hello all. i have two request if thats possible.

size: 600x250
details and such: I would like two have these two back to back. not too heavy on the color, a lil on the darker side. and if it's not to much trouble, i would like a lil motion. something like one fading in, and then the other. the last request is optional, i would gladly accept it either way.
text: in the top right i would like it to say "just a boy", and in the bottom right "and a thief". i'd like the credit to the shop and artist to sit just outside of the sig if thats ok.

for my second request, i need something real simple.

size: 200x375
details and such: i would really like this one to have some kind of motion to it. as long as its not sparklers idc lol
Text: just the credits to the shop, where ever you feel it fits.
Anyone of the available artists can do this, as i don't need both request from one artist. i hope that makes it a lil easier on you guys. hope to here back soon, and thank you!