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    Super Smash Tournament (Prologue - The Announcement)

    This is my first fanfic, so please be gentle. As the title implies, it is based off of the Super Smash Bros. game series. It's the first of hopefully 26 (counting this one as a prologue). And it's one of only two that won't have fighting in it, so if you prefer the fighting, you're in luck. Thanks for reading and enjoy.

    Prologue - The Announcement

    The sun had begun to set upon a small, circular field of stone. Upon it stood two beautiful young women of royal blood, both from distant worlds. The younger one leaned against a large green object as the other stood nearby, looking across the horizon at the fields that their guests would soon be approaching them from. She, who had long brown hair and a dress with a light purple hue to it, was the first to speak.

    "It's been almost five years since the last time a gathering such as this was assembled."

    The younger woman, who bore blonde hair and a vivid pink dress, responded.

    "Though it's for the same reason as before, I almost feel more at peace than I did on the previous occasion."

    "Considering the horrors that occurred during that time, who could blame you for having a more optimistic approach this time, Peach?"

    "Quite true, Zelda. Quite true."

    "I almost feel thankful to my goddesses that only this world was forced to suffer, rather than our own."

    Peach felt somewhat appalled by this statement, though she would have lied had she said that she didn't know what her fellow princess meant by this. The chaos caused by Tabuu five years ago could've very well spread out from the Smash world and into other lands, though this had fortunately been stopped by a group of the most powerful warriors in the universe. This time around, each of them had hopes that the great tournament that was to take place before can now be finished in this time of peace that they were now enjoying. As these thoughts circled through the heads of the two princesses, their first two guests appeared from the skies, each within a large blue and white aircraft. As they landed on the grasses surrounding their meeting place, the two men, one a fox and the other a bird, undid their harnesses and exited their spacecrafts. Cheerful as usual, Peach was the first to greet them.

    "It is a pleasure to see you again, Fox McCloud. And to you too, Falco Lombardi."

    The two skilled pilots both bowed before the princess, doing the same for Zelda shortly after. Fox spoke first.

    "I think the greater pleasure's ours, Your Highnesses."

    Falco spurted out a rather rude comment, as was his nature.

    "Speak for yourself, Fox..."

    He stopped shortly when he caught the eye of the older and much stronger princess.

    "...not that I'm not happy to see you two, but I wouldn't say I'm as happy as you two are."

    Zelda smirked a bit.

    "Of course not. You weren't exactly the friendliest pheasant as I remember you, Falco."

    A giggle emerged from both women, as did a chuckle from Fox. Though obviously insulted, the "pheasant" couldn't help but join them in laughter. As they began a more formal conversation, two more spacecraft appeared in the skies, one similar in appearance to the Arwings that the two pilots used, while the other resembled a flying saucer. Also appearing in the sky was a small winged being that carried a bow in his hand. The three touched the ground at the same time, the winged boy being the first to greet the others.

    "Greetings, Your Highnesses. It's an honor to meet you once more. Fox, Falco, I'm quite pleased to see you as well."

    As they exchanged their own greetings, the two pilots emerged from their ships and walked towards the group, one wearing an orange suit of armour, while the other had the appearance of a grey wolf. The former greeted the group as Pit did, while the latter simply bowed before the princesses and proceeded to lock eyes with Fox, giving a nod of respect after a few seconds, which was returned by Fox. He didn't even look at Falco as he past by them all to look at the horizon for the other guests, which the bird simply shrugged off.

    The remaining six continued to have small talk as more guests appeared on the horizon and in the clouds. The first was a young boy carrying a backpack and wearing a hat over his brown, spiked hair. As he stepped onto the field, he pulled two small red and white objects out of his pockets and threw them into the air, causing them to open and release two small creatures, one of which appeared to be a pink ball with curly hair and tiny limbs, while the other took the appearance of a large yellow mouse with a tail in the shape of a lightning bolt. While neither was capable of speech, they had no problems integrating themselves into the group while their trainer spoke in their steed. Shortly after his arrival, two other Pokemon appeared, one levitating at high speed, the other in a full sprint. The latter gave his nods of respect and proceeded to look off into the horizon with Wolf, while the former, who was capable of speech, joined the majority of their group in conversation. Also arriving were three well-clad swordsmen of similar origin, one of royal blood, while the other two have managed to obtain a name for themselves through their heroic actions. The three bowed before the two princesses as the others did so for them, then proceeding to join their conversation, which got more intriguing with the arrival of each new guest.

