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Naruto 439 page 08 | One Manga

Now from my understanding of chakra, and jutsus, the person has to be alive for the jutsu to continue its actual effect am i correct?
The only example i can think of right now is filler with that chick looking after that 3 tail kid thing, whatever the names are, she said that crystallised flower will break if she dies, ergo, the jutsu ceases to be in death.

Im pretty sure death nullifies a jutsu (though the 4th showed thats not always true, thats thats a seal...so it is different)

Well if the sage of siz paths created the moon, and the moon is in fact still there as we can see, does this mean the sage of six paths (not pain, the original sage) is still alive?

While there is no actual proof, i would love if tobis existence was backward to what weve been guessing.

we keep guessing madara is using bodies.

Nobody guessed someones using madaras body, we always assumed madara is the one in control.

Maybe, and this is pure speculation, i just think itd be cool, considering the sage of six paths knows every jutsu, he must know orochimarus jutsu, maybe the sage has been taking over bodies of great power, e.g. madaras (tobis), and the reason he wears a mask is because his other eye has the rinnegan.

This may also explain how madara can rule over nagato/pain.

Another thing i noticed is this, and 9tails fans wont be pleased.

Naruto 439 page 17 | One Manga

Through this i dont think naruto will ever fully control the 9tails, it appears minato will never allow more than 8 tails, and he appears on the 8th tail too, so 7 may be the likely number, minatos talking to the fox also shows he detests it.

Though there is one thing that must be discussed........Is minato dead?

The coffin didnt work for orochimaru against the 3rd, and we all know that orochimarus technique for immortal life is to put his conscious into people, maybe minato gave his soul away to the demon god to seal the fox, but at the same time sealed his mental capacity into narutos conciousness, in other words, minato literally lives in naruto, like orochimaru would have lived in sasuke.

I reckon the 4th may still be alive.

Please remember when orochimaru wanted to become 4th hokage, minato challenged him, either orochimaru lost or orochimaru decided against fighting him.

We know orochimarus character, hes sickly displeased of itachi being stronger than he waaaay back in the series and he shows no backing off against 4tails or any opponent, so for him to fear the 4th, thats a lot, i think the 4th had many more tricks up his sleeve than rasengan and FTG and that sealing demon, he mustve had way more techniques, this is the man who surpassed jiraiya, the 3rd, orochimaru, pretty near every shinobi we know, and without cheap eye techniques.

I hope minato is alive, thatd be so freakin awesome
ii dont think he is quite dead yet alive either he mite have a part of him to remain in naruto as a sub conquience to stop the seal breaking