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    Re: WWE Fan Club

    - There have been discussions about turning Kofi Kingston heel with the idea that he's talented but has been booked in a way where they will never be able to get him over as a babyface without a heel turn and push first.

    - A new change in WWE developmental is to give the talents bullet points instead of scripts and teaching them to do promos like they used to be done.

    It's been noted that Triple H is far more old school in his thoughts on pro wrestling than Vince McMahon and when he's in full control, we will likely see the storylines evolve back to a more believable and serious approach

    Source: Wrestling Observer Newsletter

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    Re: WWE Fan Club

    Quote Originally Posted by Naruto X Rasengan View Post
    WWE FanClub

    As its names suggest, this fan club is free to join for any WWE/WWF fans out there. You may be fan of the good ol'd WWF or the kickass Attitude Era or the actual WWE, fact is that many of you always liked to pass some time watching and enjoying WWE Programs. So, here's the WWE FC!

    Posting WWE-related videos and articles will damn appreciated. You may also post any latest discussion, latest results or discuss about your favorite wrestler and overall, enjoy your stay.

    Information on WWE: Here!

    Owner: Naruto X Rasengan

    Co-Owner: Escorpiius

    Members List:

    - sasukeMangekyousharingan
    -Uchiha Hellstorm
    -Jack Spicer
    -Master Tobi
    -Killer Vision

    NOTE: If you're going to make a bullshit comment like WWE is fake, refrain yourself. WWE is staged and not a sport. It's for entertainment. If you say that you don't watch because it's fake, then shove it cause movies, serials, shows ect... are also fake and fictitious. And Thats the Bottom Line cause Stone Cold said So!
    can i join

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