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    cubes: chapter 2

    ee tee tee

    a message came to messi's phone so it alerted.Messi slowly checked his phone while he was hardly sleepin on his bed.

    it was a message from Mai. the message says"how are you doing now?last night you scared me.i couldn't sleep last

    night i was worried about you...are we going there tonight too
    " yhr message ened and messi started to reply his

    girlfriend, Mai "i am good now, no need to worry about me ^_^...wait .. i am coming to pick you to go to school".

    after messi replyed to Mai he rushed to the toilet to get ready to go to school.messi took his t-shirt off and stood infront

    of the mirror which was located on the wall of his then he saw his left chest glowing into green.he then closed his

    eyes and again opened it and he saw no glowing chest.messi quickly took a bath and got out of the toilet.

    In the school

    Messi came to school with Mai.he was telling her what happened inside the toilet with his chest

    Messi: as i saw my chest glowing..closed my eyes and then i opened it again and after that i saw my chest in the normal color

    Mai: realy?

    Messi: yap 100%

    Mai: where is that cube now?

    Messi: i dunno...why?

    Mai: it was nice and lovely.

    Messi: i think it vanished into my hand last night..didn't it?

    Mai: didn't see that..

    jhon: whats the topic?

    Messi: what's topic?

    Jhon: the topic you 2 are debating!!

    Mai: we are talking about nothing!!

    jhon:'s the big secret bro?

    Messi: it's that my car got boomed and we are trying to discuss a way to tell it to my mom.

    Jhon: hmm...tell her that the car got stolen and we tried to find it and we reported the police and nothing happened .the theif got the car

    Messi: great..thanks

    jhon was Messi's childhood bestfriend and they got each others back all the time till jhon got the mind of jealousy

    about messi getting Mai as his girlfriend.jhon too wants Mai to be his girlfriend but it never happend so jhon hates Messi from

    his inside but show love from outside but Messi and Mai know it well than jhon does

    the school went faster than Messi expected it to go.messi doesn't have more friends, the person he talks and shares his secrets,life and

    everything is Mai.Mai is the same too.later that day Messsi and Mai decided to meet at a local shop near the beach.

    8: 00 pm

    Mai was in front of the shop before Messi arrived to the shop.and after the met they started

    to walk near to the place where the star crashed that the keep getting closer and closer to the star crashed place Messi started to get headaches and stomachaches

    Mai had the lead so she never knew what was happening to Messi ,after reaching to the the place where the star crashed Mai lokked at her back and saw messi in the sky he had his

    eyes glowing in green color and his mouth was also producing a high ammount of light towards the sky the light from Messi's body lighted up all the place and it reached to the sky But in a

    sudden messi fell to the ground and he was fainted.Mai rushesd to messi and sat near Messi and tried to wake him up, she gave slaps to Messi and Messi came

    to life within short time.when messi stood up to his feet the surrounding started to change into a room where there was only messi and mai. Mai was getting a little bit nervous about the changes

    to the surrounding.messi was in front of mai and he too was worrired and he was sweating.

    an unknown sound: hello

    Messi: who are you?

    mai: let's go home honey.i am scared

    the unknown sound: no one is going any where.

    Mai ran to Messi and when she got near to messi,she joined her arms tightly on messi's arms.messi was wondering about the owner of the the unknown sound

    .he was searching for the man who he is speaking.he was hearing the sound from his back so he turned to his back and saw 6 old manther heigh was only like 2 feet

    Messi: who are you peopele

    6 man at once: whe are the Guardians of the green orb.

    Messi: green orb?

    guardians: the green orb is the one which you ate on the last day, at the beach.It contains all the power of the whole universe.

    Messi: i still don't get it right!!

    Guardians: there are 10000 types of orb ,blue orb,white orb,silver orb, purple orb and many more type and the most powerfull orb is the black orb

    the owner of the black orb vanished .no one knows where he is . It is sad to be said that he had turned bad and will return on 23 of march....

    Messi: my birth day??

    Guardians: shut up...let me explain you first!!Remember that every orb has a unique power which you have to identify on your own

    .unlike the previous orbs your job is to save the universe from the black orb's owner.he will return to take over the universe.

    Messi: powers?

    Guardins: yes.. Powers. see you have changed the surrounding with your own power.

    Messi: i made this place look like a dark room?

    Guardians: did try to get 100%understanding of you own powersok

    messi: i am dreamin..ain't i?

    Guardians: now it's time for us to go...REmeber not trust a person from your heart unless you know his heart well..and also it's dark so let's get you 2

    to home

    as the Guardians snaped his finger ,the surrounding started to change and Messi was on his bed and Mai was standing nearr then the guardians had dissappeared with the

    dark.Messi tokk a deep breath after every thing happened.after he blinked Mai wasn't in front of him .

    tee tee tee

    a sms came to Messi phone and so he checked it .it was from Mai"still i can't belive that.. O.o' i have seen books about the orbs..most of them were

    called as myths........good night and sweet dreams ..9: 00 2morrow ,meet me at the north park of townsville"

    messi started to reply to Mai ok..i will meet you there ..gud night Love "

    After reply to Mai meSSi took another long deep breathe and closed his eyes and slept.
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    Re: cubes: chapter 2

    its definately different

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