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    Lee-Sin, リー罪

    Lee-Sin リー•罪

    "Deserve Victory"
    "Be justified in your convictions. Be completely committed. Earn what you want and need rather than waiting for others to give you what you desire."

    Lee-Sin リー•罪
    The Blind Seeker
    - Male
    Lee-Sin is usually seen wearing a white kendo jacket, with gray pants. He always has the tunic buttoned-up about halfway, showing off his powerful muscles, and also allowing for more movement than regular clothing. His shoes are comfortable and usual loafers of a monk, that give ample support for his fighting style. He also wears gloves, giving his hands protection, along with a pair of black aviators he picked up in Sunagakure, which both protect his eyes and cover the large scar his father gave him. His jacket has the kanji for “Truth” written on the back, along with the kanji for Mt. Myobokuzan. He also wears a very special necklace, that was given to him by a strange wandering man when he saw the young Lee-Sin’s struggle. It is a tear-drop shaped ruby with gold etched in an Ordenic design along its curves.

    "People are stupid, they will believe something because they want it to be true; or because they're afraid it might be true."

    Lee-Sin has a strong and fierce personality. From a young age, he had a constant searching for the truth, whether it is in the world around him, or even the truths about himself. This passion was forged deeper during his stay at Mt. Myobokuzan, where he took up the old teachings of the D’Haran people. He now is passionate and advocates free life and the right for one to pick his own destiny, and he will fight to defend anyone’s right from tyranny. His physicality and his piercing eyes cause people to fear him for being dangerous, but he is in reality very friend and open to those who share his passion. To any who attempt to pressure or take away another’s rights, he will strike with ferocity and strength like none other.

    Village of Birth:
    | Sunagakure
    Village of Alliance:
    | Mt. Myobokuzan

    Ninja Rank

    | Lightning Release
    | Swift
    Kyotōryū Taijutsu : Swordless Kenjutsu

    Your ninjutsu:
    Ninjutsu: B-Ranks | Taijutsu: D-Rank | Genjutsu: D-Rank
    Raiton: Due to his amazingly high level of mastery over Raiton, and his constant use of it in battle, he can preform the any jutsu of the element with only a single hand seal.

    Swift: Through his natural affinities through lightning, Lee-Sin can quickly and easily use swift techniques, boosting his speed to a much higher degree.

    Kyotōryū Martial Arts: Lee's fighting style literally makes him a human sword. It’s a unique brand of nintaijutsu that stands on the middle ground of Gentle Fist and Strong Fist. His taijutsu is a mixture of both technique and force adding to that the element of surprise of using the users body as a sword makes him all the more deadly.
    -Enhanced Speed: Lee is less affected by air resistance. His training and methods makes him extremely fast, along with incredible stamina, being able to gain incredible momentum within a second and maintaining it for long periods.
    -Enhanced Durability: Being a human sword, Lee-Sin has a body resistant to a variety of damages. His defense itself is her offense.
    -Cutting and piercing attacks: His ordinary attacks have the ability to cut. His hits are fast and precise. Combined with his Swift, he could predict his opponent’s possible defenses and always make the moves that would land a hit.

    Lee-Sin was born in Sunagakure, to an obscure family in the community. He never knew his Mother and Father that well, and can barely remember the time he spent in Suna. He was just three years old when the Third Kazekage was murdered, and it was found out that his family played a part in the assassination. His mother was killed, but Lee and his father fled the village, escaping, and returning to their original home, Amegakure. Lee-Sin missed his mother, and the desert seemed to fit him more than the rainy city of Amegakure. Under his father’s guidance, at age four, Lee-Sin begin training, going through a heavy regiment of physical work outs, and tough mental training. Lee loved the trainings, and saw them as an outlet for frustration and anger, especially that of the death of his mother. As the training became harder, Lee-Sin became stronger. He underwent this heaving training until he was the age of six, when he joined Amegakure’s Ninja Academy.

    During the first day of school, Lee-sin was sparring another you man, and he inadvertently hurt the child, from the speed and strength he had developed. But after the incident, and to his father’s disapproval, Lee-Sin was careful not to hurt anyone else. Maintaining the same level of physical and mental discipline, he advanced quickly through the ranks, and graduated as a Gennin two years before the rest of his class. Throughout class, he was noted for having a passion for truth and reason, rather than dreaming like the others.

    After two more years of training, Lee-Sin entered the Chunnin Exams. At his time, he had discovered a huge natural affinity towards Raiton jutsus, and was far ahead in elemental chakra manipulation than others of his age. In combination with his lightning affinities, and the physical prowess he had trained for so long, he passed through the trials on his first attempt. Soon, after, Lee-Sin’s father taught him his own elemental affinity, Fuuton. Though not as good as ration, Lee-Sin learned quickly and mastered his second elemental chakra type. His father, extremely proud, took Lee-Sin in secret to Sunagakure, where they visited his mother’s grave. Filled with emotion, he vowed to become as strong as possible to make her proud. That night, while Lee was at his mother’s grave, his father came to him, and confessed that he had trained Lee-Sin to take vengeance upon the men that killed his mother. Horrified, Lee-Sin ran from his father, and to his astonishment, moved at near instantaneous speed back to their room at the inn. It was here that he discovered the Kekkei Genki deep within him, combining both his Raiton and Fuuton nature in to another nature type altogether.

    After a few hours, there was a knock at his door. He opened it to reveal his father, covered him blood. His father was rambling about taking revenge, and attacked Lee-Sin in a flurry, bringing a kunai to his throat. Using his newly discovered speed, he evaded and fought off his father, but in the end it wasn’t enough. He father caught him across the top of Lee-sin’s eyes with the kunai, cutting him deeply and leaving a heavy scar. After realizing the seriousness of the situation, something inside Lee-Sin changed. He then killed his father swiftly and without remorse.
    From that day on, Lee-Sin roamed the world, searching for a purpose. He continued trainings, and spent time in nearly all of the great villages. In a large city in the Land of Wind, he met two men, named Gavin and Wesley, who helped him along his way, while also training with him, boosting his already incredible physical speed and strength. He left soon after, noting a rash and unfriendly side of the man named Wesley..

    He continued his travels, until he met an insane man, who mumbled between drinks and women about a sacred place. Intrigued, Lee-Sin bought the man, named TJ, a drink, and managed to get two revelations: One, the man was completely and totally insane. Two, the sacred place he spoke of existed. After several more drinks, Lee-Sin managed to snag the man’s map, and made his way to the strange land. There, he found peace, and grew in to a monk of the region. He discovered a long lost lineage of monks, and picked up their preaching, satisfying his passion for truth and reason. He learned the ways of old, and eventually set out in to the Ninja World, to help people realize the truth around them.

    "Life is the future, not the past."


    Theme Song:

    "The only sovereign you can allow to rule you is reason."


    Sanzen, .
    You're amazing.

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