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    Is there any meaning of this scar?

    1.) We all have noticed the scar across Iruka's nose. It was never told how or why he got it. Apparently, he's had it ever since he was a little kid.

    2.) After the battle with Madara, Hashirama Senju (1st Hokage) also got the same kind of scar across his nose. When they put his face on the Hokage monument, they added the scar along with it too.

    According to Narutopedia: "His face on the Hokage Monument has a gash across the bridge of the nose, similar to Iruka Umino's scar. He doesn't seem to have any scar or marking while he was alive, though"

    it's kind of faint but you can see it

    3.) Now... on the coverpage of chapter 11 when Team 7 embarks to the Wave Country (about to encounter Zabuza), Naruto has the same scar across his face. It looks like fresh blood or just paint. maybe war paint?

    So can anyone come up with any ideas or guesses for the meaning/significance of this scar? Is it just coincidence? IMO, I don't think it is. But I also don't have much of an idea when it comes to figuring out what it could mean, if there is any meaning.
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