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    Wabisuke Steel Monk of Kirigakure

    Basic Information
    Name: Wabisuke
    Nickname: Steel Monk of Kirigakure
    Gender: Male
    Age: 21
    Clan: n/a

    Wabisuke with long blue-black hair and blue eyes, appearing as a young bishōnen human in his early twenties. He is frequently seen dressed in black monks' robes and a conic straw hat topped by a diamond shape. He wears a white scarf around his neck and an olive-colored kesa fastened by a ring over his robes. Apart from the standard warrior monk's shakujō that he carries, Wabisuke's long robes hide the many weapons in his arsenal, and his Devil's Threading Wire covered by his hand guards. Under Wabisuke's clothes are many varying sized piercing all over his body, and inside of his sleeves are pouches that hold many small steel balls.
    ♰ (Akumaitosen)- Devils Threading Wire ♰
    Type: Weapon
    Rank: S
    Range: Short-Mid
    Chakra Cost: 40
    Damage Points: n/a
    Description: The Devils Threads is a weapon that was made by an old seamstress and her husband a black smith, they both worked on the Devils Threads for many years only to have it stolen from them, by -Tauburn-. The Devils Threads are wrapped around the users wrists and fingers under the users gloves or around the gloves, the thread are very flexible and cant be broken from use of any other weapons. The Devils Threads is a shape transformation weapon, given enough chakra will harden into a solid shield like shape, or a weapon of any kind, even into individual strands that will bind the opponent. The threads are only able to channel Fire and Lightning chakra throughout the thread, if any other element is used the threads wont even respond to the users chakra. The threads themselves are made out of a thin chakra absorbing metal, that will give shape to the users will, The threads also have silk braided into the chakra absorbing metal threads, giving the thread a greenish tint from the silk.

    C -Rank - 20 chakra/30 damage: Will create shapes out of the threads to make a strong defense/offense against attacks, while giving the threads shape for a extended amount of time.

    B -Rank - 25 chakra/40 damage: The user will channel chakra into the threads and manipulate them into a weapons shape Meaning the weapon will have the same weight of a weapon and the same sharpness of a weapon.

    A -Rank - 30 chakra/ N/A damage: The user will release chakra into the threads, then control the threads to wrap around the opponents body restraining him. (Arms, legs, neck, wrists, fingers, and ankles.)

    S -Rank - 40 chakra/80 damage: The user will channel lighting or fire chakra through out the Devils Threads and use them to attack the enemy. Lightning will hit the opponent and give them a numb feeling for 30 secs, while if the user channels fire chakra throughout the thread the opponent will receive critical burns if hit by the thread.

    >- The weapons techniques count towards the jutsu per turn
    >- Can only be used by -Tauburn-.
    >- Can only be used once per turn.
    >- The threads can only be used 3 times for the techniques above A-Rank.
    >- The threads are always connected to the user and will not be usable if said connection is severed.

    Wabisuke's prefers to be alone, and hates crowds. This lead him to beat anyone who he thinks crowding around him too much. He has full confidence with his own strength and power, and dislike to work together with anybody due to feeling bind and restrained, making him refuse or won't easily take suggestions from others into consideration.

    Village Info.
    Village of Birth: Iwagakure
    Village of Alliance: Kirigakure

    Rank//Chakra Info.
    Ninja Rank: Kage
    Specialty: Steel, Earth, Weapons, Evasion, Bat Style
    Steel Release
    Earth Release
    Water Release
    Wind Release
    Fire Release
    Lightning Release

    Your ninjutsu:
    Ninjutsu - Mastered
    Taijutsu - Mastered
    Kaito's Tai - A-rank
    Kenjutsu - (need training)
    Genjutsu - Mastered

    Summon Contracts
    Bats - Owner
    Hagfish - Owner

    Background Info.
    Wabisuke was born in Iwagakure, to a happy family. When he reached the age he could enter the Iwagakure ninja academy he took the chance to begin his training to be a ninja like his father. Wabisuke's father was away on missions alot, while his mother stayed home and took care of Wabisuke. Whenever his father would return, his father would teach Wabisuke to manipulate earth and fire chakra into steel, and turn his body as hard as steel. While his father was still back they would go days with nothing but training, only stopping to eat. Then once Wabisuke's father would leave on another mission he would spend every moment of his free time when he wasnt at the academy, playing, helping his mother. One day on his way back from the academy he got home earlier than normal, as he reached his door two Iwagakure ninja come out of his front door and he hears she mother crying in the house. Wabisuke went to check on his mother and she had her husbands Iwa headband in her hands. After about a year Wabisuke and his mother got through his fathers death, and Wabisuke was graduating from the academy. He rushed home to tell his mother, once he got back to the house he opened the door and found his mother on he floor with a man standing over her. Wabisuke went into a rage hardening his body into steel, and attacking the man with two kunai. The man easily knocked Wabisuke out, when Wabisuke came to his house was burning and his mother was trapped inside trying to get her husband headband. Wabisuke sat in front of his burned down house for the next two days, then the third day came and he got up and simiple walked out of Iwagakure since no one paid him and attention he just disappeared. Afew years later he began making a name for himself living off bounty hunting in the black market, and working as an assassin for hire, completing any mission no matter what it took. In this time Wabisuke had found his elemental affinity for Earth based jutsu. Some time after that he entered into Kirigakure, and began working missions for the Mizukage. While in Kirigakure he received training in the manipulation of the water element.

    Steel Release: Are techniques that can be used to make one’s body virtually indestructible by turning black steel. The user can also manipulate Steel ores with their chakra for other forms of manipulation. Due to its Metal elemental make up it is presumed that the user has masterd Earth and Fire release.
    (Kōton: Mukankaku no Yoroi) - Steel Release: Impervious Armour
    Rank: B
    Type: Defensive
    Range: Short
    Chakra cost: 20
    Damage points: N/A
    Description: This Technique allows the user to turn part their body into black steel, making that part of their body invulnerable to most weapons and taijutsu attacks. But due to its metal properties it leaves the user vulnerable to lightning based techniques.
    Note: Can only render Taijutsu Techniques B rank and below useless.

    Earth Release: Wabisuke has trained in his Earth affinity to the point he only needs one handseal for S rank earth jutsu.

    Steel Serpent Ball: Ball and chain that Wabisuke is seen with often, he has trained with it and it will move how he twists and throws it.

    Weapons: Wabisuke many weapons which he keep on him at all times.

    Kama Wielder: Wabisuke wields a pair of Kama scythes which he can use in close-range combat or through like boomerangs. He has near-perfect accuracy when throwing the Kama, able to target specific people he wants to hit and even hit fast-moving targets.


    Theme Song and Background Music:

    Stopped Counting.

    Will be dropping: [THIS BIO]

    ~Approved~ edited stuff, it's a humongous steel ball ~_~ so obviously it's going to restrict your movements and any kind of weapon restricts you one way or another
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    Re: Wabisuke Steel Monk of Kirigakure

    Cool but kinda OP

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    Re: Wabisuke Steel Monk of Kirigakure

    Quote Originally Posted by Chojuro Sama Kun View Post
    Cool but kinda OP
    not op just has alot of weapons.

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