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    Re: Broken System

    Quote Originally Posted by Gary777 View Post
    at above post what r u even thinking about banning pervy sage u got no rights to say that ...if there is any mistake done prove it and give him opportunity to correct that ...
    You have no right to tell me I have no rights to say that


    If I'm banned, you will have no more friends

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    Re: Broken System

    Quote Originally Posted by Gatsndshanks View Post
    You have no right to tell me I have no rights to say that


    If I'm banned, you will have no more friends
    True D:
    Because you're my only friend :p

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    Re: Broken System

    And i believed everyone would have gotten tired of this already.

    Hope everyone had their yearly dose of staff bashing for now.


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    Re: Broken System

    Rest assured everyone in the staff will be having a look at this thread and the matter will be looked into by the admins.

    Hope you're all braced to read a wallie. If not, go out grab some food and drinks and prepare yourselves.

    And in all seriousness - Xanthe, i'm actually pretty surprised at you. You know exactly how problems with staff should be dealt with, I only wonder why you chose to do it this way.

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    Re: Broken System

    *clap....clap....clap* Apparently it's time I need to honor my membership of the staff's Devil's Trio. I will make this fancy, just for your amusement.

    Xanthe, I salute you, as hereby I now declare you officially as the most lowest, pathetic, sad, insignificant, ignorant, greedy, jealous, delusional, pulled-over-the-bloody-Belgian horse most lowest existence, lowest form of life, the bottom of the barrel of our RP community.

    Congratulations, I hope it was worth it as becoming the pinnacle, the crème de la crème of the NB cesspool isn't that easy to accomplish. You should be proud.

    Caput I
    For starters you should realize that our RP system was not built in a single day. I always liked it, as the historian I am, to compare it with a Wester-European city. Those are very old cities, often having origins going back to the Roman era and even before. As a result there was never a 'map', a 'plan' to decide how the city should look like. Often the people didn't even know that it would become a city or barely realized it. As a result the way how the cities would look was something that was just growing organically. Whenever they wanted to built or change something, they had to adapt it to the current situation. Because of this layer after layer after layer was formed and some things just went into certain directions on their own. This is different from most American cities as they really had a plan, they just created a grid, simple, but efficient. Even till this day this city plan is clearly visible, but European towns didn't had that.

    It's the exact same thing here. Our RP system is something that has been growing organically, it's not something we just decided on the spot. The consequences of this are that some things just ended up the way they did. Things that might seem extremely out of place or are just weird, even contradictory are often just the result of things from the past and because those things have always been like that, we don't always see a reason to change them fundamentally.

    What you are doing is having an extremely narrow-minded view. You only think about here and now, disregarding everything that has been. When I became a member, the RP system was already different then how the previous generation RPed. Now the RP from my first days and now are once again completely different. That's just natural, things change, but what you need to realize, something you utterly refuse, is that things that were perfectly normal back then can be considered right now absolutely absurd and even unfair. But because it was allowed back then and some people were able to keep a hold of those things, it's not that easy to just say now "remove it as now it's against the rules" because they always had it. That's not being corrupt, that's being understanding. Sometimes we have no choice to remove such stuff, but that's not always necessary.

    Let me give you a few examples. At a certain time it wasn't that odd that things like Sound or Rain were the monopoly of a few members or even a single one. There were just fewer members and because of that there were a lot of possibilities. So sometimes there was a person who then obtained the right of something like Sound. He then could teach it to a select few and then one of those could, with permission, teach it again to a select few. That was not written anywhere, there were no official rules about it, but no one complained and everyone understood it back then. That's why sound has now such a special status, same with things like rain. Personally I don't really mind that as this way the RP gets a certain charm, certain weird quirks, which show the evolution of our RP, it gives it a character of its own. It's like a scar on a body that tells a tale. What would happen if everything would be leveled? Then everyone just becomes a copy, then everyone has the same abilities. Then RP has lost its character and is reduced to something rigid, dull. When Rain eventually was given a set of rules it was decided that only canon characters who have shown using it in the manga can use it and not canon characters who didn't know it. But people who already had canon characters with rain could keep it as it was originally approved and it wasn't that serious to take it away. However if they would drop the bio, they would loose that privilege and if they would abuse it, we still could take it away. There are still quite a few OP jutsu's left from the old days. We don't remove them as long as they aren't abused as we have revoked such jutsu's when we saw the owners abusing them.

