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    Re: I Learns the Bald headed customs...

    Quote Originally Posted by -Scaze- View Post
    Stomp on the ground, as you do so, release your chakra into the earth, manipulate the earth so as to cause 18 spiked spheres to rise from the ground around the tree over there, orbiting the tree and in effect creating a greater sphere. Then cause the spheres to converge on the tree, crushing the tree inbetween them.
    As this training has been delayed long enough, I quickly focus on my doton chakra and then stomp my feet to the ground. At the sametime I make sure to release the chakra into the ground as my feet touches it. Then once released I mold it and shape the surrounding earth near that tree to explode with 18 spiked spheres to emerge from the grond which orbits around the tree and creating a greather sphere. Once done so I apply more chakra to the ground so that it converges on teh tree, thus resulting the tree being curshed inbetween like a little twig!

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    Re: I Learns the Bald headed customs...

    Well done. You learn't sphere demolition.

    Doton:Botoukai Kujo(Earth Style: Sphere demolition)

    Damage: 60
    Chakra Cost:30
    Description: The user preforms two handseals, causing one and a half dozen dense spiked sphere like rocks to violently erupt from the ground, each rock having a diameter of at least a foot. The Spiked balls orbit around the enemy at mutiple angles and directions essentially surronding the enemy in a "greater orb" through their orbiting keeping roughly 10 feet away from the enemy at all times, and upon forming a second handseal, all of the rocks converge in on the enemy, crushing him inbetween he massess of spikes.
    ~No S Rank or above earth jutsu for the rest of the turn.
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