I finaly got the answer i want

so kisame says: [LOL, a theory with a joke xD (lol, no, just kidding)]

''Obviously, we need to seal the nine tails last.''
''Our leader has made it clear, that if we don't the balance will be destroyed and the sealing statue will crumble.''

Naruto 353 page 005 | One Manga

So i think that, minato has sealed only half of kyubis chakra inside naruto.
If naruto gets cought (dont think so) and the kyubi (by a miracle) got sealed, they will only seal half of the kyubi's chakra, the ying or yang part and then the statue will crumble.

then maybe all the tailed beasts (an animal form of chakra) go away destroying everything. But this doesnt matter, what matters is that if naruto gets cought and sealed the Akatsuki's Seal Statue will crumble and all plans of Pein (and madara maybe) will be destroyed.