    And that brings me to two important things

    1) Important thing numer one if someone is responsible, we don't really see a need to take it away. Because they got it on a time it was allowed and if they are responsible, there was no direct need to strip it of them. You can't even say that it's corrupt as how could we possible know to whom that for example with rain applied to?

    2) Import thing number two. We get often the comment, almost the accusation that we over restrict things, we make too much rules. In fact that's a lie, or more precise we are the ones who make the rules, but the reason as why we make them is simply you. It's the members fault, it's your fault. There have often been instances that there was no reason to make rules, but then suddenly people start abusing it and to stop that we had to make rules for it so that people would stop with it. And that's is no joke, it has happened countless of times. People are continuously trying to find loopholes and are abusing skills so that we have no choice. I simple do no trust most of the members when it comes to this kind of stuff as I've seen them abusing the rules in some of the most ridiculous ways. So we must make those rules.

    For example smoke. Smoke jutsu's were made by Zen a long long time ago based on the Three-Tailled filler arc. Only a very few people used it with moderation, but then suddenly the mass discovers it and what happens? People start adding it on top of the all the abilities they already have, they even transform it into Smoke Release, giving it their own icon etc. That really makes me sick. Smoke is just a form of ninjutsu, it is not an element (neither is rain, for reasons stated before I never made big issue out of it, but it's not an element, it's just a variation of suiton), there is no such thing as smoke chakra, it's just a form of normal ninjutsu. But people make it an element and then they just load it on their bio on top of their KG, Rain and whatever. You are not going to tell me that not even a single person thought there was something wrong with that, I mean they are just getting a self-imposed element for free, but no one did something, no one said something so we are forced to make rules for it because a lot of people lack restraint. Otherwise everyone is going to add smoke to their bio. When Zen made those smoke jutsu's, he added that custom smoke users could use them, so that's something that actually implies smoke bio's or with other words bio's that are specialized in smoke and thus that almost rules out any kind of KG or Hiden Ability bio as when you make a Hyuuga bio, you're a Hyuuga, so you can't be a 'smoke user' in the way it was implied. We then just made it clear that no more smoke in a bio that already has a KG/Hiden ability because otherwise you people would just increase again the abilities in one bio.

    Another example is when Zen made the Swift rules. I was quite reluctant as I was expecting people to abuse it. And what happens? We get Gates copies. Then I see someone saying in his bio "because I have Swift KG I can make all my handseals faster". BS, we defined it as an elemental KG and thus it means you need to make jutsu's to have any kind of effect. But then they get mad at us when we restrict them. It's the members who make us restrict things.

    And there's something else a lot of people should realize, something most of them probably haven't even thought of. It's true that we now have way more restrictions than in the past. But it's also true that in the past there were way less abilities. Yes they had more OP abilities than now allowed, especially CJ, however compared to the amount of now they were quite poor. In fact if you would apply the amount of abilities we now have to the situations in the past, we would get a situation that would make look all those OP abilities from the past like a freaking NB daycare for spoiled brats compared to this hypothetical scenario.

    So in the end no one has the right to start complaining about too much restrictions as you too have way more possibilities. It's almost greedy that people then start complaining that some abilities aren't so easy obtained when they have countless of other possibilities. In the end it just comes down to people having more and more and more abilities and don't start saying it isn't true. As when you have potentially access to Storm, Ice, Rain, Smoke, Sharingan, Byakugan, Shadow, Steel, Swift etc. you then start whining on a magnitude of 8.4 on the Richter's Scale about someone getting heat sensing, then you are truly obsessed with having abilities.

