the idea to move to Iwagakure because he always liked the earth element and thought it was worth a try. When he finally arrived at the gate of Iwagakure he asked the Tsuchikage named Toku if he could stay in Iwa for a while, and was allowed to do so. Still being shy, he didn’t meet much people when he just moved to Iwa, though after some time he began to talk to the people there and found out they were awesome people. Kasha took him to “The Rock Tavern”, a place where everyone in Iwa seemed to hang out all the time, having loads of fun. At first it seemed really empty for only Loki, Nagato.., Zero G., Sin, Kasha, Jinbei and himself were around, but not long after that Mathias, Lucifer, HereticPassage, Rokusho, Toku and everyone else walked into the tavern. Which became an usual day in Iwa. Every day they gathered in the Rock Tavern, and had much fun there, and some serious business from time to time. Noctis became very connected with Iwagakure and the earth element after a couple of years in Iwa and never wanted to leave his new home.

    VI: Sempai.
    Whilst Noctis travelled around he noticed the amount of people in need of training and wanted to help these people by becoming a sempai and train them. He began searching for a sensei who did not have a sempai, and once again came across Scarface who, surprisingly enough did not have a sempai at that time. Due to his desire to become a sempai, Noctis forgot his shyness, and immediately asked him if he could become his sempai. Fortunately Scar agreed, and Noctis directly started with five students, which he was eager to train. Not long thereafter there were so many people from all over the world asking him for training, that he could not resist it any longer. He looked around at other sempais and saw some of them, if not most of them, had more than five students. He asked Scar if he could train more students at once and Scar told him he allowed him to choose his own amount of students, so Noctis increased his amount with five more. But this seemed to cause only more students to come to him and ask him for training. Noctis was quite busy, and knew he could not possibly train all the people at once, but decided increase the amount of students with five again, making it a total of fifteen. Whilst training all the students he met some interesting people from all over the world, and decided he wanted to become a sensei. He trained and trained and took more students than he ever had until there were over thirty, this all just to become better at his job, and of course to help the new shinobi learn about the elements and their jutsus. At one point he was training so hard that he reached his very limit and everyone began to tell him he was ready to take the test to become a sensei. By meeting so many people, Noctis had learnt not to trust just anyone, but so many people were telling him the same thing. He began to actually listen to people’s opinions and agreed to take the test.
    Once he finally could take the actual test he was so excited and nervous that he began to make mistakes. Nothing of a big deal at first, but then one slightly bigger mistake that made him end up losing the fight. This, seemingly shattering his dream, brought him to a point where he would go against his own advice and would give up. Though at this point, people had seen him for what he was and they were not going to let him give up just like that. Many people, be it friends, be it people he knew, be it complete strangers to him, told him to not simply give up because that would be a waste. They told him to just try again because it would work the next time for sure. Noctis only shook his head and told them they were just saying that, but everyone held on and told him what they thought, and all of their thoughts seemed positive about him and his chances. This gave him the strength to continue and carry on. Until, the day came where he took the test for the second time..

    VII: Sensei.
    Before Noctis was to take his test again he began to ask around for advice. Many people, either just skilled rp’ers or senseis, gave him loads of advice which he began to apply in improvement spars. Whilst on his quest for knowledge he came across another sensei, Xylon. Xylon told him many things that could help him improve and he and Noctis became friends. They talked a lot to each other and by that Noctis learnt a lot of new ways to look at points he would normally look at briefly. Talking to everyone boosted Noctis’ confidence and he felt ready to take the test again. When he arrived at the battlefield, ready to take his test he saw something he couldn’t imagine, Xylon would be his opponent. He knew it was going to be a tough fight, but he also remembered everything Xylon taught him about battles and hoped he could use that information to his advantage. After some struggling and some epic battle moments the fight was over. Whether Noctis would pass or fail was to Scorps to decide. It seemed like Scorps was rather happy about the fight, and so was Noctis but that aside, and he decided Noctis’ test was good enough to pass. Once people heard Noctis had passed students became even more interested in his trainings and even more people wanted to be trained by him. After Noctis finally became sensei he met another sensei who had just passed the test, this sensei was named Wesobi and he seemed to be always drunk and kind of weird, but awesome. Having reached one of his goals, Noctis now is ready for his next adventure.

    To be continued..


    Intelligence and Knowledge: Because Noctis travelled to many countries all over the world, he learned a lot from the locals and came to know much about different places, abilities, clans, and many other things that could be from some use to him later. Due all this knowledge he is able to identify techniques used by the opponent much faster.

    Earth Affinity: Because of his stay at Iwagakure for a long time, and having trained a lot with earth techniques, Noctis has formed a special affinity with the earth element, which allows him to perform earth jutsus with only having to perform the first handseal.

    Fantastic sense of smell and sound: Because Noctis is an Inuzuka, his sense of smell and sound is better developed than by normal shinobi, he learned to control this ability well due to teachings of his family. His bond with Shuck boosts this ability to it’s very limits.

    Special Sword:
    The sword that has been in the Caelum family for a long time, and travels from generation to generation:

    Soul Reapers collection (Shinigami no kaishuu)

    Rank: S
    Type: Weapon
    Range: Short/Long
    Chakra cost: 40
    Damage points: N/A
    Description: Soul reapers collection is set of swords, spears and axes, the primary weapon is a sword named Mephistopheles which retains the weapons most abilities. The set is a Caelum family treasure and thus can only be used by the current head of the family (being Leaf), anyone else to wield it is instantly electrocuted. To indicate the swords abilities are in effect, the sword turns the user’s eyes to red from blue. To ensure the users ease, he only needs to keep the Mephistopheles with him at all times, other weapons can be summoned at any time in the battle with a single swing of the sword which materializes a weapon from thin air and can then be launched via telekinesis (though the ability is limited to launching to only weapons that are part of the set).
    Mephistopheles: Weapon appears to be a falchion fashioned with an engine at the hilt, this is the primary weapon. Its abilities include: Being infused with lightning release(effectively allowing it to cut through tough surfaces unless the surface is hardened with chakra) and thus being able to cancel out other jutsu of Earth and lightning nature (Up to B rank) and other technique (Up to C rank). Summoning other weapons of the set and controlling them via telekinesis.
    Other weapons: includes Single handed and both handed swords both double edged and single edged, Spear and javelins and battle axes. Up to 6 weapons can be used at a time (including Mephistopheles) and each weapon can attracts a unique value of voltage which user decides while summoning them (it cannot however attract an opponent’s jutsu as it is literally impossible to calculate the lightning technique’s volts in midst of battle)
    Note: Can only be used by Leaf.
    Note: Only the sets weapons can be used with telekinesis and requires Mephistopheles to be in users hands.
    Note: Weapons don’t attract opponents lightning jutsu.
    Note: Other restrictions are stated in the description to keep it clean.

    Theme Song and Background Music :


    Won : More
    Lost : Less

    Former version:
    Noctis Lucis Caelum V2

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