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    it's all just talking >< 九尾が4代目登場して うおおおおおおおおおお4代目~ってわめき散らすので他の場所に移動し て会話 kyubi growls "gngggggggggggggggggg yondaime!' so they move to another place to talk なぜ九尾を自分の息子に入れたんだって色々あって辛かったんだぞとナルトが4代目を殴る why did he put the kyubi in his own son, shit happened, it was tough Naruto punches the 4th (naruto pwns the 4th people! you heard it here first- kwgod) 自分の息子ならこの力を扱えるようになると思ってと簡単に説得され minato believed his son would be able to control kyubi's power ナルト「4代目の息子だからな」と納得する naruto: because I'm the 4ths son [he seems satisfied with this] ペインに問われた答えを親父に聞くが親父はナルトにならそれをみつけられるさ みたいな事をいわれる something about naruto asking yondy about pain and yondy saying he'll find out. ペインも結局はマダラに利用されてるってのを4代目から聞かされる Naruto learns from the 4th that Pain is being used by madara 16年前の九尾が里を襲った裏で黒幕がいるとナルトに伝える he tells naruto that when kyubi attacked 16 years ago someone as behind it それは仮面をつけたやつだとナルトに伝え he tells naruto it was someone with a mask ナルトは前に戦ったトビ(マダラ)と知る naruto remembers tobi 色々あってナルト仙人モードであの球体から脱出 stuff happens and naruto escapes the ball in sennin mode 長門 我にかえったか… nagato: you've returned to your senses have you? 次回はペインと最終決戦 next: final battle with pain 終了 end translation by KWGoDのbrucelee from NF added: あ~忘れてた ナルトの腹にある封印式を4代目がまた組みなおす4代目はナルトの意識の中で生きてたみたい だから ジライヤ死亡とか見て知ってた まあ封印式組みなおして チャクラもう残り少ないから 「じゃあ」ご都合主義で終了 って感じです Looks like Minato knew that Madara was behind the Kyuubi attack and that Naruto fought him as Tobi or something like that. The later part I added is about Minato could hear about Jiraiya's death in Naruto's consciousness. Then Minatos fixes the seal and is low on chakra and leaves(?). 2. Quick translation of the main points: -The chapter is mostly talking. -Naruto punches Yondaime for putting 9-Tails in him but after talking he's satisfied. -Naruto asks for help in answering Pain's question. Yondaime says Naruto will be able to find the answer. -Pain is being used by Madara who was behind the 9-Tails attack 16 years ago. Naruto realizes Tobi=Madara. -Naruto uses Sennin-mode to escape the sphere and Nagato comments that Naruto is back to himself. -Next chapter is "The Final Battle with Pain" Extra stuff: Yondaime fixes the 9-Tails seal on Naruto stomach and is alive inside Naruto's consciousness and thus knows Jiraiya is dead. Confirmed Pics

    sorry for this, i didnt see the other threads, i just saw this on the net and pasted here.
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