    Caput II
    To a certain point I can understand that you and other people have some issues with for instance Pervy and Mathias having all those abilities. I perfectly understand where you are coming from, I don't like it one bit either as I'm trying to do my hardest to be fair for every bio I check, but I then see the bio's I can't check cause the kind of problems I've been trying my best to avoid. You have the right to voice disapproval of things, but the way you did was the lowest of the low, there are countless of other possibilities and you do this.

    Kagutsuchi was given that heat sensing ability a long time ago in a period, as I said before, where it was not considered odd. In fact back then there were several other people who had that kind of abilities like being able to sense people based on sound and such and he was allowed to teach that to two people. I never had issues with that, but I do find it annoying when those two people have already several abilities and I also do not approve of the fact that Nexus gave it and that Matthias actually asked for it in the first place. But I do want to add a few things to that:

    Nexus, probably more than anyone else, hates it when people go to him for permissions. As a result he really tries to get them of his profile in a lot of ways and he often forgets he gave such permissions due to that. It's almost certain he totally forgot he gave Mathias permission for that and he probably also forgot that, as I recall, he was the one who imposed that two people rule and no other on Kagutsuchi. A while ago I asked him about when you have 2 self made approved CE, you can't drop them and he instantly confirmed that, but then he said something that he remembered saying the opposite to someone, somewhere. He barely remembered it, but he made it clear that it's still a no go. It's just a sloppy habit he has, quite an annoying one and it's not the first time it caused this kind of issues. On the other hand Mathias shouldn't have asked for that ability either, as an RP mod he should have known better when he already had a special privilege with his ink. But might I remind you that we are still humans and not Japanese love robots who will go on all fours when you ask it for an "oil exchange" to quote myself. We make mistakes too, we are not perfect, but overall seen this all was extremely insignificant compared to the whole RP system and to the amount of work they both do and did.

    Caput III
    It's completely and utterly pathetic that you actually transformed that into a "broken system" and that suddenly the entire staff is corrupt. That's just sad as even in the worst possible interpretation of this scenario this is nothing more than Nexus giving a few abilities to a handful of people. It's almost laughable that somehow you turned such a minimalistic event into the great breakdown of NB. I'm not going to deny that there's a bit of friends politics, but that's pretty normal, that's everywhere, that's just human nature and it's still something completely different than corruption, in fact what you said made no bloody sense as apparently everyone who's friends with a staff member is an ass kisser. So with other words we can't have friends, sheez, thanks a lot You're also majorly contradicting yourself there as everyone who is friends with the staff is an ass kisser, but then you start talking that we are the same as you, that we are not special and that we should not get special privileges...what is it now? We can't have friends, we have to be isolated from everyone to not benefit our friends but then you start whining that we are all the same. You're not even making any sense, you're just ranting some random crap all because you're a little greedy child that wants more abilities, but doesn't get them and is jealous on two or three other persons who do get them and then somehow turned that into a complete corrupted staff and the downfall of a broken system. What is wrong with you -_- saying that those people represent 1% of the entire RP population would already be an overestimation and then you start talking about corruption and a broken system? What?

    Do you know what a broken system means? Now do you? Per definition a broken system means it's broken, thus it doesn't work. A broken car does not ride you know. A broken leg can't support you and a broken condom is not going to prevent any pregnancies. Now let me tell you something at this very moment there are countless of battles fought in the Arena, dozens of people are being trained in the Training Grounds as we speak, people working on CE, people submitting CJ and CFS...people who don't even know or don't even care about this thread and even if they knew, they are just continuing RPing as how they always have, irrelevant whatever happens here. Broken system? LMAO, that's just utterly ludicrous and laughable, there is no broken system, it's a hoax, non existent, BS, there is only you who crapped that fifth rate corrupted broken system fairy tale straight from your delusional mind out of your most unholy place where the sun never shines and the moon is always full trying to make us look bad just because you want more and more abilities.