    The three of royalty soon seperated from the group, in hopes of speaking of matters relating to their countries. Princess Peach was first in discussion.

    "How is Altea, Marth? I certainly hope that your country has managed to recover from the effects of Gharnif's actions."

    The prince smiled and responded.

    "Very much so, it has. The scars left by the demon are all but healed now. And of Hyrule and the Mushroom Kingdom?"

    The similar answers caused Marth to smile yet again. As this talk proceeded, the sound of a large blade cutting through the air echoed across the fields. Each of the guests turned to see a large helicopter approaching the stone field. As it proceeded to stop above the field, a rope fell out of its hull and a tall, well-built, though unshaven man rappelled down from out of the aircraft. Upon the moment his feet reached the ground, the helicopter left as it came, leaving its former passenger among the guests. He was first greeted by Fox.

    "Solid Snake. Who would've thought you of us all would actually show up? It is pleasant seeing you yet again."

    "That it is, Fox McCloud. It's somewhat thrilling to be here."

    Falco couldn't help himself.

    "Coming from a guy like you? Whooaa! That's saying something."

    Everyone laughed at this and went back into conversation. Shortly after, two figures approached from the horizon, proceeding at high speeds. No more than ten seconds later, Sonic the hedgehog appeared on the stone field, followed shortly by Captain Falcon, who was attempting to catch his breath.

    "Ha! Looks like you're still too slow. All this time that you could've been training yourself for the next time we raced, what were you doing?"

    "How about trying not to starve to death!? I don't know how you obtain nutrients, but I have to consume a decent amount of food everyday, which requires money, which tends to be hard to come by when you're a bounty hunter!"

    Obviously realizing that he was rambling, the captain caught his breath, stood up, and approached the other guests, patting Sonic on the shoulder as he passed, much to the young hedgehog's confusion. Within the next few minutes, four more guests appeared in the fields, two wearing blue and pink winter coats, while the other two appeared to be nothing more than teenage boys. The four of them seemed to have striked up a converstion of their own, not bothering to greet the other guests or even see if their arrival had been noticed.

    All the while this was happening, an aircraft larger than the others that have been seen thus far was approaching the fields. Its distance from the ground kept it from being heard well enough to notice, though its size hardly failed to catch a few eyes. As everyone looked on, four figures were seen falling from the Halberd, though one seemed to be flying. This figure, who appeared spherical and wearing a mask and cape, was the first to reach the ground, after which he proceeded to reacquaint himself with the other guests. The other three, two of which were also spherical and the last of which was two-dimensional, drifted to the ground shortly afterwards, proceeding to follow Meta Knight's example. Once the Halberd had left the area, the last of the spacecrafts landed in the fields. Appearing from within it was a short man wearing a protective suit, as well as several other small humanoid creatures. These Pikmin proceeded to frolic about the fields, while Captain Olimar joined the group in their conversation.

    As the guests rejoiced in their reuniting after many years, Peach and Zelda decided to begin assembling everyone as they waited for the last few guests. Zelda would be the one who spoke out to them.

    "Pardon me everybody. Can I gather your attention?"

    The last remnants of the group's conversation was silenced as they all looked onward of the two princesses.

    "It is of the greatest pleasure that I am able to see all of you again. It has been far too long in my opinion."

    Most of the group proceeded to nod or mumble in agreement. Peach then took over for Zelda.

    "Now, we're only missing a few guests, but they should be here an-"

    As she spoke, a large hand appeared from the large green object that she had been standing in front of before. Within seconds, Donkey Kong was in full view of the group, followed shortly by his sidekick and friend Diddy, as well as the gluttonous dinosaur Yoshi. As none of them spoke a human language, they simply waved to the group and proceeded to join it. As they settled into position, two other figures emerged from the pipe. Had their red and green hats and outfits that they wore not been identification enough, then the moustaches that the brothers had beneath their noses certainly would be. Everyone applauded and greeted the Mario Bros. as they joined the large group. As this died down, the sound of galloping horses was heard approaching the stone field. Everyone turned to see a swordsmen clad in green riding closer to the group on his beloved horse, inciting the same response from the group that Mario and Luigi had received. As Link dismounted from his horse, he waved to the crowd of his former allies and approached the princess whom he had protected with his life, proceeding to kneel before her. Zelda's modesty, of course, forbade her from letting him continue.

