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    Predict the whole manga from now to the end

    Ok there are a lot of prediction here but did anyone created a tread where we can try to predict from the PeinVSNaruto battle to the end of the manga so later on we can see who was right i will start now with my predicion of the rest of the manga

    Lets see who is left in Akatsuki :
    Tobi-Sasuke-Zetsu-Kisame-Konan-Nagato-Suigetsu-Karin-Jugo that all
    And Kabuto

    I will start from the Pein battle

    1. Naruto is now released from the Kjubi form and Pein is almost at his limits and Naruto when he brings back his last clone colecting Nature chakra he would be ready like in the begining and kill Pein in about 2 chapters there are 2 posibilites how could Nagato die :
    1.Konoha will find his hideout and kill him and Konan
    2.Tobi will get to them and kill both of the Nagato and Konan because they know the best about the secrets of Akatsuki or Tobi could send Sasuke to get rid of them either way when Konoha finds out about their location they would find them dead.

    Nagato-Konan status-Dead

    After this fight is over they will start rebuilding Konoha either with Yamato with his Mokuton ability or the other way that could take years to rebuild
    After this fight Tobi would not waste any of remaining members of Akatsuki cause Nagato was stronger than all the remaining Akatsuki in sending them again to Konoha that would be pointlles

    2.Kabuto is in Konoha and he would take his chance to atack it but when he gets in the battlefield he would be killed either by Naruto or Yamato,Anko,Sai or the others shinobis

    Kabuto-Status Dead

    3.Now i think Killer Be will hear about what happened to Konoha and the jinjuricki and decide that it would be better if he is in Konoha cause Akatsuki will search for him and the best defense is with an another jinjuricki i think he will train him in controling the Kyubi and Naruto will get close to him
    Either way i think in the finishing fights KillerBee and Naruto will fight together against Akatsuki

    4:It looks that i dont have time to complete the whole prediction later i will post more

    Tell me what you think about my prediction and post your own
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