    But that wasn't the thing that made me truly furious, oh no it certainly wasn't. What really made me disgust your entire being was the fact that you had the gall to accuse us of corruption and then acting like you're some kind of hero of justice bringing equality, while if you probably would have had those abilities you wouldn't have even cared about other people, and that after all the massive work we put into the RP system?

    Tell me something a while back we remade the bio sections and made it so that every person can have max 2 bio's at a time in the Approved Bio section. To organize all that a brand new section was formed while all the current approved bio's were in the Temporary Bio section. Do you know how many bio's there were in that section? Rounded up 2500 and all of those had to be sorted out. To make it easy we made a thread where everyone had to post their two bio's, but in total not even 5% of the entire RP population did that. That temporary bio section had to be removed, but that poses an issue as if people don't say which bio's they want, then just all of their bio's would have been trashed and then the system would have been really broken as you can't RP without a bio. You know what I did? I moved all of those 2500 bio's singlehandedly, no one asked me to do that, I just did it because I knew that otherwise we would have some serious problems. And it wasn't just bio moving, I had to check all those bio's as to be sure which bio's I needed to move where. I went to ridiculous lengths for that by checking which bio's do they have in their signature, did they say something in their bio about which bio they would drop or did they made post somewhere on another page of the bio. At some points I really was in fact doing mathematical formulas as if that bio isn't possible and he dropped that bio for that one the only solution that remains is that one. It took me an incredible amount of time to do that and might I remind you that these were bio's from everyone, members, senseis, mods, admins....I even added approved icons for older bio's who didn't had it. I couldn't ask people for it as that would take too long and not everyone is active or much active. For the last bio I actually had to contact someone on NB to ask that person in real life about which bio's he now exactly wanted as he had 3 left and I couldn't deduce which one. Do you know how many people actually know that story? Not much. Do you know how much people actually thanked me? 3 and just because I told them. Do you know what I got for it? Nothing, absolutely nothing. I just did that so that people could RP and at the same time I was checking the new bio's and 90% of those bio's were checked and moved within a week and I also succeeded in passing all my exams at the same time. And then you have the nerve, the gall, the disrespect to call me corrupt?

    I probably beat all the possible bio records that could be broken, approving the fastest bio, approving the most bio's, approving the most bio's without stopping. When I checked CE I did my own research, I checked all other CE to see if there were already similar CE as I wouldn't like it that people would have CE who are just rip-offs of mine CE. I continuously work on new abilities often with Zen and often in discussing with other RP mods. And whatever did I get for that? Nothing and then you call me corrupt?

    Almost all the jutsu's people use in battle, you yourself used in battle, were made by Zen. A lot of abilities people use were made by Zen and all those jutsu's, every single one of them, had to be approved by Nexus, same for most of the rules. Do I need to mention the other mods too? The CJ they check? The CFS? The CEJ? And you dare to call us, after all the work, that we are corrupt? Tell me something what did you do for NB outside whining like a little greedy spoiled attention-seeking brat? You did nothing. You call us corrupt while you did nothing, you call use corrupt while you tried to suck Jokey dry of all his custom jutsu's on an alt account just because he wanted to use a character you had on that alt? Which would be the same like Jokey trading all of the furniture in his house and his car for a half piece of dry bread and a bottle of cheap wine from Taiwan and then you call us corrupt?

    Tell me something what did Nexus gain? Nothing. It's just a little quirk he has, one that pales compared to the work he has done, but corrupted means that someone at the costs of other, without caring about another, benefiting himself so that he gets better of it while he lets other people suffer. Nexus doesn't gain anything nor does he suck people dry unlike you, he never requested anything in return when he gave those abilities. On top of that only an extremely select people, only a fraction of the RP system, can say they actually ended in such a situation you are describing now, but compared to the entire RP system it's insignificant, it has no influence whatsoever and then you start talking about corruption and a broken system, both things that are completely untrue whatsoever and which is clearly visible by just being here right now.