    "Link, please. Hyrule is just as in servitude to you as you are to it. You need not kneel to me."

    The young man formed a smile and returned to his feet, turning and bowing to Peach as he then turned towards the group, intent to join them. As everyone returned to their place, Peach spoke out once again.

    "Well then. Now that our friends have arrived, we have but three guests who have yet to appear."

    "Not anymore."

    Everyone turned in the direction that Wolf was looking and noticed three figures approaching the stone field. As they got closer, they noticed the Triforce symbol on the back of one of their hands, the spiked shell on another, and the yellow apparel and moustache on the last. Falco's big mouth prevented him from not being the first to comment.

    "What the heck is this!? What are the 'traitors' doing here? Zelda, don't tell me you invited them, too."

    She immediately gave him an answer.

    "Falco, regardless of their actions prior to the Subspace Invasion, they helped bring down Tabuu and, therefore, have as much right to be here as you."

    The bird found himself speechless and decided to keep his mouth shut for now. Ganon, Wario, and Bowser approached the two princesses, with the former speaking first.

    "I suppose we should thank the two of you for your forgiveness and hospitality."

    He held out his hand and, after a moment of hesitation, Zelda held hers out, as well.

    "Dealings we have in our homelands are set aside here. In the Smash Realm, we are all allies."

    Bowser chuckled at this.

    "Then we explain why we only ever come here to knock each other senseless."

    Even Mario found himself unable to hold it in as the group burst into laughter. As it finally came to a stop, the final guests stood with the group and looked on at the two responsible for them being there. Peach began.

    "Now that we're all here, let's begin. As you all know, this realm was attacked five years ago by a being known to us as Tabuu. Using his minions to send these lands into Subspace bit by bit, the majority of us here managed to stand together and drive them back."

    Seeing that the group was silently listening on, Zelda picked up where she left off.

    "The first known area where they attacked was a large stadium in the western section of the Realm, where a tournament was being held at the time. In order to commemorate those innocent people who may have been dragged into Subspace and not returned, as well as your deeds in stopping the assault, we're going to hold our fourth Smash Tournament in a week's time."

    While many of the brawlers with better winning records found this exciting, some of the more unlucky ones found this to be pointless. Lucas was the first of them to stand out.

    "H-how is this supposed a rew-ward for us?"

    Everyone looked towards him, causing him to blush and hide his face. Luigi commented on this.

    "He does-a have a point. It sounds-a like-a more of a reward for the people than-a us. What-a do we get from-a beating each other up?"

    Thinking about it for a while, Samus ended it up being the one to speak on this.

    "Publicity...more fame...surely a nice amount of food or money because of it."

    Everyone seemed intrigued. Pikachu and Jigglypuff's Trainer spoke out first.

    "She has a point. You guys know how many people watch the Smash. The fact that we practically saved the world will only bring in more viewers...more fame...I'd actually be surprised if we DIDN'T get something for this."

    Everybody agreed with this. After a minute, Marth spoke out.

    "I think it's safe to say that we're all up for the Brawl."

    Everyone shouted in agreement. Then, Snake asked an interesting question.

    "It seems so. But what about you two?"

    Peach and Zelda looked at each other, then the latter spoke.

    "As much as we enjoyed the previous tournaments that we were a part of, this isn't something that Peach and I can do forever. Marth has a queen. The two of us bear no successor to the throne during our time here."

    "We'd certainly hate to ruin the tournament should we be called to leave."

    Marth found truth in this, as did many others.

    "As with the tournament that was never completed, we will be the hosts of the entire ordeal. Surely that will make up for it."

    The group agreed with this. Zelda then confirmed it.

    "It's settled, then. A week from tomorrow, the 4th Super Smash Tournament Begins."

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    Re: Super Smash Tournament (Prologue - The Announcement)

    its definitely different & interesting plus rep for a good first attempt its not to bad a bit long but apart from that its good

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    Re: Super Smash Tournament (Prologue - The Announcement)

    Quote Originally Posted by serenaandrosie View Post
    its definitely different & interesting plus rep for a good first attempt its not to bad a bit long but apart from that its good
    Thanks, that means alot:D It's long compared to most of the chapters, but it's a prologue, so I gotta let people know what's going on, y'know

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