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    A song of ice & fire(game of thrones)

    So anybody has read this series by George RR Martin.I know everybody ahs watched the show but seriously read the book it is awesome....

    REVIEW :
    This brilliant series starts with A Game of Thrones. What can I say about this series other then read it! It's well-regarded as the best fantasy series. Martin's books have been the top of this list for years and despite his delayed release of the 5th in the series (Dance for Dragons), his works still stand out as some of the best in the genre. You owe it to yourself to read this series. The good news is the Dance of Dragons is finally coming out. HBO is also producing a TV series starting with the first book, A Game of Thrones. Really, if you haven't read the series yet, DO SO.
    Martin writes with flair, deftly weaving multiple storylines in a gritty, even brutal, world that consists entirely of gray characters instead of the classic black and white. It's a vast chess game spanning continents, and the pieces are lords, bastards, knights, wizards, ladies, and children. What really stands out in this series is Martin's penchant for axing the major characters. That's right. No character is safe from the author's noose. Despite the demise of major characters, the plot lines continue stronger than ever. Tired of protagonists walking through fire without a scratch, falling hundreds of feet without a bruise, and defeating superhuman creatures with the same amount of effort that one puts into scratching an arm? Then this series is your fix. The sheer unpredictability of the series renders a delectable experience. Dare you to predict the winners and losers? If you haven't read the series yet, read it! Chances are, you're going to be calling in sick the next day. It's that good.This book has appeared number one on many of our lists. I make no apology for this, as the series is really the best fantasy out there. People will argue that Martin's quality has gone down in the fourth book or that he's taking too long to finish the series. Some will argue the series is to bloody, too brutal, etc.

    It doesn't matter.

    A Song of Ice and Fire is THE fantasy series of our age. It's influenced countless other books and has started an entire genre of subfantasy ("the gritty fantasy"), or if not started, than at least popularized.

    If you want a fantasy series that follows all the standard cliches -- heroes who never die, villains who are two dimensional, wise cracking sidekicks, deus ex machina -- then read something else. If you want a fantasy series that' brutal, unforgiving, and totally unpredictable, A Song of Ice and Fire can't be beaten.

    And in case you've been hiding in a rock somewhere, Martin's series is currently being developed into a full blown mini series by HBO (and it looks to be a winner). So if you haven't read the series, READ IT NOW.
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