    Caput IV
    I'm not saying that just because we are mods that we should get whatever we want. However based on the amount of work I and other mods did, we more than deserve sometimes it's small. I'm not saying that we deserve 3 KG in the same bio or whatever, but I deem it nothing more than fair that when I checked 2500 bio's that a special exception can be made on some stuff like for example that I would want a custom wood bio. Watch out with certain things attached to it like no other special stuff like rain or smoke or whatever, I wouldn't even want that as it would ruin it, and that I would not abuse the bio in any kind of way. I would just plainly deserve that + Nexus knows I'm responsible. You like to continuously use examples of the real world, well here is one for you: when someone works really hard in the real world, it's not uncommon that he gets a bonus. It's nothing more than normal. The difference is that you did not do anything to deserve such privilege, in fact you didn't do anything at all outside of course making me utterly disgust you and then you start whining about unfair and corruption and pretty much demand that you get the same. How low can you sink. I don't approve of the heat sensing of Mathias nor do I approve of all the abilities Pervy has in his bio, but I do know that if they act responsible and there aren't going to be 100 of people with 33.3 abilities in their bio, it isn't a big issue. And I know that most of the RPers on NB aren't responsible, I even see senseis that do stuff that makes me think how could they possibly be an example for people? So logically we are not going to throw such stuff out like candy.

    There is always a bit of favours for friends, but that's human nature and that doesn't mean that Nexus or anyone else of the staff is only favouring his friends in everything. Nexus gave permission for Fuuinjutsu to a lot of people and he gave a lot of people chances in the medical school. People like Roku and me we are responsible, we don't care about having a dozen of abilities, we just want to have the things we like and that's it. We never had any interest in rain or KG or whatever. A few days ago I checked Typhon's bio, because he already had a previously approved Smoke/Hyuuga bio from before the smoke rule was made I decided to let it slide, however I saw that he also had rain so I made him make a choice: rain or smoke. And what did he say? What? But that's what makes this bio this bio!...That made really a piece of my swordbiting soul rust as it's just sad.

    In the end you just want to have more abilities on top of all the other abilities, but you can't handle it when you don't get it, but two other people got something from nexus. I don't approve of the heat sensing of Mathias and all the abilities Pervy might have, however I do know that it isn't that big of an issue. This could have easily be resolved in another way as in the end this was nothing more than just like in a manga a running gag about Nexus and it has barely or no influence at all on the RP. Tell me something why did you not come to me first? I can't recall you saying anything about this all even though I'm the first person you are supposed to go to when there's something involving a mod or why didn't you go to Nexus himself? I'm pretty sure you didn't while that would be the most logical reasoning? No, you decided to do this all and show us all how power hungry you are for more abilities and how delusional your image is of the RP system as apparently the little children playing in the courtyard are in your eyes gremlins slicing each other throats.

    If you have a problem with a mod, you first and foremost come to me and that counts for everyone. They are my responsibility. I don't take accusations lightly, whether they be true or false. I will always check them, but if you come to me with some BS accusations which were the result of your own arrogance, selfishness and greed then you will have me against you as I don't like it one bit that you start accusing them on a whim when they just do their job. Scorps can't give any kind of permission to another mod, even I can't do that. That rule was made a long time ago to avoid people saying we are playing favourites for each other and that was drilled in them on day one. This post is aimed at everyone here who thinks that being mod is just dealing out some permission and outside all sunshine and play. There were a lot of ways this could have resolved without any kind of ruckes, but you decided to do this in the worst possible way.

    Do you know what you remind me of now, Xanthe? You remind of that messed up jutsu Thunderbolt made where he truly craps out his own feces and then rubs it on himself to scare away the opponent with the stench of his own filth. Get lost Xanthe, you smell.

    Cali of the Devil's Trio has left the building *wiggles my forked tail*

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