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I can not remember where oro said this in manga or in filler dat kabuto, you are not even as strong as kakashi.

comparinng with pain. Sorry dude I disagree. Pain was Akatsuki's leader(face leader). When oro was in akatsuki, we can assume dat he took orders from pain, so even oro was weak against pain, so kabuto even after absorbing oro can not be comared with pain.
It does not matter if he took orders. He did not care and it is not a sign of superiority if you think that Oro's goal was to take Itachi's eyes.
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Like what can Kabuto do against Pein??
  • His gay sadistic smile?? - wont help
  • His gay medical jutsu - wont help
  • His gay snakes - wont help
  • Summone manda - he's dead - wont help
  • Even if manda not dead - Summones will kill him/ shinra tensei - wont help
  • Take of his glasses, change his haircut and run away - wont help, Pein has Bansho Tenin

You need to Be at Least Kyybi to escape from Peins jutsu. Assuming Kabuto is not a Kyubi but just a sadistic gay, he cant make it.
Edo tensei...